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""Put down the Taco and nobody gets hurt.Money back Guaranteed! NOT!""

Why you should back the Beast's Fury Kickstarter

431 days 13 hours ago - Utilizing silky smooth traditional animation and over the top action, Beast’s Fury could be another beautifully animated fighter similar to the rec... | Opinion piece | PC


Let's go save some crazy money, with Sega PSN/XBLA sales

1355 days ago - Sega is offering discounts on its digital console games this month, on both PSN and XBLA. The regions, timing, and games are all different between... | News | Xbox 360


WB acknowledges Batman: Arkham City save glitch, asks for user reports

1357 days 3 hours ago - Batman: Arkham City players have been experiencing save data loss on Xbox 360 since the launch of the game. Publisher WB hasn't had anything to say... | News | Xbox 360


Mario Kart Wii bundle loses GameCube support, just in time for the holidays

1357 days 9 hours ago - "Racing fans start your engines, because Nintendo is releasing the ultimate Mario Kart Wii bundle this year," Nintendo's press release reads. Of co... | News | Wii


'Warhammer: Arcane Magic' - a Digital Boardgame for iOS

Now - Arcane Magic is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer universe. Play it now on Ipad and Iphone. | Promoted post

Super Street Fighter II coming to Virtual Console with online multiplayer

1359 days 17 hours ago - The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive version of Super Street Fighter II: The challengers will be making its way to Nintendo's Virtual Console, sometime in t... | News | Wii

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