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How Microsoft Can Outdo Sony’s Announcement

983 days 11 hours ago - Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement has come and gone. Most of our lives have gone back to normal, and gamers have returned to blissfully enjoying th... | Opinion piece | PS4


PS4 graphical monstrosity will help PC market

990 days 7 hours ago - PlayStation 4′s 8GB of GDDR5 RAM shared between GPU is an advantage, rather than not explains K^2. | Article | PS4


Sony: Every PS4 Game Will Be Available As A Digital Download

1005 days 12 hours ago - The digital revolution is upon us. It's evident with the PlayStation Vita and it'll be even more evident when the PlayStation 4 arrives later this... | News | PS4


What Sony PlayStation 4 Brings to Your Home Theater System

1006 days 1 hour ago - At a press event in New York on Wednesday, Sony finally unveiled its upcoming PlayStation 4 with all the hype and showmanship we've come to expect... | Article | PS4


Win the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset!!

Now - Join us on FIlmwatch to find out how you could win the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset on Blu-ray. | Promoted post

Flashback Friday: Video game console wars on the school yard

1006 days 5 hours ago - With the release of the PS4, just announced on Wednesday, and the Wii U already in the hands of consumers, it seems like the next generation of vid... | Opinion piece | Wii


Will Valve’s Steam Box replace Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo in Gaming?

1006 days 16 hours ago - In Star Wars, Yoda famously said that there were only 2 Sith Lords, “No more, no less; the Master and the Apprentice.” His words held true for t... | Opinion piece | PC


PS4 Stuck With Discs "for the Foreseeable Future"

1006 days 17 hours ago - Despite its increased emphasis on connectivity, Sony won't be going all-in with a digitally distributed future. | News | PS4


Can the console stay relevant in the new era of gaming?

1012 days ago - On Wednesday, Sony is expected to pull the wraps off of its next-generation PlayStation console, codenamed Orbis. Five years ago, a new console wou... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Sony PlayStation 4 price slash strategy tipped amid console competition

1013 days 7 hours ago - Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be more competitively priced out of the gate than its PS3 predecessor, insiders suggest, with the company reportedly aimi... | News | PS4


Wii U: A Hard Sell?

1173 days 15 hours ago - There is a misguided consensus amongst quite a few that Nintendo are directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, which I personally believe they st... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Microsoft Envisions Where Gaming is going, and it's Wild.

1174 days 9 hours ago - While we've all read about Microsoft's next generation Xbox 720 gaming console coming to market in 2013, a recent Microsoft patent application reve... | News | Next-Gen


Will your PC turn into a gaming console with Xbox Games on Windows 8?

1178 days 3 hours ago - Microsoft recently announced Xbox Games on Windows. As confusing as it sounds, what does this mean for gamers? Folks at Ars Technica have offered a... | Opinion piece | PC


New PlayStation and Xbox could drive 'positive' 2013

1184 days 15 hours ago - There's increased rumblings that both Microsoft and Sony might be ready to launch new video game systems in 2013. | Article | Next-Gen


4K for the PS4? Who cares?

1184 days 21 hours ago - Rumors abound that the next generation PlayStation will be able to output 4K resolution. Normally, I find rumors about as useful and interesting a... | Opinion piece | Tech


SOCOM vets form casual studio, seeking Kickstarter support-Joystiq

1186 days 9 hours ago - A team of vets displaced after Zipper Interactive closed have reformed as Nobodinos (pronounced: nobody knows) and are currently seeking funds thro... | News | Dev


Microsoft and Sony could struggle next-gen if they fail to embrace free-to-play

1186 days 14 hours ago - Microsoft and Sony's next generation of consoles could struggle if they don't fully embrace free-to-play gaming, says Crytek's Cevat Yerli - althou... | Article | Xbox 360


343 Ponders ‘Halo 5′ and the Next Generation

1188 days 20 hours ago - Though still not official, Halo 5 is destined to be a next-generation release. 343 Industries remains tightly guarded, of course, with their plans... | Article | Next-Gen


Your PS3 as a home entertainment device

1189 days 15 hours ago - Cape Town - Most people use their Playstation 3s (PS3s) first and foremost for gaming in addition to using it as a blu-ray player to watch high def... | Article | PS3


The Gamescom Experience: Part 3

1192 days 8 hours ago - If you can remember back to where I left you all the other day – I had just been told that the hotel room I had booked over two months previously h... | Article | PC


Co-opinion: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

1193 days 1 hour ago - Richard Mitchell: So Alexander and I got a chance to try out the XCOM: Enemy Unknown multiplayer mode at Gamescom. Both of us played single-player... | Preview | PC


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post
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