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Nintendo Power Reveals Sonic Chronicles, BioWare's Hedgehog RPG

2952 days 23 hours ago - On NeoGaf, The latest issue of Nintendo Power features a cover story and feature on BioWare's role playing game for the Nintendo DS that stars Sega... | News | 5


Gametrailers: CES 2008: PSP Interview

2953 days 6 hours ago - Gametrailers Interviews John Koller, Sr. Marketing Manager, and talks about why he is excited about the PSP such as upcoming games, it's download c... | Video | 4


SCEA to continue focus on 40GB and 80GB PS3

2953 days 6 hours ago -, reported that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan plans to discontinue the 20GB and 60GB models, which will leave the focus only on the 40GB... | News | 1


Microsoft Tells To Fire Journalist

2953 days 22 hours ago - Ripten reports it asked, editor-in-chief, Jonny DeViney, to drop writer Ben Paddon's from the site. It follows a 6 month comedy o... | Rumor | 2, 13


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Toshiba Shows Prototype TV Running on PS3 Cell Chip

2953 days 23 hours ago - PC World asks what happens when you take the powerful Cell microprocessor, the chip that sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3 games console, and... | News | 14


Paramount Delays 'Into the Wild,' 'Things We Lost in the Fire' HD DVDs

2954 days 7 hours ago - HighDefDigest is reporting, Paramount has announced a street date delay for its HD DVD releases of 'Into the Wild' and 'Things We Lost in the Fire,... | News | 13


NEC has their own 2880x900 curved gaming display

2954 days 21 hours ago - Engadget reports, while CES is busy buzzing about Alienware's gorgeous curved DLP display (including us), NEC is quietly showing off its CRVD-42DWX... | News | 14


Soul Calibur IV - CES 2008 Trailer (Vader & Yoda's Trailer)

2955 days 3 hours ago - Gametrailers presents, Soul Calibur IV - CES Trailer: | Video | 1, 2


The Digital Bits: Paramount and Universal are going Blu

2955 days 7 hours ago - Formatwarcentral reports, Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits states that "Paramount and Universal are going Blu, but sorting out all the legal deta... | Rumor | 13


BD+ has not been compromised, yet

2955 days 7 hours ago - According to Engagdet, that despite SlySoft announcing that BD+ was compromised, and promising an update to its AnyDVD HD software, -- which enable... | News | 13,14


HBO Confirms Switch to Blu-ray Exclusivity

2955 days 8 hours ago - Highdefdigest reports, HBO Home Video has fallen in line with parent Warner, confirming that it too will drop HD DVD support in favor of Blu-ray.... | News | 14


Eyes-on with Samsung's 31-inch and 14-inch OLED TVs -- take that Sony

2955 days 10 hours ago - Engadget reports, Samsung comes into CES with a pair of Sony trumping TVs. Their 31-inch and 14-inch OLEDs easily best Sony's 27-inch prototype and... | News | 14


Worldwide Chartz for Week Ending Jan 5th, 2008 (Not including Japan yet)

2956 days 6 hours ago - VGChartz reports, the total hardware sales in the American and European/Other regions are as follows: Total: (Not Including Japan) DS: 50... | News | 1,2,3,4,5,9,13


Nintendo still tops European charts

2956 days 7 hours ago - Game Industry reports, according to the data from Media-Control GfK, Nintendo ended 2007 on a high across mainland Europe, with DS titles topping t... | News | 1,3,5,9,12,13


Rumor/Speculation from CES Show floor: Paramount might have 2 Escape Clauses?

2956 days 8 hours ago - According to a poster on NeoGaf, who has associates in the CE business who are in Vegas right now for CES show. They indicate their may be another... | Rumor | 13


Mitsubishi's 65-inch laser TV prototype spotted

2956 days 21 hours ago - Engadget is reporting Mitsubishi's is set to unveil the new laser TV. There's pretty much exactly zero info on how this thing works yet -- or eve... | News | 14


Video: Alienware's curved display caters to gamers

2957 days 21 hours ago - Engadget reports that Alienware was showcasing a swank new curved display here at CES, and apparently, the DLP RPTV is a must-have for gamers.The D... | News | 14


Video: Sony's 27-inch OLED leave jaws open

2958 days ago - Engadget reports Sony is showing a 27-inch OLED at CES that's about as thick as two credit cards stacked together? Sony's already offering up... | News | 14


Paramount 'has reserved the right to switch its backing to Blu-ray'

2958 days 6 hours ago - Financial Times Reports, that it is understood that Paramount has the ability to reserve the right to switch its backing to Blu-ray. Paramount... | News | 13,14


Sharp @ CES 2008 launches 32-inch LC-32GP3U LCD at gamers

2958 days 7 hours ago - Engadget is reporting, sharp today at CES, announced in a press conference, gamers are clearly in Sharp's sights for 2008 as an area of corporate g... | News | 13


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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