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Minor Annoyances: Press X to Skip

688 days 15 hours ago - There are hundreds of annoying little things about modern game development, Digital Noob is on a mission to harp on most of them, one annoyance at... | Opinion piece | Industry


Digital Noob Plays: Barkley, Shutup and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa….Episode 1

689 days ago - Digital Noob play a lot of indie games in the course of a year and many fail to impress. There is one that has always been in the corner of their e... | Video | PC


Insidious Gamers Podcast: I promise, we like Canadians

689 days 1 hour ago - This week the Insidious Gamer crew talks all about the Wii-U, other next gen hardware and play some awesome video game music. Enjoy! Special Gue... | Podcast | Wii U


Digitial Noob: Zombie U Video Review

697 days ago - With the Wii U's launch a few days behind us, it's time to take a look at the most "core" offering of its launch lineup; Zombie U. With zombie game... | Review | Wii U


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Pixel Lated: EHRGEIZ

705 days 7 hours ago - This week Digital Noob takes a look at the worst game to feature everyone’s favorite spiky haired emo kid, Cloud Strife. enjoy. | Video | Retro


Is GTA 5 going to suck?

709 days 2 hours ago - Digital Noob takes a look at the possibility of GTA 5 being a less than stellar game, and looks at the evidence lending that stance credibility. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


XBLIG Quick Look: Rocket Girl

711 days 6 hours ago - More detail could be given about the XBLIG game “Rocket Girl” but having any knowledge of the game before experiencing it seems like doing you a di... | Preview | Xbox 360


(THQ)Toy Headquarters: The Toys Are All Gone

712 days ago - A quick editorial about how THQ might not exist this time next year, and what that means for the industry. | Opinion piece | Industry


Time Warp Playthrough: Bushido Blade 2

714 days 7 hours ago - [In Time Warp Playthrough, the Digital Noob crew play a classic game from generations past. Please enjoy.] For this particular entry of TWP, we... | Video | Retro


Farewell To Wii: Under Appreciated Wii Gems (Video)

725 days 11 hours ago - As we prepare to say goodbye to the Wii, we’ve decided to take a moment and share some of our favorite games for the little console with the video... | Video | Wii


PC vs. Consoles: Which Has Better Value?

818 days 7 hours ago - The age old of debate of PC vs. Consoles isn’t going to end any time soon. There are fanatical fanboys on both sides of the fence. The problem is t... | Opinion piece | PC


Armless Octopus: RotoSchutzen Video Review

820 days 3 hours ago - Like shooting things? Like pushing buttons? Like piloting a flying crate with a gun? I sure hope so, because that’s pretty much what RotoSchutzen i... | Review | Xbox 360


Octo-Question: If You Could Only Play One Game, For Life, What Would It Be?

824 days 21 hours ago - If you had to play ONLY ONE game for the rest of your life, what would it be? This week, the three favorite comments will get a random bit of s... | Opinion piece | Culture


Buck Up Indie Devs!

830 days 21 hours ago - It's hard to be an independent developer in this industry. It seems like everyone likes to root for the little guy, but only specific little guys.... | Opinion piece | Industry


What’s the Ouya, and why you should/shouldn’t care [Opinion]

838 days 2 hours ago - A brief article highlighting the new Ouya, and why indie developers (and gamers) should keep their eye on it. | Opinion piece | Android


Why Nintendo Land NEEDS to be packed-in with Wii U [Opinion]

839 days 3 hours ago - We do our best to make a compelling argument why Nintendo can't afford NOT to make Nintendo Land an included title of the Wii U. | Opinion piece | Wii


Underpants Gnomes > Game Developers

846 days 5 hours ago - A quick article discussing a philosophy some game developers may want to consider. | Opinion piece | Industry


Armless Octopus Video Review: War of the Worlds (XBLA)

1087 days 8 hours ago - War never changes…except I guess it kind of does when it involves aliens with tentacled spaceships instead of boring old tanks and planes. Anyway,... | Review | Xbox 360


Armless Octopus Multi-media Review: Sega Bass Fishing

1096 days 1 hour ago - [Armless Octopus Multi-Media Review: Here at Armless Octopus we like to review games and offer the whole package. We offer a traditional written re... | Review | Xbox 360


Insidious Gamers: Comic #1

1160 days 5 hours ago - This is more of a test to see how a comic will work/be received for the website. We shall see. :-) | Image | Culture


PS4 Game Release Dates

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