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Nintendonitis named as biggest health concern this Christmas

226 days 1 hour ago - SCIENTISTS have warned parents their kids may end up with festive injuries if they don’t follow safety guidelines and take breaks from gaming on Ni... | News | Nintendo DS


TellTale Reveal Clementine Figurine

292 days 1 hour ago - TellTale are joining forces with McFarlane Toys to bring this Clementine figure | News | Culture


A little video gaming 'linked to well-adjusted children'

361 days 8 hours ago - Playing video games for a short period each day could have a small but positive impact on child development, a study by Oxford University suggests. | Article | Culture


Sacred 3 Review | The Average Gamer

365 days 1 hour ago - The Average Gamer's Custard Trout gets hands on with Sacred 3: "Having played Sacred 1, 2 and Sacred Citadel I was pretty interested to see wher... | Review | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Man Uses Video Game Gun to Stop Home Robbery

393 days 4 hours ago - A man has used a light gun to prevent a home robbery | News | Culture


List of Banned Dark Souls II Names Makes for Interesting Reading

455 days 1 hour ago - Here's a list of banned Dark Souls 2 names, some are amazing. | News | PC


Twitch is now a games retailer, is selling Nuclear Throne

471 days 5 hours ago - Twitch is now selling a game, making it a games retailer | News | Industry


Square Enix: "I think DRM will be essential for the foreseeable future”

472 days 11 hours ago - Square Enix have stated that DRM [Digital Rights Management] won't be going anywhere, simply because it maximises profits. | News | PC


5-year-old Ocean Beach boy exposes Microsoft Xbox vulnerability

484 days ago - A five-year-old boy who worked out a security vulnerability on Microsoft's Xbox Live service has been officially thanked by the company. | News | Xbox 360


Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online

581 days 16 hours ago - We've always been able to play retro games online, but now they're available through the internet archive. | News | Retro


Official Russian PS4 distributor holding back stock to sell at higher rate

585 days 4 hours ago - It looks like the official Russian distributor of the PlayStation 4 is holding the stock back to sell them at an inflated price | Rumor | PS4


Battlefield 4 gets 600MB update, removes EMP blur & should “fix large amount” of crashes

598 days ago - A new update from DICE has been rolled out, fixes a bunch of crashes and EMP blur | News | PC


Walking Dead Season 2 listed for December 17

603 days 6 hours ago - The Walking Dead Season 2 will launch on December 17, according to steam. | News | PC


No Fallout 4 at VGX, Bethesda confirms

603 days 17 hours ago - Sorry folks, looks like we won't see Fallout 4 anytime soon. | News | PC


Nottingham teenager furious after paying £450 for a photo of an XBox One on eBay

604 days ago - A teenager in Nottingham has spent £450 on a (faded) picture of a Xbox One | News | Xbox One


iOS game uses Mass Effect art work, isn’t affiliated with BioWare

605 days 2 hours ago - An iOS game has launched that is using artwork from BioWare game Mass Effect, but isn't affiliated with either the developer or publisher. | News | iPhone


Titanfall to have beta – rumour

606 days 1 hour ago - More evidence has surfaced that Titanfall will have a beta | Rumor | PC


Sony "very confident" they'll reach 5 million PS4s sold by late March 2014

607 days 2 hours ago - Sony's Andrew House believes that they'll sell 5 million PlayStation 4s by March, Pixel Enemy reports. | News | PS4


How video games are turning your children into homosexuals

607 days 2 hours ago - Disclaimer: This is NOT my work, and I'm in no way affiliated with the website. I stumbled across this comedy gold and thought I'd share it. "I... | Opinion piece | Culture


PS4 EU launch turns into chaos at select locations

610 days ago - The PS4 launched in Europe today, not all places took advantage of a queueing system... | News | PS4


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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