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GOW Vs GOW 2 - EGM's Side By Side Comparison

2712 days 19 hours ago - In the latest edition of EGM, Dan Shoe writes an in-depth feature on Gears Of War 2 and includes a neat side by side graphical comparison of the or... | Screenshot | 2


ZuneBox 360 To Launch In 2009?

2712 days 20 hours ago - Is 2009 the year Microsoft finally enters the handheld gaming sector? T3 seem to think so. In the latest issue of the UK gadget publication, the st... | Rumor | 2,11,14


First PES 2009 Info Arriving This Weekend?

2715 days 8 hours ago - Keep this in the rumour basket for now but the good folks over at WENB (Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog), seem to have secured some exclusive informat... | Rumor | 1,2,3


Tecmo Tells Itagaki To Keep Mouth Shut

2715 days 20 hours ago - It looks as though things are definately heating up at Tecmo Headquaters and by heating up, we mean getting dirty! In another twist to the Team Nin... | News | 13,15


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post

New Tales Of Vesperia Gameplay Videos

2723 days 20 hours ago - Take a look at these brand new gameplay videos of Namco Bandai's Tales Of Vesperia. Tales of Vesperia uses an improved and revised version of Tales... | Video | 2


UK Gaming Charts: Indiana Jones Takes Down GTA IV

2724 days 16 hours ago - Well It had to happen sooner or later and this week sees the end of GTA IV's almighty run at the top of the UK charts. Lego Indiana Jones (WIi vers... | News | 11


Ninja Gaiden II Feature - The Way Of The Warrior

2729 days 17 hours ago - To celebrate the release of Ninja Gaiden II, sit back and relax as Tomonobu Itagaki and the Team Ninja staff divulge in the ways of the ninja, incl... | Video | 2


Hong Kong Beauties Line Up For Ninja Gaiden II

2731 days 14 hours ago - XBK writes: Last week we revealed the sexy Korean press event for Ninja Gaiden II, so it's only right that we @ XBK show you the Hong Kong press ev... | Image | 2


Team Ninja To Announce Dead Or Alive 5 In July?

2731 days 14 hours ago - With Ninja Gaiden II wrapped up and ready for release many industry insiders are wondering what Itagaki-san's next project will be. Well, it seems... | Rumor | 2


Ninja Gaiden II Demo Region Locked

2734 days 8 hours ago - Well guys there's some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that the rumour of a Ninja Gaiden II demo releasing today on Xbox LIVE... | News | 2


Killer Instinct 3 Wish List

2734 days 19 hours ago - Killer Instinct is a fighting game developed by Rare, Midway and Nintendo. Initially released in arcades in 1994, and rumored to use an "Ultra... | Article | 2


Ninja Gaiden II Demo To Hit JPN Marketplace This Friday?

2735 days 21 hours ago - There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the release of Team Ninja's, Ninja Gaiden II. From scathing reviews attacking the developer and his f... | Rumor | 2


tvpredictions: Blu-ray Begging For a Beating

2945 days 12 hours ago - Over the last year, Blu-ray disc sales have outpaced HD DVD by a 2-1 margin. However, the Blu-ray forces are about to take a beating -- unless they... | Article | 14


New Ratchet bugged?

2953 days 22 hours ago - Could there be a problem with the biggest PS3 game of the year, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction? GR Global Editorial Director Stephe... | News | 1


Microsoft: Xbox 360 with Built In HD-DVD Drive On The Way?

2959 days 14 hours ago - In some exciting news for HD-DVD fans, Scott Browning, one of the most experienced CE retail marketing executives in Australia, has revealed that M... | Rumor | 2,14


Universal Japan Touts Spielberg Titles in HD DVD Presentation

2972 days 1 hour ago - The inclusion of several classic Steven Spielberg titles in an HD DVD presentation given by Universal Studios Japan got tongues wagging online Frid... | News | 14


Uncharted Nearly Done, Now Supports 1080i

2973 days 18 hours ago - Kotaku reports: Naughty Dog president Evan Wells says Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is just about done. Which is good news, partly because it's a prom... | News | 1


Blu-ray or HD DVD: Which Side Are You On?

2981 days 23 hours ago - It's becoming a holiday tradition: The two competing high-definition DVD formats are gearing up for the Christmas season, each hoping to consign th... | Article | 14


Nintendo is Japan's 2nd most valuable active stock

2982 days 16 hours ago - Nintendo Co Ltd roared past Canon Inc to become Japan's second most valuable tradable company behind Toyota Motor Corp this week as investors bet d... | News | 3, 5, 13


PS3 Center: Halo 3 To Push Xbox 360 Way Ahead of Wii, PS3

2982 days 20 hours ago - The launch of Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 is upon us and it is expected that it is going to create a wave of momentum for the Xbox 360 which may allow i... | News | 1, 2, 3


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