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"Dark Side, Represent."

WWE 13 - One of the Worst Games in Recent Memory -

841 days 21 hours ago - Corey Rollins Writes: The fact this game was released is astounding. Any positive points from WWE Attitude Mode or player creation are fully eclips... | Review | Wii


Fan Made Legend of Zelda Navi Parody Video Has Awesome Realistic Skulltula

1071 days 21 hours ago - Corey Rollins Writes: Once again our good friends of at MegaSteakMan have released another impressive short film, this one is titled "Sh*t Navi Say... | Video | Culture


Cyber Gaming StarCraft II Tournament #5 Video Coverage & Edward StarCraft Interview

1218 days 11 hours ago - Michael-Sean Morgan Writes: Last week Cyber Gaming teamed up with Memory Express for the fifth instalment of their StarCraft tournament series. Thi... | News | PC


Shogun Gamer: Nintendo Holiday Game Line-Up Hands On Impressions

1230 days 15 hours ago - Corey Rollins writes: Normally you're not allowed to peak at your presents before Christmas, but that's not the case with Nintendo. They invited us... | Preview | Wii


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Jurassic Park Hands-on and Telltale Booth Interview [PAX Prime 2011] -

1303 days 2 hours ago - Jen Writes: "Coming into PAX this year, one of the first companies I made a point of checking out was Telltale Games. They have an amazing tendency... | Interview | Xbox 360


Canadian ISP Rogers Accused of Throttling Video Game Connections

1310 days ago - Corey Rollins Writes: "We've all experienced periods of unexpected lag while playing online games. Often times we blame our hardware, or a congeste... | News | PC


Two Worlds II could set world record with magic system.

1650 days ago - Corey Rollins Writes: Long story short, the magic system in this game could set a world record for offering the largest selection of customizable u... | News | PC


Sony announces development of new multi-media device. Sony Vs iPad in the future?

1722 days 20 hours ago - ShogunGamer Writes: There have been rumours and mumblings about the next gen Sony portable, and huge debate around why Sony wouldn't take advantage... | News | Mobile


Exclusive interview with EA TRAX band HADOUKEN! discussing changing music & game industries.

1727 days 16 hours ago - writes: We had a chance to talk with one of the latest bands signed with EA TRAX, and with a name like HADOUKEN!, how could we not!... | Interview | Tech


You Rock Guitar controller interview with CEO on E3 2010 Floor

1737 days 23 hours ago - Writes: We met with JR, the CEO of Inspired Instruments, back in January at the Consumer Electronic Show. We got an invite to see t... | Interview | Wii


Closer to paper thin portable gaming. Sony's new OLED screen rolls around a pencil.

1763 days 23 hours ago - ShogunGamer Writes: Sony just revealed an OLED screen that's so astonishingly flexible it can be rolled tightly around a tube the size of a pencil.... | Video | Tech


Incredible motorized video game racing chair

1765 days 18 hours ago - ShogunGamer Writes: What do you get when you cross a mechanical bull with a racing chair and Gran Turismo? This amazing motorized, motion and throt... | Video | Tech


TRON Viral: Arcade Aid Answers List and Solutions Poster!

1838 days 17 hours ago - Shogun Gamer Writes: Earlier we posted about the awesome TRON Legacy viral game Arcade Aid, which challenged users in a test of famous game kn... | Article | 11


Preview of Illfonic's newest project: Nexuiz

1849 days 15 hours ago - Developer Illfonic (makers of GhettoGolf) have teamed with AlienTrap to deliver a console ready overhaul of the popular Open Source FPS Nexuiz. The... | News | 1,2,3

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