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DTG: Review- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

1865 days 22 hours ago - Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has had many comparisons, initially to Uncharted 2. But how does their follow-up to PS3-exclusive Heav... | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Preview- Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

1866 days 11 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers preview the as-yet-unannounced-for-the-West Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP. | Preview | PSP


DTG: Why Do We Game?

1866 days 12 hours ago - Alex Townsend ponders the question 'Why Do We Game?' on DTG. | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Redefining Motion Capture

1867 days 22 hours ago - Richard Birkett takes a look at the revolutionary new technology in development by Sydney-based Depth Analysis called 'MotionScan' - the motion cap... | Article | Tech


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DTG: Review- Front Mission Evolved

1868 days 8 hours ago - Richard Birkett for Dedicated To Gamers reviews Double Helix Games and Square Enix's mech-shooter Front Mission Evolved. It has a number of compari... | Review | PC


DTG: The 5 Biggest Changes In Gaming

1868 days 20 hours ago - Brian McCormick and Dedicated To Gamers count down the top 5 biggest changes in videogames - how our hobby has changed over the years and what new... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Review- PES 2011

1869 days 16 hours ago - After Dedicated To Gamers' recent review of FIFA 11, they get their hands on Konami's football-sim efforts with this year's PES 2011. Is it a step... | Review | PSP


DTG: Preview- Brink

1870 days 15 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers got time on with Splash Damage and Bethesda's squad-based FPS, a hybrid between single player and multiplayer. Take a look at w... | Preview | PC


DTG: Review- Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

1873 days 6 hours ago - Sonic returns to his classic 2D roots with this high-def reboot from Sonic Team and Dimps for downloadable platforms. How does the blue blur fare?... | Review | Wii


DTG: Why Every Gamer Should Own A Handheld [Part 1]

1874 days 21 hours ago - The first part in the series of Dedicated To Gamers' 'Why Every Gamer Should Own A Handheld' introduces the series and takes a look at why portable... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


DTG: Review- Medal of Honor

1874 days 23 hours ago - The Medal of Honor series is finally back in this modern-day update. Can Danger Close bring it closer to the high class of MW2 and the like? Can DI... | Review | PC


DTG: Review- Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

1876 days 17 hours ago - Can Beenox weave together anything other than a sub-standard Spidey tie-in? DTG assess Shattered Dimensions and come out pleasantly surprised at th... | Review | PC


DTG: Review- FIFA 11

1877 days 16 hours ago - PES 2011 has a lot to live up to if it's to urge gamer's to pick it up over this effort. FIFA 11 is a joy to play, see DTG's review for the full an... | Review | PC


DTG: Review- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

1877 days 16 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers delve into the realm of Castlevania once again with this reboot from MercurySteam and Kojima Productions. Will it kick start th... | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Dedicated To...3D Gaming

1879 days 10 hours ago - It seems the Dedicated To Gamers readers are mostly all for the addition the three dimensions into videogames. See the latest 'Dedicated To...' - t... | Opinion piece | Tech


DTG: Review- Def Jam Rapstar

1879 days 19 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers spit out some tunes and get rapping to Def Jam Rapstar for this rap/hip-hop/karaoke mix up. | Review | Wii


DTG: Review- Demon's Souls

1881 days 1 hour ago - It has been described as one of the toughest games ever, but what did Dedicated To Gamers think of Demon's Souls? | Review | PS3


DTG: Review- Dead Rising 2

1881 days 21 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers go to Fortune City to dismember some zombies in sadistic carnage. The Dead Rising 2 review from DTG... | Review | PC


DTG: 3DS vs. The World

1882 days 22 hours ago - Can the 3DS pull its weight when competition within the hand-held market continues to heat up? Will Nintendo's various reincarnations of the DS wor... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS

DTG: The Top 10 Craziest Videogame Peripherals

1883 days 11 hours ago - From strange attempts at early motion control, gesture-based gaming to tries at bringing arcades to the home, there's been a huge amount of crazy,... | Opinion piece | Industry


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