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PAX East Preview: The Swapper Wants To Mess With Your Mind

976 days 4 hours ago - Nestled right in the heart of the Indie Megabooth on the PAX East show floor was The Swapper, a game that easily takes the crown for the PAX game m... | Preview | PC

Sony is targeting indie developers with the pubfund

1359 days 8 hours ago - On Wednesday at GDC, Sony’s Manager of Developer Relations, Ted Regulski, hosted a panel titled “Self-publishing, PubFund and Getting Your Game on... | News | PS3


How To Market Your Indie Game Part 3: Press Releases (Armless Octopus)

1375 days 13 hours ago - In the third part of Armless Octopus' marketing series, we explain in detail precisely how to write a press release and how to establish relationsh... | Article | Industry


Fortune Summoners Video Review (Armless Octopus)

1381 days 3 hours ago - Fortune Summoners is one of those games that may conjure up some doubt at first glance. There are seemingly dozens of side-scrolling anime style ga... | Review | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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XBLIG Lacrosse developer, Crosse Studio, opens the gates to vote for the new cover

1381 days 17 hours ago - . Beginning Thursday, February 16 on their Facebook page, fans of lacrosse will have the opportunity to vote on College Lacrosse 2012′s cover art a... | News | Xbox 360


Portalesque platformer headed to XBLIG

1386 days 9 hours ago - Smudged Cat Games has released a new video demonstrating the variety of tools that you can utilize in their Portal-ish Metroidvania platformer, Gat... | Trailer | Xbox 360


Brand: A Sword Perhaps Best Left In The Stone (For Now) (Armless Octopus)

1394 days 8 hours ago - The waiting game is often a tricky one. Sometimes an extended wait can lead to having some of your wildest expectations fulfilled, and then some. O... | Review | Xbox 360


Little Racers STREET: Size Does Not Matter (Armless Octopus)

1394 days 16 hours ago - "Little Racers STREET, the 15th title from Milkstone Studios, who have made a name for themselves for their high production values and strikingly b... | Review | Xbox 360


Team2Bit (FistPuncher) Dragon Punches Their Way Onto IGN's "The Next Game Boss"

1395 days 22 hours ago - XBLIG developer Team2Bit has made the cut, and the duo of brother’s Matt and Jake Lewandowski illustrate their newest game concept in the first epi... | News | Xbox 360


Brand Making its Mark on Xbox on February 2

1396 days 21 hours ago - Brand has finally recovered from that nasty bug that delayed its release back in November, which means you’ll get a chance to slice up some mantico... | Trailer | Xbox 360


Radiangames Super Crossfire Debuts in Indie Royale New Year's Bundle

1421 days 15 hours ago - The newest pay-practically-nothing bundle features the debut of Radiangames Super Crossfire on PC. The souped-up version of the XBLIG classic is j... | News | Xbox 360


Prices Plummeting for CSTW, Soulcaster II and more on XBLIG

1421 days 15 hours ago - The new pricing rules which Microsoft announced yesterday for XBLIG have caused a flurry of developers to take note and immeditely drop the cost of... | News | Xbox 360


The best XBLIG new releases for the week of December 25th (Armless Octopus)

1423 days 8 hours ago - Christmas has come and gone, and while that may mean we have to wait another full year before we get to play more Santa sims, there is still plenty... | News | Xbox 360


Your Xbox gets just a bit more evil on January 4th when EvilQuest hits XBLIG

1430 days 3 hours ago - EvilQuest will be available on XBLIG on January 4 for $1 from Chaosoft Games, but in the meantime, you can check out its action-RPG stylings in the... | News | Xbox 360


The best XBLIG new releases for the week of December 18th (Armless Octopus)

1431 days 2 hours ago - Nothing brings out the best in indie developers like over-commercialized religious holidays, and this week’s crop doesn’t disappoint. Gamers have S... | News | Xbox 360


Dr. Karate Hurls Cars in New Fist Puncher Trailer

1432 days 1 hour ago - Doctor? Check. Badass? Check. Hurling Cars? You betcha. Dr. Karate takes to the streets in Team 8Bit's newest trainer for their XBLIG title. | News | Xbox 360


Game Type Review: Parkour Power (Armless Octopus)

1432 days 12 hours ago - Armless Ocotpus EIC, Mike Wall, reviews Mommy's Best Games' newest title "Game Type," which is a parody on the new Xbox LIVE dash experience. | Review | Xbox 360


The best new XBLIG release for the week of December 11

1436 days 10 hours ago - While many gamers are still putting 100+ hours into Skyrim, Armless Octopus has been devoting an equal amount (ok, maybe not that much) into playin... | News | Xbox 360


XBLIG app "Gamerscore Tracker" does exactly that, while giving away free games

1447 days 16 hours ago - Indie games often struggle for attention in a world filled with Skyrims and Gears of War, but Big Rook Games is looking to solve that problem by br... | News | Xbox 360


Serious Sam: The Random Encounter review - seriously scrambled

1458 days 2 hours ago - Evan Lennick of Armless Octopus reviews Serious Sam's new JRPG title, "The Random Encounter". SS:TRE offers a unique blend of genres, in particu... | Review | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

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