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Namco Bandai To Launch New Arcade Boards Using PlayStation 3 Technology

3117 days 9 hours ago - Fighting game "Tekken 6" will go on sale later this year as the first arcade game using Sony's PlayStation 3 technology, game developer N... | News | 1, 7, 13


Australia: PS3 sales exceed 20k

3117 days 9 hours ago - Sony has announced that Australian retailers sold over 20,000 PlayStation 3 consoles in the machine's first three days on sale. "The comb... | News | 1, 13


Gamestop shenanigans sell open games as 'new'

3117 days 20 hours ago - Gamestop isn't new to weird shenanigans in their business tactics. After hearing about the awesomeness of God of War II all week from colleagu... | News | 11


NZ Retailer: PS3 Pre-orders FIVES times that of Wii

3117 days 23 hours ago - Dick Smith merchandise manager James Cunnold has stated that advance sales of the PS3 have been even better than PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 and FIVE times... | News | 1,3


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death visits Weekly Geek Show

3118 days ago - You hope that nobody gets it, it's curable, but anecdotal evidence continues to pile-up and show the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death seems to be far m... | News | 2


Capcom Responds To SDF Petition: "We Wont Deny DMC4 To Anyone"

3118 days 2 hours ago - A member of staff from Capcom has responded to a big online petition which seemed more than angered by Capcom's move to publish DMC4 on Xbox 360, P... | News | 15


Final Fantasy Director: PS3 Is The Ideal Console For Final Fantasy XIII

3118 days 3 hours ago - A new scan that features an interview with Final Fantasy XIII's Director, Motomu Toriyama, has been found online by FF13 Vids. From my understandin... | News | 1


And So It Begins.................The Halo 3 Hype Machine

3118 days 3 hours ago - Mountain Dew and the Xbox are no strangers. They've been cross promoting for years. But now, the super sugary soda tastes even more Microsofty, wit... | Image | 2


Dean Takahashi : Microsoft 'Xbox 360 Elite' Fresh Info

3118 days 6 hours ago - The San Jose Mercury News' Dean Takahashi has a bit more details on the rumored Xbox 360 Elite edition that Game Informer reported on earlier this... | Rumor | 2


2D Ocarina of Time creator dies in car accident

3118 days 6 hours ago - The creator of the 2D fan remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Daniel Barras (Dampe), recently passed away in a fatal car accident. Dani... | News | 11


Time Crisis 4 On Its Way To PS3?

3118 days 6 hours ago - Not sure if this is a mistype, but EBgames are now advertising Time Crisis 4 (with Guncon no less) for the PS3 with a pre-release date of 11/13/07... | Rumor | 1


Hardcore Porn steals the show at PS3 Launch in Finland

3118 days 23 hours ago - MC member Clive mailed in to let maxconsole know about what a dreadful launch event Sony had in Finland. At the launch site, some hardcore porn was... | News | 1


Jetpac Refuelled - Rocket Blasting Gameplay Video

3119 days ago - For the older gamers who actually were able to play the ZX Spectrum classic, this might bring tears to your eyes. We have a minute-long gameplay vi... | Video | 2


IGN: The Fanjita Interview

3119 days ago - What is the future of the PlayStation Portable? That was the question IGN posed to some of the brightest and biggest talents who have worked with t... | Interview | 4


Halo 3 already No.1 Bestseller on Amazon.com

3119 days ago - With a good few months left till launch (and no firm release date yet stated), Halo 3 is dominating amazon.coms pre-order charts. We all know of th... | News | 2


PS3 game releases for the week of March 26th

3119 days 1 hour ago - If you are a Tom Clancy fan, you'll have to check out Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the PS3 this week. Or, maybe one of the five new PS2 games wil... | News | 1,9


Folding@Home Dr. Marks Interview

3119 days 1 hour ago - A look at PS3 app that helps medical research. | Interview | 1


Gamevideos: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 'Hands-On Preview'

3119 days 1 hour ago - Thoughts on PS3 gameplay, visuals & style. | Video | 1


Eurogamer re-reviews Resistance

3119 days 22 hours ago - The overall disappointment that comes from playing Resistance is troubling. For years, Insomniac has carved itself an impressive reputation, and ha... | Review | 1


HDFury - Full 1080p On Any High-tech PC monitor, Video Projector Or Older HDTV/Plasma

3119 days 22 hours ago - HDFury promises to be a true revolution in the world of high definition display. This little innovation allows owners of a PC monitor, video projec... | News | 11, 14


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post
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