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""Looking for trouble....""

Face-Off: Max Payne 3 (Digital Foundry)

1361 days 3 hours ago - DF writes: "It's the middle of May, and right on cue a new Rockstar game is making some big noise around our local cinema spots and bus stop ad-... | Article | Xbox 360


First look: The Last of Us (Destructoid)

1365 days 19 hours ago - Excerpt from article: "Today, Sony and Naughty Dog showed off the first gameplay for their upcoming survival action game, The Last of Us. The de... | Preview | PS3


Digital Foundry: What Went Wrong with Silent Hill HD?

1404 days 13 hours ago - In the past, we've raised concerns about the lack of effort being put into some of these HD ports. Sometimes the quality of the original assets jus... | Article | Xbox 360


This Thai gamer reeeeeeeally gets into Ghost Squad

1579 days 13 hours ago - My favorite arcade games are light gun shooters. The feeling of physically taking up a weapon and lining your sights is a quality that can't be rep... | Video | Arcade


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Spelunker HD mines PSN date (Eurogamer)

1912 days 5 hours ago - Hands up if you remember Spelunker. No? Chances are you either weren't born when it came out back in the early '80s, or you've suppressed the memor... | News | PS3


Killzone 3 pad lag measured (Eurogamer)

1924 days 12 hours ago - Guerrilla Games says that Killzone 3's control system has been substantially improved over its predecessor's. Last week's limited release of the Ki... | Article | PS3


XBLA's Limbo sells 300,000 copies (Destructoid)

2000 days 19 hours ago - Jim Sterling writes: The number of copies cold is actually closer to 300,000, which is excellent for a downloadable indie game that's as weird a... | Article | Xbox 360


Alan Wake: the sub-HD debate (Eurogamer)

2123 days 22 hours ago - DigitalFoundry writes: "Remedy has responded to online claims that upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake runs with a sub-HD resolution,... | Article | 2


The Art of UNCHARTED 2

2160 days 21 hours ago - Ballistic announced new first book in their Art of the Game series called: The Art of UNCHARTED 2 The overwhelming choice for Game of the Year... | Article | 1

Yakuza 3 Players Say A Lot More Was Cut Than Hostess Bars

2162 days 2 hours ago - Sega has made cuts to the Western version of gangland brawler Yakuza 3. The publisher says that hostess bars are gone. People playing the game say... | News | 1


Console Wars Round 7: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3 (Online Experience)

2220 days 23 hours ago - gets into another round against the PS3 vs 360 breaking down the online aspects of their respective systems. | Video | 1,2


Uncharted 2 is cliff hanging fun (The Sun Review)

2308 days 20 hours ago - The Sun describes: "Like the treasure you seek, Uncharted 2 is solid gold and worth going to the ends of the world for PS3 owners. X... | Review | 1

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