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"And just like that..."

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Review - GameRevolution

135 days 21 hours ago - GR - In the past few years vampire media has taken a turn for the worse, rolling in its coffin with so-called sparkly biters and overwrought televi... | Review | PC


Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Review - GameRevolution

135 days 23 hours ago - GR - For all of gaming’s designs on greater reach, bigger audiences, and more diverse experiences, the industry loves shooters more than any other... | Review | Xbox 360


Stanley Parable Creator Explains Struggle Between Creator And Audience After GOTY Award Wins

138 days 13 hours ago - GR - We loved The Stanley Parable and so did countless other gamers, but as creator and founder of developer Galactic Cafe Davey Wreden writes "Peo... | News | PC


Weapon Shop de Omasse Review - GameRevolution

139 days 1 hour ago - GR - The Final Fantasy series would have us believe that we just need a few friends, maybe one guy as a gil-stealing thief with a sword that's pref... | Review | 3DS


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Nintendo Starts "Four Seasons of Animal Crossing" Art Contest in Art Academy: SketchPad

139 days 1 hour ago - GR - Nintendo began a new Art Academy: SkethPad contest today, this time focusing on Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the four seasons players have be... | News | Wii U


PAX East Reveals iOS-Dominated Indie Showcase Lineup, Featuring Wayward Souls, & More

139 days 1 hour ago - GR - Organizers for PAX East, the gaming convention for fans that runs every year in Boston, MA, have unveiled the PAX East Indie Showcase, featuri... | News | iPhone


Naughty Dog on Hypothetical The Last of Us 2: "Ellie Can Now Control the Infected"

139 days 5 hours ago - GR - In a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann went off the rails. | News | PS3


Persona 5 Director Comments on Atlus Sale to Sega, Effects on Development

139 days 11 hours ago - GR - In a blog post on the Persona website, series director Katsura Hashino wrote briefly on how the sale of Index Corporation, the developer's for... | News | PS3


Ten Things to Do in the Last 24 Hours of the Titanfall Beta

142 days 12 hours ago - GR - #1 Stop Melee-assassinating the grunts Seriously. You’re not helping your team! Plus don’t you find you’re getting assassinated yourself? O... | Article | PC


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review - GameRevolution

143 days 10 hours ago - GR - If there's a bridge between Wii U with GamePad and another version of the console without the touch-enabled second screen, DK is building it.... | Review | Wii U


The Last of Us: Left Behind Review - GameRevolution

145 days 15 hours ago - GR - As with almost every major blockbuster video game released these days, The Last of Us came with a hefty Season Pass that promised to wrap up s... | Review | PS3


Titanfall Beta Modes, Tips for Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, and Last Titan Standing

147 days 13 hours ago - GR - We got our invites for the Titanfall closed beta today and discovered new details about each of the game modes available to beta testers on Xb... | Article | PC


How to Play Titanfall, Beta Controls for Pilots and Titans

147 days 13 hours ago - GR - We got into Titanfall's beta a day early and have gotten a grasp of how the game controls on Xbox One. Here's everything we learned on how to... | Article | Xbox One


MLB 14: The Show Preview (PS4) - PlayStation LifeStyle

147 days 16 hours ago - PSLS - Even though Sony’s going head-to-head with a lot less competition in 2014 now that 2K Sports won’t be renewing the MLB2K series, the team at... | Preview | PS3


FF XIV: ARR Producer Naoki Yoshida, "We Could Consider Free-to-Play" But Never Pay-to-Win

148 days ago - GR - I got a chance to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer/director Naoki Yoshida to talk about the upcoming PlayStation 4 por... | Interview | PC


inFamous: Second Son Preview (PS4) - PlayStation LifeStyle

148 days 15 hours ago - PSLS - inFamous: Second Son was among the first PlayStation 4 titles announced back at the platform’s reveal in February of 2013. Many of the other... | Preview | PS4


Ten More Rockstar Verified GTA Online Community-Made Missions Reviewed

148 days 21 hours ago - GR - That's right, I'm still playing GTA Online! Let's check out the latest community-made maps promoted by Rockstar Games. | Article | Xbox 360


EA UFC Developers Ready to Rumble With "Any Other Developer in the World"

149 days 4 hours ago - GR - EA Sports UFC is deep in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but researching mixed-martial arts has some of the developers at EA Vanco... | News | PS4


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 Hands-On Preview - GameRevolution

149 days 5 hours ago - GR - With millions of PlayStation 4 consoles in homes around the world, it’ll be a massively multiplayer online game which gives us the first look... | Preview | PS4


GameStop Italy Offers inFAMOUS: Second Son With Glow-in-the-Dark Condoms

153 days 13 hours ago - GR - Because gamers need that one thing that'll ensure they never have sex, should they ever come close. | News | PS4


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