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Wii U Year One Wrap-Up

811 days 18 hours ago - A year ago, Nintendo released their first HD console, the Wii U. While it had a moderate amount of success during the launch months, in the past t... | Article | Wii U


Xbox One unveiled to questions and concerns

993 days 3 hours ago - After many months of absolute silence on their plans for the next generation of video games consoles, Microsoft finally revealed to the world the n... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Fire Emblem Awakening Review | AllYouCanGeek

1076 days ago - Critically acclaimed in the land of the rising sun, the wait for the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series is finally over! Was it worth the wait?... | Review | 3DS


Ubisoft developer reveals reason for Rayman delay

1095 days 17 hours ago - Today Ubisoft announced that the formerly Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends was going to come to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the fall. One develope... | News | Xbox 360


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

The Good and Bad about U

1110 days 7 hours ago - Two months after the launch of the Wii U, Allyoucangeek gives the impressions of the system with five good things and five bad things about the system | Article | Wii U


Zombi U Review | AllYouCanGeek

1125 days 6 hours ago - Review of Ubisoft's Zombi U game for Wii U | Review | Wii U


Nintendo aiming for the core audience

1230 days 8 hours ago - Article detailing and outlining the new direction Nintendo is taking in regards to games for the core gamer. | Article | Wii U


Kid Icarus Uprising Review | All You Can Geek

1396 days 15 hours ago - After a lengthy hiatus from his own series, the heroic angel Pit finally returns in a 3D action-shooter hybrid title, Kid Icarus Uprising for the N... | Review | 3DS

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