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Running with nostalgia: How Disney and G.I. Joe inspired a speedy pair of platformers

32 days 21 hours ago - GamesBeat: Instead of focusing on gaming’s past, Action Henk and Harold focus on specific eras of pop culture. | Article | PC


Make history in The Force Awakens’ planet of Jakku in Star Wars Battlefront

39 days 10 hours ago - GamesBeat: The free Battlefront DLC will reveal what happened on Jakku. | Article | PC


GamesBeat | Axiom Verge’s fantastically dark world encourages obsessive exploration

54 days 7 hours ago - GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: Thomas Happ filled his homage to Metroid with a ton of secret weapons and levels. | Review | PS4


Firewatch turns a boring wilderness job into a compelling adventure

62 days ago - GamesBeat: Fire lookouts spend most of their time alone in the woods. But how does that translate into great gameplay? | Article | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

The new Unreal Tournament is a shooter — and a teaching tool

64 days 1 hour ago - GamesBeat: Epic Games’ unusual community-driven experiment is starting to pay off. | Article | PC


Marvel Heroes 2015 creator reflects on rocky launch and the importance of community

68 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat: David Brevik has been to hell and back, but this is the first time he’s had a successful online-only game. | Article | PC


Age of Empires devs modernize the RTS genre with faster gameplay — and giant mechs

71 days 6 hours ago - BonusXP is working on Servo, a sci-fi strategy game. Half of the development team are real-time strategy vets who used to work at Ensemble Studios. | Article | PC


Unraveling the mysteries of No Man’s Sky’s 18 quintillion planets

75 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat learned a few more details about the technology behind No Man’s Sky at this year’s GDC. | Article | PC


Marvel is quietly building a shared game universe

159 days 20 hours ago - GamesBeat: Isotope-8 is more than just an in-game currency. | News | PC


USC’s game students’ 2015 projects include demonic puberty, Bob Ross-like VR, and more

160 days 3 hours ago - GamesBeat checks out 5 wildly different games from USC's game design program. | Article | PC


Stealing hearts: Creator of Kingdom Hearts reflects on 12 years of crossover hits

168 days 19 hours ago - GamesBeat: Director Tetsuya Nomura says he has more in common with Kingdom Hearts’ villains than he does with its heroes. | Article | PS3


GamesBeat: Never Alone’s technical flaws undermine its beautifully told story (review)

176 days 10 hours ago - GamesBeat: Never Alone is a fascinating experiment of using games to celebrate a little-known culture. | Review | PC


Overwatch: What 10 rounds of Blizzard’s chaotic shooter taught me

195 days 6 hours ago - GamesBeat learned a few lessons about Overwatch at BlizzCon 2014. | Opinion piece | PC


Loot Entertainment moves out of Sony’s Home to become its own game studio

202 days 9 hours ago - GamesBeat: Though it doesn’t work under the PlayStation brand, Loot Entertainment is emerging as yet another weapon in Sony’s ongoing war for indies. | Article | PS3


Creators of Alaska Native adventure want to usher in a new era of ‘world games’

214 days 17 hours ago - GamesBeat: The purpose of world games like Never Alone is to provide entertaining experiences based on the stories and values of indigenous cultures. | Article | PC


High risk, (maybe) high reward: Devs bet big on VR’s success at Oculus Connect

242 days 8 hours ago - GamesBeat: Despite the lack of a release date for the Oculus Rift, developers sounded excited about the future of virtual reality. | Article | PC


Oculus VR’s ‘Crescent Bay’ prototype shows why VR still has a long way to go

245 days 7 hours ago - GamesBeat: The new Oculus Rift prototype feels incredible, but it also underscores why VR is going to need motion controllers that provide haptic f... | Opinion piece | PC


How Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor stays true to Tolkien’s fantasy universe

249 days 9 hours ago - GamesBeat: Monolith had to get its story approved by Middle-earth Enterprises and tackled with the lesser-known nuances of Black Speech. | Article | PC


Evolving with the times: GameStop experiments with new tech to keep customers in stores

251 days 8 hours ago - GamesBeat: Beacons and mobile apps will shape the GameStop shopping experience at brick-and-mortar stores. | Article | PC


Guardians of the Galaxy, TMNT, and more: Grading this summer’s movie-based games

260 days 4 hours ago - GamesBeat: How did the heroes and villains from this summer’s movies fare on the small screen? | Opinion piece | PC


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