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Eurogamer: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review

1728 days 12 hours ago - Eurogamer: "Let's be honest: the clamour for improved graphical fidelity plays a big part in driving the progress of new gaming technology. Pretty... | Review | Nintendo DS


The Japan Preview: 1/2/11 Edition (MHP3 & DKC still over 100k)

1735 days 23 hours ago - VGC: "The week ending January 2, 2011, which falls mostly in 2010, marks the end of the 2010 in Japan. Software sales quieted down dramatically fro... | Rumor | PS2


Americas Weekly Chart for Week Ending 25th Dec 2010

1737 days 11 hours ago - VGC reports this week top selling hardware for the week ending Dec 25th, 2010 is as follows: Hardware: Wii 1,044,185(+15%) DS 924,050 (+2... | Rumor | PS2


Oddest Character Names in Games

1752 days 14 hours ago - Videogamer: "Game development is fuelled by weird ideas, but never are they as hilarious as when they take shape as a character name. Here are some... | Article | Culture


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Mass Effect 2 on PS3: Everything you need to know

1752 days 20 hours ago - GamesRadar: "We have seriously mixed feelings about Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3. On one hand, Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest games of this co... | Article | PS3


Videogamer: Infinity Blade Review

1753 days 4 hours ago - Videogamer: "I remember moaning about how dull Infinity Blade seemed after seeing it for the first time. Sure, it looked pretty (oh did, it look pr... | Review | iPhone

Eurogamer: Killzone 3 Hands On

1753 days 7 hours ago - Eurogamer: "When it comes to enemies in shooter sequels bigger isn't always better, but it's usually the answer everyone offers. Halo went for the... | Preview | PS3


Americas Preorders Chart, 11 December 2010 - Mario All-Stars

1753 days 8 hours ago - VGC: "One game is in its final week before launch this week, Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition (Wii). The top four games have 100,000 or more... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


Eurogamer Interview: The Conduit 2: The long road back

1753 days 8 hours ago - Eurogamer: "When High Voltage Software first showed off its self-funded FPS The Conduit back in 2008, both core game-starved Wii owners and press i... | Interview | Wii


GameSpot: Killzone 3 Updated Hands-On -- New Boss and Co-op Details

1753 days 13 hours ago - GameSpot: "There's a boss fight in Killzone 3 where you go up against something called the MAWLR. To be honest, we're not entirely sure what that a... | Preview | PS3


GameSpot: Mass Effect 2 PlayStation 3 Version Hands-On

1753 days 13 hours ago - GameSpot: "Not too long ago, the idea of anything on the PlayStation 3 bearing the Mass Effect name could be aptly described as far-fetched. After... | Preview | PS3


IGN Preview: Killzone 3 and the Fight Against a Giant Mech

1753 days 13 hours ago - IGN: "In a genre that's become disappointingly homogenous, the Killzone games have always stood a little further apart from their first-person shoo... | Preview | PS3


Eurogamer: Bodycount Preview

1753 days 15 hours ago - Eurogamer: "Bodycount approaches the FPS genre a little differently to the real world shooters we've been bombarded with of late. In fact, says gam... | Preview | PC


Videogamer: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

1754 days 2 hours ago - Videogamer: "I dream of a world where MMORPG players aren't considered cretins; where fans of the genre haven't been occupying the bottom of the ga... | Preview | PC


GameFront 2010: Best Game Stories of the Year

1754 days 4 hours ago - GameFront: "Stories in video games are historically their weakest feature, which is why 2010 was so refreshing. We got quite a few standout moments... | Article | PC


PALGN: Dead Space Ignition Review

1754 days 4 hours ago - PALGN: "When Dead Space came out of nowhere and scared the pants off everyone at PALGN, we were thrilled at the birth of a new horror franchise in... | Review | Xbox 360


Videogamer: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Review

1754 days 4 hours ago - Videogamer: "'Boing! Boing! Boing! Your boobies are still the best!' she trills, in her high-pitched sing-song voice. "Hmmm, boobie lady, you seem... | Review | Xbox 360


80 games of 2010: SPOILED

1754 days 12 hours ago - GamesRadar: "Let's face it: You'll probably never actually get around to playing most of the games you wanted to play this year. And if you do mana... | Video | PC


411mania: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Review

1754 days 15 hours ago - 411mania: "Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom has an interesting premise. Flip the roles found in Ico, making your character weak while the AI is a hul... | Review | Xbox 360


IGN Preview: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 DLC Kills Your Heroes

1754 days 15 hours ago - IGN: "Today, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 -- Endor hit the digital storefront, enabling you so that you to live through an alternate version of... | Preview | Xbox 360


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