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Deciphering Xbox One’s used game DRM and online connection policy

787 days 10 hours ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "In a bold move just days prior to E3, Microsoft has released detailed information answering many of the questions that came o... | Article | Xbox One


How does the grass in The Last of Us stack up against high-end PC titles?

849 days 18 hours ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "While grass and foliage in video games may seem like an inconspicuous thing, the tech behind rendering each blade of greenery... | Article | PC


Backlash against Microsoft’s Creative Director comments regarding “always on” consoles unwarranted

850 days ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "When Microsoft Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Orth exchanged tweets with Bioware’s Manveer Heir regarding the topic of ‘alw... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


There is no Xbox 360 price cut, Microsoft following Sony’s PS3 bundle proposition

1021 days 2 hours ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "As the holiday season approaches, the one thing that seems to gaining in popularity is the console manufacturers playing the... | Article | Xbox 360


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At Releases.com you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Xbox Live and now PSN user accounts hacked – game consoles unsafe?

1560 days 4 hours ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "Its difficult to fault these companies and agencies for getting hacked. You can be sure that companies such as Microsoft and... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


PS3 hacker reveals Sony’s three step “epic save” fix

1607 days ago - Gamer.Blorge writes, "A notorious PS3 hacker has commented on Sony’s latest firmware update to fix the piracy issue on the console. Apparently the... | Article | PS3


3DS: intense eye strain – glasses-free 3D gaming is impractical

1618 days 23 hours ago - Gamer.Blorge writes: "The Nintendo 3DS recently launched over in Japan and gamers are clamoring for the glasses-free handheld device. However, ther... | Article | 3DS

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