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Remembering Oblivion – The Man Who Waited

1549 days 4 hours ago - Raiding Party's James Bowden reflects upon a personal tale of forget, shame and necromancy in this Oblivion retrospective. | Article | PC


Remembering Oblivion - The Dark Brotherhood

1557 days 1 hour ago - A reflective account of one of Oblivion's side stories, that of The Dark Brotherhood. | Article | PC


Are RPGs Becoming Less Relevant?

1559 days 15 hours ago - Raiding Party's James Bowden takes the comments of Bioware's Greg Zeschuk to heart and manages to rant and rave about it for quite a while. Eventua... | Opinion piece | Industry


BLACK Retrospective

1559 days 17 hours ago - FPSTribe takes a look at Stuart Black's, BLACK, in anticipation of Bodycount. What was it that made BLACK so entertaining? | Article | PS2


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Deus Ex Retrospective

1561 days 18 hours ago - RaidingParty takes a look back at Deus Ex and remembers just why it's still a classic RPG. | Article | PC


Gun of the Month - Doom 2's Super Shotgun

1563 days 13 hours ago - FPSTribe's monthy feature looks at Doom 2's Super Shotgun and why it's still an incredible shooting tool to this day. | Article | Retro

Made2Game's Arcana Heart 3 Review

1566 days 2 hours ago - Made2Game cast their critical eye over Zen Publishing's brave decision to import one of Japane's most Japanese fighters. Is this an import worth sa... | Review | Xbox 360


RaidingParty's take on the Golden Joystick RPG nominations.

1574 days 8 hours ago - The Golden Joysticks are special to video games as they've been going on for so long, but Raiding Party has to ask, do they know what an RPG is? | Opinion piece | Industry


Devil May Cry – More than a typical Reboot? | Made 2 Game

1620 days 15 hours ago - Is there more to the upcoming DMC 're-boot' than meets the eye? Made 2 Game takes a look at the evidence that suggests this may be a sequel to DMC... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Made 2 Game Shadows of the Damned Review

1622 days 15 hours ago - Shadows of the Damned is the second of EA’s gambles, alongside Alice, with big money being put behind an all star band of designers including Shinj... | Review | Xbox 360


Made 2 Game says why Uncharted Golden Abyss is pretty but flawed

1634 days 13 hours ago - The Playstation Vita is a brilliant piece of kit, and the games are looking gorgeous, but do titles like Uncharted Golden Abyss suffer from unneces... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Made 2 Game explais how Street Fighter III Third Strike Online will please everyone

1635 days 5 hours ago - We would be happy if Street Fighter III Third Strike Online was simply an online enabled re-release of the classic title but Capcom are filling the... | Preview | Xbox 360


Made 2 Game speaks to BloodRayne Betrayal dev: “This is our love letter to Ninja Gaiden”

1635 days 9 hours ago - BloodRayne Betrayal is a 2D re-invention of the dhampir vampire slayer by side scrolling artists WayForward. Here they discuss the game and its ins... | Preview | Xbox 360


FPSTribe gets eyes on Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 – looks… good!?

1636 days 3 hours ago - It may not have ignited the critics opinion but the original Sniper Ghost Warrior has spawned a rather impressive looking sequel that might just be... | Preview | PC


Made 2 Game First Look – Saints Row The Third

1636 days 3 hours ago - Lucha Libre, man cannons and a giant purple dildo bat. These are but three things that happened in one of the most bizarre sessions Made 2 Game has... | Opinion piece | PC


Devil May Cry combat debut fails to impress

1636 days 16 hours ago - Capcom have revealed the combat featured in their new DMC game, and Made 2 Game doesn't think it looks very good. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360

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