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Why international e-sports teams struggle with Call of Duty’s powerful incumbents

12 days 7 hours ago - GamesBeat: We explore the 2014 Call of Duty Championship through the eyes of its international teams. | Article | Culture


The best, weirdest, and most comforting theories about BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea ending

18 days 8 hours ago - GamesBeat: We run through some of the most plausible and fantastic theories about Burial at Sea’s controversial ending. | Opinion piece | PC


Meet the best Call of Duty team in the world

19 days 8 hours ago - GamesBeat: Complexity beat out 30 other teams to win the world championship title in Call of Duty: Ghosts. | Article | Xbox One


6 BioShock moments you need to remember before playing Burial at Sea: Episode Two

23 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat: Burial at Sea’s second episode is difficult to understand without knowing these details from BioShock’s history. | Opinion piece | PC


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Developers and fans celebrate the legacy of Final Fantasy X and X-2 for a good cause

33 days ago - GamesBeat: Printed on one of the large white walls at Gallery Nucleus are five simple words: “Together we will rebuild Spira.” In the Japanese role... | Article | Culture


GamesBeat: Luftrausers’s unfriendly skies packs a ridiculous amount of thrill and drama (review)

33 days 8 hours ago - GB: During my time as a Rauser pilot, I shot down over 10,000 enemies, including 7,500 planes and 140 battleships. I flew into the danger zone 349... | Review | PC


GamesBeat: Inazuma Eleven’s fantastic take on soccer is better than the real thing (review)

52 days 1 hour ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: I don’t like soccer. I hated playing soccer games during P.E. in high school, and I never cared for all of the frenzy... | Review | 3DS


Infamous: Second Son’s cast dishes on playing superheroes and goofing off in spandex suits

59 days 18 hours ago - GamesBeat chats with actors Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingham about their roles in Infamous: Second Son. | Interview | PS4


GamesBeat | The Order: 1886′s steampunk setting will change how you play third-person shooters

61 days 7 hours ago - GB: Developer Ready at Dawn reveals a little more info about its mysterious Victorian era shooter. | Preview | PS4


GamesBeat | Comparing Titanfall’s futuristic warriors: Pilots vs. giant robots

67 days 9 hours ago - GamesBeat: Here’s a look at the two different playstyles you’ll see in Titanfall. | Preview | PC


GamesBeat | Infamous: Second Son increases the moral burden on your superpowered shoulders

67 days 11 hours ago - GB: By making folks like Fetch change with Delsin’s character, the decision to become good or evil is no longer a selfish act. You’re responsible f... | Preview | PS4


GamesBeat: Loadout’s server troubles overshadow its addictive DIY gunplay (review)

75 days 5 hours ago - GB: When it works, Loadout hooks you in with its deep weapon-crafting system and frantic battles where everyone is trying out their own crazy creat... | Review | PC


5 reasons why you must keep your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

80 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat: The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 still have plenty of gaming left in them. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


GamesBeat | Broken Age: Act 1 tickles your brain but leaves you hungry for more

93 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat: Adventure game maestro Tim Schafer returns to his first love in Broken Age. Can it live up to fans’ high expectations? | Review | PC


GamesBeat’s 2013 Game of the Year: The Last of Us

110 days 7 hours ago - GB: We like games that make us feel sad and depressed. | Opinion piece | PS3


The best and worst video game performances of 2013

120 days 6 hours ago - GamesBeat: 2013 was an interesting year for acting in video games, with extreme highs (The Last of Us) and extreme lows (Zeno Clash II). Here are s... | Opinion piece | PC


GamesBeat | Tearaway packs charm and ingenuity into every pixelated pulp (review)

146 days 3 hours ago - GB: Tearaway’s clever use of the PlayStation Vita’s touch controls makes you feel like you can reach in and shape its paper-like world. | Review | PS Vita


Good riddance: Here are the things we won’t miss about the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3

157 days 5 hours ago - GamesBeat: It’s time to remember the not-so-great parts of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 generation. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


10 zombie games where the undead are the least of your concerns

170 days 5 hours ago - GamesBeat: Zombies will probably never go away, but at least these games are trying something different with them. | Article | PC


Super Mario 3D World devs discuss Mario’s future, going HD, and the different ways to say ‘meow’

178 days 7 hours ago - GamesBeat met with Shigeru Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Koizumi, and Kenta Motokura to talk about the newest Mario game, Super Mario 3D World. | Interview | Wii U


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