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Video: Tomodachi Life UK Trailer & Fun Facts

383 days 10 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Tomodachi Life fits right in, with its simplified gameplay and fun-looking Mii characters. Here's the charming UK trailer, so you get... | Video | 3DS


Indie studio claims to have a technical solution for the problems associated with designing women

389 days 8 hours ago - GameDynamo - "The Ubisoft hate train continues. When the studio explained last month that the reason no female characters were included in the mult... | News | Dev


Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

390 days 3 hours ago - GameDynamo - "SEGA's Sonic Boom is going in a bold direction for the well-known video game franchise. Putting all the characters from the franchise... | Preview | Wii U


Alien Isolation E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

390 days 3 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Alien Isolation's floor demo really lived up to its name: there was an Alien, I was in isolation, and I was the only one being hunted... | Preview | PC


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

396 days 7 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Persona 4 Arena was an interesting title: taking an RPG and turning it into a fighting game seemed like a spin-off best saved for the... | Preview | Xbox 360


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

396 days 10 hours ago - GameDynamo - "2012’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was an awesome spin-off for Final Fantasy fans (and rhythm game fans alike). I had a chance to demo... | Preview | 3DS


Spintires developer planning to add weather, new vehicles, and much more

397 days 6 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Oovee Game Studios wants to keep expanding its offroad trucking simulator Spintires well into the foreseeable future. The developer t... | News | PC


Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

397 days 6 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Dragon Age has always been to me a sort of revitalization and reboot of the isometric 90s RPGs that came to the forefront after the r... | Preview | PC


Bohemia Interactive's Arma III April Fool's Joke has raised some serious cash for charity

398 days 9 hours ago - GameDynamo - "It began as an April Fool's prank. Developer Bohemia Interactive announced Arma 3 Karts back in April; a Kart-racing offshoot of the... | News | PC


EA SPORTS UFC Review | GameDynamo

403 days ago - GameDynamo - "EA Sports UFC has a really good way of teaching players to play the game. Sure, you can just wing it, but there are a few mechanics t... | Review | PS4


Dance Central: Spotlight E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

403 days 19 hours ago - GameDynamo - "One of the better surprises of the show, Dance Central Spotlight does everything that it’s expected to while expanding on what makes... | Preview | Xbox One


Battlecry E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

404 days 6 hours ago - GameDynamo - "The term free-to-play is no longer synonymous with the words ‘terrible game’ and we are still living during the rise of AAA, free-to-... | Preview | PC


Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

404 days 7 hours ago - GameDynamo - "When you first hear Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, a few things may pop into your head. Automatically you can guess that Civ... | Preview | PC


There will be fewer tutorials in The Legend of Zelda Wii U than in past games

404 days 10 hours ago - GameDynamo - "it’s nice to hear that the series’ first original Wii U outing (not counting the spinoff Hyrule Warriors) won’t be as tutorial heavy... | News | Wii U


Evolve E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

404 days 11 hours ago - GameDynamo - "If there was one title that stole the show at E3 this year, I would say it was probably Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve (being published... | Preview | PC


Supergirl joins the cast of Infinite Crisis

405 days 6 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Supergirl is the latest hero to join the roster of Infinite Crisis, Turbine's free-to-play MOBA set in the DC Comics universe. " | News | PC


Mojang's new server rules cause controversy among players, dismay by Notch

405 days 20 hours ago - GameDynamo - "On June 12, Mojang announced that it was cracking down on server monetization in Minecraft. I'm not sure the folks at the studio real... | Opinion piece | PC


Mortal Kombat X E3 2014 Impressions | GameDynamo

406 days 4 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Mortal Kombat X looked great from its teaser trailer on June 2nd, but the things done in the trailer left fans and the general public... | Preview | PC


Dragon Ball Xenoverse E3 2014 Preview | GameDynamo

406 days 8 hours ago - GameDynamo - "Dragon Ball fans get ready, because we got to see some exclusive gameplay footage of the newest fighter at this year's E3. Developed... | Preview | Xbox 360


The Evil Within Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

407 days 1 hour ago - GameDynamo - "Ever since my first glimpse of gameplay of The Evil Within at E3 2013 (which was introduced by none other than Shinji Mikami himself)... | Preview | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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