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Minecraft Monday (09-26-11) | That Gamer Hub

1432 days 21 hours ago - "With the Adventure update well underway and 1.8 in our hands, Notch and Jens have been working hard fixing and tweaking out new toys, as well as w... | Article | PC


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #57: The End | That Gamer Hub

1436 days 18 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: OnLive launches in another country, you can play as your favorite DC Universe character for free, Netflix does some stuff... | Podcast | PC


BGotW: AWOL | That Gamer Hub

1438 days 4 hours ago - "I am a fan of the Ludum Dare concept and the games that come out of it. I am also a fan of Quickfingers and the games that he has produced (in pri... | Article | PC


Crimson Alliance | Review (Xbox 360) | That Gamer Hub

1438 days 10 hours ago - "Crimson Alliance is a cooperative action RPG game from Certain Affinity that puts you in the middle of an epic battle against the Cult Of The Soul... | Review | Xbox 360


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Minecraft Monday (09-19-11) | That Gamer Hub

1439 days 21 hours ago - "After a good, long wait it seems 1.8, the “Adventure Update“, is finally upon us! Upon it’s release, Notch had this to say in his blog: We relea... | Article | PC


Star Fox 64 3D | Review (3DS) | That Gamer Hub

1441 days 17 hours ago - "The 3DS hasn’t gotten off to the start that everyone has wanted to. A high price, lack of quality games and core features that were not implemente... | Review | 3DS


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #56: Nascar in Space | That Gamer Hub

1443 days 11 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: Xbox Live comes to Windows 8, Dead Island ships a ton of copies, Deus Ex is plagued with ads, we gather around for some De... | Podcast | PC


Cross Border Gaming, Episode #74 | That Gamer Hub

1445 days 6 hours ago - "Wow! You’re in for quite the ride this week! Our guests this episode are none other than esteemed That Gamer Hub Staff IamradioX and Limewizard.... | Podcast | PC


The Baconing | Review (PSN) | That Gamer Hub

1445 days 6 hours ago - "Greetings, uninformed gamer! I have come to vanquish evil, assist the downtrodden, and of course, tell you all about the new addition to the Death... | Review | Xbox 360

BGotW: Reprisal | That Gamer Hub

1445 days 16 hours ago - "I came across Reprisal last week. By Electrolyte, with music by Eric Skiff, Reprisal seemingly takes it cues from games like Populous and Mega lo... | Article | PC


Chester | Review (XBL Indie Games) | That Gamer Hub

1447 days 5 hours ago - "About once every year, there is always one game that gets released that simply surprises me. You know: the type of game that sure does look intere... | Review | Xbox 360


Minecraft Monday (09-12-11) | That Gamer Hub

1447 days 12 hours ago - "This weeks Minecraft Monday was set to be focused on beta 1.8 anticipated release. Sadly, they never managed to hit their Thursday deadline (it wa... | Article | PC


Crazy Machines Elements | Review (XBLA, PSN) | That Gamer Hub

1448 days 15 hours ago - "I have very fond memories of my very first computer. Despite being born in the mid 80′s, our household didn’t have a PC to call our own until Chri... | Review | PC


Battle High: San Bruno | Review (XBLIG) | That Gamer Hub

1448 days 15 hours ago - "Battle High: San Bruno is another entrant in the now returned fighting genre, but how exactly does it fare with the increasing standards for kicki... | Review | Xbox 360


That Gamer Podcast, Episode #55: The Angry Red Bear | That Gamer Hub

1450 days 5 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: Max Payne 3 comes back from the dead, Nintendo (sort of) reveals their grand plan to fix the 3DS, A whole bunch of people... | Podcast | PC


BGotW: Steambirds | That Gamer Hub

1452 days 20 hours ago - "Steambirds, also available for iOS, Android devices and Windows Phone 7 is also, technically, a browser game and a quite good one at that. By Radi... | Article | PC


Cross Border Gaming, Episode #72: Glory Hole Fungeon | That Gamer Hub

1453 days 11 hours ago - "This week we are joined by Esteemed Senior Editor of Nintendojo.com: Noah Ward! Noah shares his experience at PAX Prime in Seattle and E*Master s... | Podcast | PC


That Gamer Podcast, Ep #54: The Misadventures of Brandon and His Blimp | That Gamer Hub

1454 days 18 hours ago - "On this week’s episode: Arkham City gets “New Game +,” Commander Shepard says goodbye, people apparently love Gears of War 3, GameStop apologizes,... | Podcast | Wii


Minecraft Monday (09-05-11) | That Gamer Hub

1455 days ago - "Since PAX finished and team Mojang headed back to their office in Sweden, Minecraft development has greatly increased – most likely due to the pos... | News | PC


SpeedRunner HD | Review (XBL Indie Games) | That Gamer Hub

1455 days 7 hours ago - "Fast-action platformers have been coming back into the gaming scene quite a bit recently with titles like Super Meat Boy. While these games are no... | Review | Xbox 360



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