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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: 3D Enable On Ps3 W/ Cryengine 3

1417 days 15 hours ago - The original Sniper Ghost Warrior was an impressive game. Now that the sequel is on the roster, City Interactive has plans to take the game in a ne... | News | PC


Sniper Elite V2: Rebellion Walks Us Through The Flak Tower

1418 days 17 hours ago - Rebellion's sequel to one of the more original shooters to release on consoles, Sniper Elite, has dropped a walk-through on us for one of the games... | News | PC


BioShock Infinite: 'Boy's Of Silence' Reveal A Diverse Group Of Boss Fights

1418 days 18 hours ago - Bioshock has always had a rich story, which added a level depth to the characters in the world. In the first game, every character had a reason for... | News | PC


StarHawk: Changing The "Beta" Stage

1418 days 18 hours ago - LightBox has been a great example of how to execute an enjoyable Beta experience. On the current tides of gaming, many games have offered beta's wi... | News | PS3


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

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Assassin Creed 3: A few New Gameplay & War Facts

1426 days 21 hours ago - Ubisoft has creatively teased players, with the AC3 reveal trailer, without making the hints on what’s new in the game to obvious. However, some su... | News | PC


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS Vita: No Plans For HD Peace Walker

1430 days 14 hours ago - The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released on PS3 & 360 a few months ago. Featuring HD Remastered version of three of the best games in the series... | News | PC


Mass Effect 3: Was Kinect Tacked-on? – Casey Hudson On the Hotspot

1431 days 13 hours ago - Bioware’s release of Mass Effect 3 has been a huge success so far. Though we’ve yet to release a review for the game, It’s safe to say that Shepher... | News | PC


Jet Set Radio HD Remastered: Sega Tags Us With New Details

1432 days 7 hours ago - The cool inline-skating, graffiti tagging, adventure game that launched on the Sega Dreamcast, is getting remastered and released for the current g... | News | PC


I Am Alive: A Prelude To 'The Last of US' ?

1433 days 22 hours ago - As the reviews for Ubisoft’s digitally released survival game hit the web, most might find I Am Alive’s gameplay design strikingly similar to what... | Opinion piece | PC


UK Retailer 'Game': Has Huge PS Vita Midnight Launch

1445 days 21 hours ago - UK specialty retailer 'Game', had a huge midnight launch for the PS Vita. The launch featured Sony representatives and a fully decked out PS Vita d... | Article | PSP


Binary Domain: 2012's Most Underated Shooter

1488 days 12 hours ago - Releasing next month is Sega’s new third person squad-base shooter few people are talking about. Instead of listing all the reason why gamers might... | Article | PC


UFC Undisputed 3: Check Out The Full Roster

1488 days 23 hours ago - Arguably, the best MMA fighter to attack gaming, is inching ever closer to its launch date. To get you ready for your next big match, checkout this... | Video | PC


I Am Alive: New Details on Gameplay & Survival

1509 days 10 hours ago - Survival seems to be growing theme for games releasing in 2012. For Ubisoft's title, which has been in development for quite some time now, the rul... | News | PC


Gears of War 3: Ramm shadow GameplayTrailer

1509 days 19 hours ago - Though the single player DLC for Gears of War 3 launched last week, today we get a very cool trailer showing a bit more for those of you who have y... | Video | Xbox 360


PS Vita To Sell 1.4 million, But Could A US Release Push It Past The 3DS

1509 days 20 hours ago - The PS Vita is under tight scrutiny right now. Being released to claims of technical problems, and some strong yet questionable sells numbers, ever... | Article | Nintendo DS


Devil May Cry: New Cryptic Gameplay Hints At Mystical Story

1510 days 15 hours ago - In the latest for Capcom’s devilish hero, we get a cryptic combat trailer alluding to some new story elements that will likely be uncovered in the... | Article | PC


Last Of Us: Truth About The Dennison, Fighting Humans, & A Focus On Melee

1516 days 2 hours ago - If anyone has every shocked the world, Sony has sure done it with the latest reveal of their PS3 Exclusive, The Last of US. To get a few more detai... | Article | PS3


Sniper Elite V2: Risk Of Repeating Past Failures.

1516 days 3 hours ago - Sniper Elite was one of the more original shooters to launch back in the era of the Playstation 2, and Xbox. When most shooters were trying to get... | Article | PC


Uncharted Golden Abyss: Touch Screen Only A Strong Possibility

1517 days 14 hours ago - Nathan Drake's next adventure is one that takes place on a smaller device, but still has all the big set pieces the series is known for. We wrote a... | Article | PS Vita


Holiday Buyers Guide: The First Person Shooter

1521 days 7 hours ago - With the ultimate gift giving holiday just around the corner, here are the top First Person Shooters to give. | Article | PC


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