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Rein: PC gaming has "shot by" consoles

1673 days 21 hours ago - Epic's Mark Rein has talked up the importance of PC to the future of gaming, insisting: "We're at the stage in the life of the consoles where the P... | News | PC


Vita: Sony won't repeat PSP mistakes

1675 days 3 hours ago - Sony has pledged to right the wrongs of the PlayStation Portable with its successor, the PlayStation Vita. | News | PS Vita


Australia to become top game development territory in five years: Reed

1677 days 14 hours ago - The Australian Government's proposed research and development tax credit is the most convenient support package the Australian games industry has s... | News | Industry


When South Park Got an EA Sports Game Pulled off the Shelves

1677 days 14 hours ago - Long before golfer Tiger Woods thought it'd be a good idea to go sticking his dick in anything with a hole and a pulse, his video game franchise wa... | Article | Industry


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

Sony quietly tests PlayStation Network revamp

1678 days 7 hours ago - The latest rumour on the grape vine is that Sony are now testing a brand new design for the PlayStation Store. Reg Hardware reports that it wil... | Rumor | PS3


Sony to start production of PS4 at end of 2011, say Taiwan makers

1679 days 11 hours ago - DIGITIMES reports that Sony and Taiwan-based partners are gearing up for the production of the PlayStation 4 by the end of 2011. | Rumor | PS3


Shu and Wu Introduction Trailers

1808 days 3 hours ago - The trailers for the Wu and Shu faction from the upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 7. | Trailer | PC


Bad Company 2 Server Restart

1845 days 19 hours ago - It seems our good friends over at Dice and EA have identified the matchmaking issue. The solution will involve a server restart that will happen wi... | News | Xbox 360


Half-Life 2 Gets Graphical Update

2082 days 11 hours ago - Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 have all had numerous upgrades added to them, which includes 40 new Steam achievements and improved graphical effects. | News | PC


Creative Assembly Working on an Olympic Game

2086 days 22 hours ago - According to sources, the next project from Creative Assembly is apparently a London 2012 Olympic game. Not the first thing you think of when t... | Rumor | Industry


Crystal Dynamics on Lara Croft's New Direction

2087 days 20 hours ago - Karl Stewart recently debuted in a Joystiq interview and now Gamespot have their turn to discuss Lara Croft's digression away from the traditional... | News | Xbox 360


Square Enix Making Japanese History Tomorrow?

2089 days 10 hours ago - Square Enix has stated that it will make Japanese history tomorrow. This recent announcement comes in the form of a Yahoo! banner and is a cros... | News | Industry


Trailer for Blur's Multiplayer Modes

2089 days 11 hours ago - Feast your eyes on a trailer featuring Blur's multiplayer modes which details Team Racing and Team MotorMash. Blur is released on the PlayStatio... | Trailer | PC


Total War Devs Working on New Project

2089 days 11 hours ago - Anyone with a PC will be familiar with the intricate design of the Total War series, but the developers of the Total War series now look toward dev... | News | PC


Cancelled Call of Duty Project

2090 days 4 hours ago - Feast your eyes upon a handful of screenshots that give you a preview of a canceled Call of Duty project that was set to release on the Xbox 360 an... | News | Xbox 360


The 30 Best PSN Games

2090 days 10 hours ago - Gamepro takes a look at what they think are the top 30 PSN games right now, including the likes of Battlefiled 1943, Briad, the revolutionary and b... | News | PS3


850,000 PlayStation 3s sold in Australia

2091 days 11 hours ago - The executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today announced that the PlayStation 3 looks on track to sell 1 million consoles by the... | News | PS3


Little Big Planet and Grand Turismo in action on the PSP Go

2394 days 22 hours ago - Footage of the anticipated upcoming games LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo coming for the PSP. Footage is demonstrated on the PSP Go. | Video | 4

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