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Gemini: Heroes Reborn is part of a 10-year journey to creating the ultimate superhero game

40 days 10 hours ago - GamesBeat: Gemini is another crucial waypoint in Phosphor’s long and winding journey of trying to get its superhero idea -- previously known as Her... | Article | PC


The best dog of 2015: Fallout 4’s Dogmeat vs. Mad Max’s Dinki-Di vs. Metal Gear’s DD

53 days 23 hours ago - GamesBeat: Lesser creatures would run from the sight of mutated animals and giant mechanical beasts, but our hardy four-legged companions stood by... | Opinion piece | PC


Awaken the hype with 2015’s best Star Wars games

58 days 2 hours ago - GamesBeat: "A group of diverse developers, including Battlefield-creator DICE and mobile studio Kabam, released games based on the popular sci-fi f... | Opinion piece | PC


GamesBeat: In Far Cry Primal, wild animals are both your enemies and your BFFs

70 days 9 hours ago - GamesBeat: The newest Far Cry game is basically Ubisoft’s homage to the ’80s fantasy flick The Beastmaster. | Preview | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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GamesBeat: Gunjack is a harrowing shooter that shows the value of Samsung’s Gear VR

79 days 22 hours ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes : If you already have a Gear VR headset, Gunjack is the kind of game you need to show your friends and family when you... | Review | Android


How Blizzard is using Overwatch to evolve its storytelling approach

84 days 22 hours ago - GamesBeat: Unless you’ve been keeping up with Blizzard’s social media channels, piecing together Overwatch’s glossy depiction of the future is a li... | Article | PC


StarCraft II: Blizzard explains why Legacy of the Void isn’t the end of the series

90 days 18 hours ago - GamesBeat: Here’s a detailed breakdown of what Blizzard has in store for both Nova Covert Ops and future Mission Packs. | Article | PC


Hearthstone’s League of Explorers add-on is its most risky adventure yet

93 days 14 hours ago - GamesBeat: League of Explorers is such a radical departure from anything else Hearthstone has done before. Senior game designer Ben Brode said the... | Article | PC


GamesBeat: Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is a cute but ultimately dull role-playing adventure

100 days 1 hour ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: Knights of Pen and Paper 2's dual storytelling approach isn’t strong enough to sustain the lengthy adventure. By the... | Review | PC


3 game genres that are surprisingly awesome in virtual reality

130 days 1 hour ago - GamesBeat: Virtual reality games can be so much more than just shooters. | Opinion piece | PC


Oculus VR explains why Touch controllers aren’t shipping with the Rift in 2016

135 days ago - GamesBeat: The Oculus Touch motion controllers feel fantastic. They (and other wireless input devices made for virtual reality) will be a crucial p... | Interview | PC


GamesBeat | Bullet Train’s virtual reality made me feel like Neo from ‘The Matrix’

136 days 20 hours ago - GamesBeat: This is how shooters should feel in VR. | Preview | PC


Mad Max, Jurassic World, and more: Grading this summer’s movie-based games

149 days 15 hours ago - GamesBeat: Now that the summer movie season is over, it’s time to take a look at how well developers captured the stories and action scenes from th... | Opinion piece | PS4


Developers focus on VR and luxurious mustaches at Siggraph 2015

177 days 13 hours ago - GamesBeat: If you ever wanted to know just how hard it is to make great-looking hair in video games, Siggraph is the place to be. | Article | PC


GamesBeat | PlanetSide 2 offers complex, rewarding battles -- but only if you have time for it

189 days 2 hours ago - GamesBeat: If you’re patient (and a little bit of a masochist), you’ll find a unique and rewarding shooter that’s unlike anything else on PS4. | Review | PS4


GamesBeat | Beyond Eyes makes you see the world from a different (and at times scary) perspective

225 days 17 hours ago - GamesBeat: It’s weird to say that a game about a blind girl made me happy. But that’s how I felt at the end of my Beyond Eyes demo at this year’s E... | Preview | PC


GamesBeat | Dirty Bomb is a tense team-based shooter set in a boring world

243 days 5 hours ago - GamesBeat: Splash Damage has a solid shooter in here somewhere, but it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. | Review | PC


Running with nostalgia: How Disney and G.I. Joe inspired a speedy pair of platformers

294 days 20 hours ago - GamesBeat: Instead of focusing on gaming’s past, Action Henk and Harold focus on specific eras of pop culture. | Article | PC


Make history in The Force Awakens’ planet of Jakku in Star Wars Battlefront

301 days 9 hours ago - GamesBeat: The free Battlefront DLC will reveal what happened on Jakku. | Article | PC


GamesBeat | Axiom Verge’s fantastically dark world encourages obsessive exploration

316 days 6 hours ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: Thomas Happ filled his homage to Metroid with a ton of secret weapons and levels. | Review | PS4


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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