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PS Gang Review - Thief 4

425 days 9 hours ago - PS Gang writes - Reviving an old and successful franchise in the current gen is always going to be difficult. When it comes to a series such as Thi... | Review | PS4


Nvidia Launching Battlebox Rigs in Mumbai India

425 days 20 hours ago - Nvidia has planned to launch its newest gaming device at Korum Mall, Mumbai. Team Geforce with their partners, are bringing the customized gaming d... | News | PC


Guide: How you can pause downloads on PS4

537 days 23 hours ago - Youtube User Hackastic has made this handy guide which shows you how you can workaround the inability to pause downloads on the device and we’ve te... | Video | PS4


5 Major Issues Sony Must Fix on the PS4

543 days 13 hours ago - PlayStation Gang tells you five things Sony should fix on the console via a new firmware update and fix them quickly before it becomes a major issue. | Opinion piece | PS4


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Why You Should Buy PS4 This Year

546 days 13 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 has been making a lot of noise since its release last November. PlayStation Gang tells you why it matters and why you should buy... | Opinion piece | PS4


Top Five Gaming Characters of 2013

562 days ago - PS Gang write - 2013 year has been generous to us PlayStation gamers by giving us a brand new collection of gaming characters which are not only di... | Opinion piece | PC


“90% of initial stock to be sold in first week” – Mr.Bose on PS4 India Launch

566 days 5 hours ago - PlayStation Gang was present during the PS4 India launch event, which took place earlier today. The event saw the announcement of both the release... | News | PS4


5 PS4 games We Want Sony to Announce

569 days 12 hours ago - PS Gang writes - We all know Sony have the best first party exclusives, no doubt. When it comes down to choosing which side have the best developer... | Opinion piece | PS4


Uncharted Trailer Secrets Revealed – Analysis

598 days 19 hours ago - PS Gang writes - Naughty Dog has a history of filling it’s Uncharted reveal trailers with tidbits and clues as to what the next game in the franchi... | Article | PS4


Here’s How Playroom Looks Like on the PS4

599 days 5 hours ago - PS Gang writes - Sony's next-gen console has arrived and things are looking really exciting for gamers. Today, we've this exclusive video made by P... | Video | PS4


PS4 Review – Killzone: Shadow Fall | PS Gang

599 days 11 hours ago - PS Gang writes - Killzone: Shadow Fall is by far the poster boy as far as PS4 launch titles are concerned and it’s only fair that we review it first. | Review | PS4


PS3 Vs PS4 – Comparison and Infographic

611 days 10 hours ago - PS Gang writes - In this post we’re going to give you a detailed run down on all the stuff that is different, and then convert it into stuff the ev... | News | PS3


Battlefield 4 Vs Call of Duty: Ghosts – Comparison

613 days 9 hours ago - EA’s Battlefield 4 is getting a lot of rave reviews and what better way to celebrate its launch than doing a screenshot comparison. | Screenshot | PS3


PS4/Xbox One - Deep Down Vs Ryse: Son of Rome Comparison

666 days 9 hours ago - PlayStation Gang brings you the first of the many comparisons we’ll be doing between exclusive games available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. | Screenshot | PS4


6 Upcoming PS3 Games You Can’t Miss

674 days 17 hours ago - Compiled here is a list of 6 upcoming PS3 games that hold such a promise and the ones that you should not miss when they come out on the stands. Le... | Opinion piece | PS3


PS4 pre-order numbers revealed

686 days 11 hours ago - Sony during its gamescom presser has announced a host of new PS4 details including its release date. What came as a surprise was the fact that it a... | News | PS4


Best PS3 FPS Titles You Should Play

692 days 6 hours ago - First person shooter as a genre has seen the survival of many games that have proved to be a mainstay in our consoles. | Opinion piece | PS3


GT 5 Vs GT 6 – Gameplay Comparison Video

770 days 7 hours ago - Here is comparison video pitting the recently announced Gran Turismo 6 against its predecessor Gran Turismo 5. The video features raw gameplay foot... | Video | PS3


Unreal Engine 4 Side by Side - PS4 Vs PC Comparison

828 days 20 hours ago - Epic Games showed off a real-time demo of its new Unreal Engine 4 running on the PlayStation 4; a longer version of the same demo which they showed... | Video | PC


GTA IV Vs GTA V – Comparison Video

891 days 6 hours ago - We’ve compiled a comparison video of Grand Theft Auto IV and Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. We’ve taken some assets released by the develo... | Video | Xbox 360


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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