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DTG: VGA's 2010 - DTG Round Up

1475 days 3 hours ago - From surprise announcements including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and a whole heap of awards for the year, with Red Dead Redemption reaping the awa... | Article | PC


DTG: Gaming OCD

1478 days 7 hours ago - Adam Saunders for DTG confesses his gaming OCD habits that sees him refuse to play new games, especially sequels, if he hasn't experienced the seri... | Opinion piece | Culture

DTG: Review- Fable III

1479 days 11 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers re-visit Albion for the third time with Lionhead Studios' Fable III. | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Review- Dead Nation

1479 days 15 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers review Housemarque's Dead Nation is a top-down, zombie-killing, twin-stick shooter. | Review | PS3


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DTG: Review- Poker Night at the Inventory

1483 days 8 hours ago - Telltale's Poker Night at the Inventory sees four familiar characters from popular games clock off and play poker. | Review | PC


DTG: Preview- ilomilo

1483 days 17 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers preview a lovely little platformer that has visuals reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet's creative wackiness. From SouthEnd Interact... | Preview | Xbox 360


DTG: Review- Gran Turismo 5

1484 days 12 hours ago - Dedicated To review Sony and Polyphony Digital's PS3-exclusive, long-awaited racing behemoth Gran Turismo 5. | Review | PS3


DTG: Review- Kinect Sports

1485 days 18 hours ago - Rare's Kinect launch title, Kinect Sports, is surprisingly adept and has a good deal of longevity that other mini-game collections can only dream of. | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Review- Kinect Adventures

1486 days 6 hours ago - Richard Birkett, Dedicated To Gamers' editor reviews Kinect Adventures, the bundled game in all Kinect boxes by Good Science Studio. | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Games With No Bite

1486 days 11 hours ago - What is the gaming equivalent to Jurassic Park? Why are there not more dinosaurs in videogames? Alex Townsend proposes why the ferocious beasts don... | Opinion piece | Industry

DTG: Review- Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

1487 days 15 hours ago - Desmond returns to the Animus for the third time here in AC: Brotherhood, heading to Rome in Ubisoft's new entry into the series that also introduc... | Review | PC


DTG: Preview- Homefront

1488 days 13 hours ago - Dedicated To Gamers preview this 2027-set first-person shooter that sees the US resist a united Korea. | Preview | PC


DTG: Violence and Videogames

1492 days 17 hours ago - DTG's rant crosses videogames and their violent content, taking a argumentative look at society's critical gaze upon videogames as a throwback for... | Opinion piece | Culture


DTG: Review- Start The Party!

1495 days 8 hours ago - Another party game for a motion-based peripheral, but Supermassive Games' Start The Party for the PS Move is an enjoyable multiplayer romp neverthe... | Review | PS3


The Dedicated To Gamers Podcast- Episode 5

1495 days 15 hours ago - Staff writer for DTG Edward Fairclough joins Richard on the mic as they chat about Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor and Kinect in the fifth... | Podcast | Xbox 360


DTG: Preview- Dead Space 2

1499 days 14 hours ago - Isaac Clarke wakes aboard the space station on one of Saturn's moons, the 'Sprawl' and is now no longer faceless or mute in this sequel from Viscer... | Preview | PC


DTG: Review- Sports Island Freedom

1500 days 10 hours ago - "The worst experience on Kinect", Dedicated To Gamers review Sports Island Freedom for Xbox 360. | Review | Xbox 360

DTG: Review- Dance Central

1502 days 20 hours ago - New for Kinect from Harmonix, Dedicated To Gamers get on the virtual dance floor to review Dance Central. | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Review- Kinect

1503 days 19 hours ago - review the most anticipated piece of hardware of 2010 with Microsoft's "You are the controller" Kinect. | Review | Xbox 360


DTG: Review- Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

1503 days 19 hours ago - Kieran Thomas for DTG reviews the DLC add-on for Red Dead Redemption which sees the undead over-run the West in Red Dead's open world. | Review | Xbox 360


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