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Armless Octopus Video Review: VoidExpanse

2 days 14 hours ago - A video review of the recently released PC Sandbox Space game, VoidExpanse. Please enjoy. | Review | PC


Gentleman Kitty Video Review: Call of Juarez Gunslinger

39 days 7 hours ago - A super quick video review of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Video Review: State of Decay

443 days 1 hour ago - State of Decay is a game...a game about zombies...there haven't been many of those...right? Of course the truth is, there are FAR too many zombie g... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Video Review: Knights of Pen and Paper +1

561 days 16 hours ago - A game about gathering a bunch of nerds around a table and have them all casting magic missiles at fictitious fantasy enemies? Straight ballin son.... | Review | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Armless Octopus Video Review: Game Dev Tycoon

583 days 15 hours ago - There are literally hundreds of management simulators on the market for PC but only a few about managing a video game development studio. So if tha... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus: Thirty Flights of Loving Video Review

616 days 8 hours ago - Is it possible to review a game that's only 10 minutes long? Is the game short and sweet? Or just short? You'll have to watch to see. | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Video Review: Reus

689 days 14 hours ago - Who doesn't love a good God Game? Commies, that's who! Now, do your freedom loving duty and watch the Armless Octopus Video Review of "Reus". P... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Video Review: Dungeon Hearts

727 days 19 hours ago - Armless Octopus puts yet another match three game through the wringer to see if anything decent will come out the other side. This time it's Dungeo... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Plays: Black Lake Prototype (Amnesia Fortnight)

730 days 6 hours ago - Each year Double Fine takes a short break from making their scheduled games to take unique game ideas and make them into prototypes. This period is... | Preview | PC


Violence in Video Games: Just Another Tool

730 days 13 hours ago - Armless Octopus takes a quick look at the current hot button topic of violence in video games and why it's really not as big a deal as everyone (ga... | Opinion piece | Culture


Classic Game Video Review: Radiata Stories

741 days 3 hours ago - Radiata Stories was one of my favorite offerings of the PS2 generation, and it deserve more attention than it got. I decided to pay tribute to this... | Review | PS2


Gentleman Kitty Video Review: Recettear An Item Shop's Tale

743 days 13 hours ago - Ever wonder if it's possible to write and record a review while suffering the effects of various cold medicines and anti-biotics? Let's find out sh... | Review | PC


Hidden Game Gems: Episode 1

756 days 16 hours ago - The Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 generation has produced some great games, but not all of them got the attention they deserve. Hidden Gems is a (hopefully... | Opinion piece | Wii


Armless Octopus Video Preview: Don't Starve (Beta)

760 days 1 hour ago - It's important to note that the game is still under development and likely has a number of improvements in store for future updates. That being sai... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus Video Review: Arcadecraft

768 days 16 hours ago - Let’s take a moment and pretend that it’s the 1980′s and arcades aren’t just a relic of a lost generation. Now, imagine you’re in charge of one suc... | Review | Xbox 360


Gentleman Kitty Video Review: 10,000,000

780 days 7 hours ago - There have been an influx of indie titles being released for the PC market in recent years and with all of those releases, it’s sometimes hard to s... | Review | PC


Armless Octopus: Hotline Miami Video Review

781 days 7 hours ago - Hotline Miami has received a lot of attention lately for being somewhat of an indie darling on the PC and with the game gearing up for a PSN releas... | Review | PC


The Insidious Gamer Episode 2: DRMs, Christmas List and Bioshock Infinite Box Art

861 days 22 hours ago - This week is the glorious return of Caleb Hoffman! Together they talk all about Christmas lists, the damage that DRMs do to the honest consumer and... | Podcast | Xbox 360


DigitalNoob Plays: Barkley, Shutup and Jam: Gaiden…Episode 2

862 days 14 hours ago - It’s again time to venture into Neo-New York to solve the mystery of the B-Ballers and save Hoopz in the epic opus that is, “Barkley, Shut up and J... | Video | PC


Pixel Lated: Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero

862 days 15 hours ago - The PS1 saw a lot of crappy games. Today, DigitalNoob plays Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero. Is the game as bad as the stories say? Come on, you... | Video | Retro


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at Releases.com to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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