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Tower Defense, The Apocalypse, and YOU

1002 days 18 hours ago - Tower defense games can be a great tool for pre-apocalypse preparation if you know what skills you need to hone. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Land of The Video Game Apocalypse | In Case of Survival

1109 days 6 hours ago - A rundown of some of the best and worse apocalyptic scenarios in video games. | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Hawken: Genesis (Archaia) | In Case of Survival

1122 days 6 hours ago - Almost every video game that comes out nowadays has a supplemental comic released along side it. Hawken: Genisis might be following a trend but... | Review | PC


In Case of Survival: PAX 2012 | 3 Reasons FIREFALL is best consumed outside of the game

1248 days 14 hours ago - Firefall is more than just a game, it's a science fiction universe. In fact, the game part of Firefall might be the least desirable part. | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Review: Dawnguard | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | In Case of Survival

1320 days ago - A review of the new Dawnguard add-on with an eye out for apocalyptic implications. | Review | Xbox 360


5 Apocalyptic Lessons From Halo: Reach

1329 days 15 hours ago - Halo: Reach can teach you many useful skills about surviving after the apocalypse. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


How can playing Skyrim teach you to survive the apocalypse?

1545 days 8 hours ago - After all, wouldn’t Fallout 3, Rage, Brink, Fallout New Vegas and all the other post apocalyptic games be a better bet? Well, yes and no. Yes... | Opinion piece | PC


I Like to Watch

1818 days 17 hours ago - Tavia, of The Game Fanatics, writes about how watching someone else play some of her favorite games can be good for a relationship. | Opinion piece | Culture


Beat The Winter Blues With Video Games

1838 days 14 hours ago - Tavia lists some adorable games that can both lift spirits and challenge intellectually. | Opinion piece | Arcade


The Game Fanatics: A World of Keflings (XBLA) - Review

1851 days 1 hour ago - A World of Keflings was released last month as a part of Xbox’s Games for the Holidays. The game is a sequel to A Kingdom for Keflings (PC and XBLA... | Review | Xbox


The Game FanaticsReview: Swords And Soldiers

1892 days ago - At first glance, Swords and Soldiers looks like a kids game, and after you play the first few missions, you’ll probably still be thinking as much.... | Review | PC


Holiday Donations - Gamer Style

1894 days 15 hours ago - Rather then feel sad about getting screwed and contributing to some corporation’s bottom line, The Writer suggests donating what you can and collec... | Article | Culture


Apache Air Assault Review (The Game Fanatics)

1908 days 10 hours ago - Apache Air Assault is a flight simulator unlike any other They’ve played, and those who know me are aware of my love for simulation games. The firs... | Review | PS3


Battlestar Galactica Gets Its Own Massively Multiplayer Game

1908 days 21 hours ago - The battle for the fate of humanity continues this fall, when NBC Universal and Bigpoint launch Battlestar Galactica Online, a massively multiplaye... | News | PC

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