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RUMOR: David Hayter Hints at Metal Gear Solid V Appearance in New Tweet

18 days 11 hours ago - David Hayter, the original voice of Metal Gear Solid’s Snake, may be making an appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. See what a new T... | Rumor | PS4


RUMOR: Rayman Planned for Super Smash Bros

19 days 14 hours ago - A new challenger is approaching! Ubisoft’s limbless mascot Rayman may be making his way to Super Smash Bros for Wii U. | Rumor | Wii U


Pokémon & Sonic on the SNES? Believe it.

24 days 20 hours ago - Ever wanted to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Pokemon Emerald on Nintendo’s 16-bit console, the SNES? Now’s your chance, courtesy of a group of modders. | Article | Culture


5 Generic Video Game Knockoffs

27 days 15 hours ago - Many of the AAA out on the market today have garnered themselves millions of loyal fans and millions of dollars in revenue. But what if you can’t a... | Image | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Life is Strange Episode 1 Review – Not Worth Living | Gamers Heroes

31 days 20 hours ago - DONTNOD and Square-Enix had great plans to revolutionize the medium with Life is Strange, an episodic coming-of-age tale with a supernatural twist.... | Review | PC


Super Galaxy Squadron Review | Gamers Heroes

34 days 16 hours ago - Like to shoot stuff? Of course you do! However, the de-facto shooting genre, the shoot-em-up, is one practically begging for more gamers to unde... | Review | PC


Resident Evil HD Review | Gamers Heroes

38 days 20 hours ago - The shambling undead are back once again in Resident Evil HD, a re-release of the survival horror game that redefined survival horror. With promise... | Review | PS3


Sonic the Hedgehog Comes to Life With This Robot Replica

45 days 10 hours ago - Those looking to take over the world can learn a lot from Sonic the Hedgehog’s portly villain Dr. Eggman. As an evil genius with a 300 IQ, he has c... | News | Culture


Wavedashing Returns in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS With Perfect Pivoting

73 days 13 hours ago - Super Smash Bros. fans: Do you miss wavedashing? After its removal in Super Smash Bros Brawl, the spacing technique makes its return (kind of) in S... | News | Wii U


Top 5 Livestream Fails

88 days 13 hours ago - Twitch streaming is the thing to do these days. You can get yourself an audience, chat it up with the community, and even make a little extra dosh... | Opinion piece | Culture


Cosplay Wednesday – Call of Duty’s Soap MacTavish

91 days 17 hours ago - It might not seem like it at first, but the Call of Duty series has some great characters. You’ve got Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons, John Price, a... | Image | Culture


5 F2P Games That Should be on Consoles

99 days 10 hours ago - Free-to-play games are a godsend for the gaming community: not only do they allow for a larger established userbase, they also allow players to bec... | Opinion piece | PC


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd Review | Gamers Heroes

101 days 16 hours ago - Hot on the heels of her appearance on The David Letterman Show, the Volcaloid diva Hatsune Miku is back once again in SEGA’s Hatsune Miku: Project... | Review | PS3


Far Cry 4 Weapon Unlockables Guide

107 days 8 hours ago - Take your journey through Kyrat to all new levels with the devastating arsenal in Far Cry 4. This Far Cry 4 Weapon Unlockables Guide provides an ea... | Article | PC


Far Cry 4 Kyrat Fashion Week & Animal Skin Locations Guide

107 days 10 hours ago - Find the locations for all the animals you need to skin for crafting in Far Cry 4 and all of the Kyrat Fashion Week missions to max each item you c... | Article | PC


Far Cry 4 Bell Tower Guide – Fastest Route & Unlockables

107 days 10 hours ago - Unlock all of the best weapons for free with this Far Cry 4 Bell Tower guide that will see you unlocking every weapon under the Bell Tower rewards... | Article | PC


Far Cry 4 Outpost Guide – Quests, Items & Collectibles

107 days 20 hours ago - The incredibly popular Outpost feature from Far Cry 3 makes a return in Far Cry 4 and it’s better than ever. We’ve compiled a Far Cry 4 Outpost Gui... | Article | PC


Far Cry 4 Crafting Guide – Quickest Guide To Max Crafting

108 days 3 hours ago - This Far Cry 4 crafting guide lists all of the available items that you can craft in Far Cry 4 along with the necessary items and the best places t... | Article | PC


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - Gamers Heroes

108 days 19 hours ago - Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is right on schedule, marking the 11th release in as many years. Promising futuristic action with bomba... | Review | PC


Cosplay Wednesday – The Wolf Among Us’ Bigby Wolf

120 days 16 hours ago - Halloween has come and gone, but the spirit of the holiday is still in the air. People may no longer be in costume, but you never know who or what... | Image | Culture


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (XB1) Review

Now - Ken buys too many costumes as Dead or Alive arrives on the new consoles. | Promoted post
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