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90 Minute Fever announced

80 days 13 hours ago - 90 Minute Fever, a football management MMO has been announced. 90 Minute Fever is set to be the most advanced and in-depth online football manageme... | News | PC


Behind the scenes of the Portal 2 ARG: Dejobaan Games interview (BeefJack)

1745 days 8 hours ago - BeefJack: "When we found out Dejobaan were one of the studios involved in putting together the concept behind the Potato Sack Augmented Reality Gam... | News | PC


Mortal Kombat review (

1746 days ago - BeefJack: "The best fighting game currently on the market? It has some stiff competition from Capcom, of course - but either way, Mortal Kombat is... | Review | Xbox 360


Why Sony's breach is one of confidence, not just security

1746 days 5 hours ago - BeefJack: "What would I like to have seen? A more personable voice updating me on events. An hourly Twitter feed with progress updates, perhaps. At... | Opinion piece | PSP


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Magicka: Vietnam review (BeefJack)

1747 days 6 hours ago - BeefJack: "Magicka Vietnam offers more excellent magic-wielding action in a completely new and unique setting. It’s a shame that it only adds two c... | Review | PC


Looking back... Portal retrospective (

1758 days 3 hours ago - BeefJack: "Sure, there were plenty of negative reactions to it not taking very long to finish, but as Erik Wolpaw notes himself, “without the const... | Article | PC


Portal 2 impressions: we've played it, and it's brilliant (

1760 days 4 hours ago - BeefJack: I find myself laughing at Wheatley’s desperate attempts to override GLaDOS’s reboot procedure. But, at the same time, I realise the la... | Article | PC


Why do games not treat you like you deserve? (

1760 days 7 hours ago - BeefJack: "Do you stick to good or evil when you’ve got the choice? Do you think it doesn’t matter? Or do you wish games would take you a bit more... | Opinion piece | Culture


Alice: Madness Returns hands-on preview (

1760 days 21 hours ago - BeefJack: "Landmarks and vistas cry out for your attention, oozing (sometimes it seems almost literally) with grim atmosphere, yet maintaining a di... | Preview | PC


Rare: Kinect is "a huge, rich canvas" for innovation

1761 days 7 hours ago - Long-serving developers Rare came under fire from some portions of the games industry when they signed up to take on software development duties fo... | News | Xbox 360


Interview: Valve's Chet Faliszek on Portal 2 (

1764 days 23 hours ago - BeefJack: "In less than two weeks, the world will be playing one of 2011′s most eagerly anticipated games: Valve Software’s Portal 2. It’s the s... | Interview | PC


Shogun: Total War retrospective (

1765 days 4 hours ago - BeefJack: "Shogun: Total War is my comfort game. When Devil May Cry 4 didn’t live up to my expectations, Shogun was there. When Dawn of War refused... | Article | PC


Valve on comedy in games: "It’s what we like to do and it makes us laugh"

1765 days 7 hours ago - Valve’s Chet Faliszek has been speaking to BeefJack about the company’s increasing shift towards comedy in its games. | News | PC


Valve would consider another short-form game in the future

1766 days 1 hour ago - Valve may have taken Portal’s small but perfectly formed shape and spun it into something altogether more grand, but they wouldn’t rule out doing a... | News | PC


Rift review (

1766 days 5 hours ago - BeefJack: "With its areas of extreme derivativeness contrasted with its very individual features, Rift is an unusual proposition of a MMO, but one... | Review | PC


David Cage: There’s more to interactivity than just killing people

1766 days 6 hours ago - Heavy Rain creator David Cage has bemoaned the idea that games need to be about killing stuff. | News | PS3


The 3rd Birthday review (

1767 days 3 hours ago - I want to say The 3rd Birthday is a flawed gem, but it isn’t. It’s closer to a bold but misguided philosophy than a tarnished object of worth. Ther... | Review | PSP


PopCap launches new, “edgier” games label

1768 days 1 hour ago - Casual game publishing leaders PopCap have today announced the launch of a new games label, which will release smaller and perhaps “edgier” games t... | News | PC


Into the Vortex - the small gaming conference at the centre of a big controversy (BeefJack)

1768 days 4 hours ago - BeefJack: "The Vortex Game Conference and Competition likely won’t ring any bells for a lot of gamers. But Toronto indie developers know the confer... | Article | Culture


We have nothing to fear (

1769 days 7 hours ago - BeefJack: "Could an American title really chill the blood of a seasoned European gamer? Could a macabre Russian fable pack enough punch to attract... | Opinion piece | Culture


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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