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DTG: PSN Outage Proves Cloud Gaming Is Not The Future

1665 days 13 hours ago - The cause of PSN’s problems has yet to be officially announced, although there are plenty of theories. Some blame the hackers. Others blame disgrun... | Opinion piece | PSP


DTG: World of Tanks Review

1667 days 6 hours ago - This free-to-play MMO from grants players access to a multitude of tanks from the pre-WW2 era to the 1950s. Players choose from amon... | Review | PC


DTG: The Game Industry is Madness

1673 days 1 hour ago - Day-one downloadable content, endless sequels and rehashes, and the constant crackdown on the used game market are signs of a healthy, wonderful ga... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: A "Hardcore" Wii Would Be A Big Mistake

1674 days 5 hours ago - Imagine a Wii with powerful hardware, a ton of unique technological features, and a fresh new look at multiplayer gaming. Many of our readers will... | Opinion piece | Wii


DTG: Rembrandt and Red Dead Redemption

1678 days 7 hours ago - With Red Dead Redemption making it among the best ever Westerns of all times in The Times, the not-so-age-old question of "are games art?" continue... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Portal 2 Is Not A Triumph

1678 days 12 hours ago - Dedicated to Gamers takes a scathing look at Valve's most recent title, Portal 2. While the game is entertaining and funny, it fails to deliver the... | Opinion piece | PC


DTG: Simulated Complexity

1691 days ago - Dedicated to Gamers takes a look at the complexity of videogames and poses the question "is more complexity better for the game experience?" | Opinion piece | Industry

DTG: The Game Industry is in Decline

1698 days 19 hours ago - At the beginning of this year, Activision laid off a ton of employees. Gamers reacted with disdain, stating that Activision was – once again – up t... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Current-Gen Games Just Glorified Tech Demos?

1698 days 19 hours ago - It is no stretch to say that graphics are the main focus this generation. Sometimes, developers are trying their hardest to please fans visually an... | Opinion piece | Wii


DTG: Namco Thinks You Need Gimmicks to Play Classics on 3DS

1699 days 4 hours ago - Are you eager to know the best way to improve upon a timeless classic? Well, if Earthworm Jim 3D and Contra: Legacy of War taught us anything, simp... | Article | 3DS

DTG: Bobby Kotick - Savior of Gaming

1699 days 11 hours ago - And no, this is not an early “April Fools” gift. Gamers hate him, but gamers – quite unknowingly – owe the health of the game industry to Activisio... | Article | Wii


DTG: The Name Game

1699 days 16 hours ago - Mario, Resident Evil, Final fantasy: these are all names we hear and can instantly indentify. Over the generations of console gaming, many titles h... | Article | Retro

DTG: When Arcades Died, Gaming Died

1700 days 1 hour ago - Since many gamers in our modern era never experienced the popularity of the arcades, it can be difficult to perceive the effect arcades had on vide... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Miis and DSigraines

1702 days ago - Dedicated to Gamers gets up close and personal with a dozen of Nintendo's launch titles for the new Nintendo 3DS. We check out Face Raiders, Ocarin... | Article | 3DS


Could NPD’s Gag Order Be a Sign of Bigger Problems?

1702 days 11 hours ago - Perhaps it is the end of an era, but Mr. Michael Pachter will no longer be sharing NPD's sales data with the gaming media, per NPD's request. Howev... | Article | Industry


3DS: Great Hardware. Troubled Future.

1702 days 17 hours ago - The 3DS is out on store shelves. Nintendo put a lot of effort into their latest handheld, but the system has already had its own share of troubles.... | Opinion piece | Industry


DTG: Gradius Review

1704 days 4 hours ago - Dedicated to Gamers reviews Konami's NES classic, Gradius, in the ongoing "Why the Classics Are Better" series. | Review | Retro


DTG: The Danger of Calling Videogames "Art"

1704 days 5 hours ago - "Are videogames art?" The question has been tossed around quite a bit as of late, what with Mr. Ebert swinging down his movie-critic gavel and decl... | Opinion piece | Culture


DTG: Phantasy Star II Review

1704 days 11 hours ago - Dedicated to Gamers takes a look at a groundbreaking RPG from SEGA's Mega Drive/Genesis, Phantasy Star II. It features huge maps and a ton of enemy... | Review | Retro


DTG: Sonic 3 Review

1704 days 13 hours ago - Continuing their "Why the Classics Are Better" retro review series, Dedicated to Gamers takes a look at Sonic the Hedgehog 3, one of the best platf... | Review | Retro


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