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Strike Fighters 2 October 2011 Update

1575 days 4 hours ago - Third Wire has released the latest monthly patch for their flight combat and simulation title Strike Fighters 2. The update brings a list of fixes... | News | PC


Bunch of Heroes Update Adds Survival Mode, Teases Upcoming Halloween DLC

1575 days 4 hours ago - NGD Studios has released a rather exciting update for their action title Bunch of Heroes. Right now there’s a new survival mode to be had for both... | News | PC


FIFA Manager 12 Demo

1575 days 4 hours ago - EA has released a demo of the latest in their soccer management simulation series, FIFA Manager 12. It’s a big ‘un, weighing in at 1.32 GB. The... | News | PC


Aion Online 2.7 Now Live, Adds New PvP Arena

1575 days 4 hours ago - MMORPG Aion Online has received a new content update, available now automatically for subs to download. Surely the highlight of the patch is the ne... | News | PC


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

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L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Steam Pre-Order Offers 10% Discount and Free GTA3

1575 days 4 hours ago - A pre-order page for Rockstar’s L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition has appeared on Steam, offering a 10% discount and a copy of Grand Theft Auto III... | News | PC


The Binding of Issac Update Adds More Alt Bosses

1579 days 15 hours ago - Edmund McMillen’s freshly-released roguelike The Binding of Isaac is out now on Steam and has received its first update | News | PC


War of the Worlds Arrives on XBLA October 26, PC/PSN “Soon”

1579 days 20 hours ago - GamingDead: "At PAX Prime this past August we were able to demo a slew of interesting in-development digital games on display at the Xbox Live Arca... | Preview | PC


Rise of the Immortals Gets Halloween Update

1579 days 20 hours ago - Petroglyph Games’ free to play MOBA title Rise of the Immortals has released a Halloween-themed and content-packed update celebrating the incoming... | News | PC


This Week’s Releases: October 17-21

1579 days 20 hours ago - Let’s take a look at the releases for the week of October 17th, many of which will be hitting on Tuesday, October 18th for your reference. Many goo... | News | Nintendo DS


Solium Infernum Free Mini-Expansion Rectification Announced

1597 days 1 hour ago - Cryptic Comet has announced new content for their literally hellish turn-based strategy title Solium Infernum. The in the works mini-expansion will... | News | PC


DIYGamer Hands-On: Miegakure [PAX Prime 2011]

1597 days 21 hours ago - Ken Ellis writes: "Showing in a small corner of the PAX show floor at the Spy Party booth for a single hour was the latest playable build of Miegak... | News | PC


DIYGamer Hands-On: Fez [PAX Prime 2011]

1597 days 21 hours ago - Ken Ellis writes: "A 2-dimensional game in a 3-dimensional world. Did I dimension this game is awesome? Fez was at this year’s PAX and we were a... | News | PC


A Valley Without Wind: New Character Models, Time Period Details, and 17 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

1644 days 15 hours ago - Arcen Games is wholly excited to announce new updates for their procedurally-generated exploration and survival game A Valley Without Wind. A ton o... | News | PC


Mobigame’s Edge Extended Hitting App Store This Summer

1690 days 5 hours ago - DIYGamer: "(Good) news coming out from developer Mobigame this week, as they’ve revealed their latest game Edge Extended. The title will be landing... | News | iPhone


5 for $5 Bundle Adds Star-Twine, Sale Now Ends July 3

1690 days 13 hours ago - DIYGamer: "The BuyGamesNotSocks 5 for $5 bundle has went ahead and extended its sale through Sunday, upping the ante in the process with a sixth ga... | News | PC


Free Education: The Cat and the Coup Arrives on Steam at No Cost

1702 days 18 hours ago - DIYGamer: "In the midst of John being knee deep in sharing what he saw at this year’s E3 Indiecade Showcase, a ghost from Indiecade past makes its... | News | PC


Get ‘King of Frogs’ Free on iOS While You Can!

1702 days 18 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Playlithium’s intriguing puzzle title, King of Frogs, is available for free until Saturday, June 18th (from thereon out, it will be $0.9... | News | iPhone


Triolith’s ‘Wisp: Eira’s Tale’ Whisked onto iOS

1702 days 18 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Swedish indie devs Triolith Entertainment have brought their acclaimed formerly Android-exclusive title, Wisp, onto the iOS. In fact, th... | News | iPhone


New Gameplay Video Showcases Quality for Upcoming ‘Planck’

1702 days 18 hours ago - DIYGamer: "Shadegrown Games’ upcoming music game/shooter, Planck, seems to be on its own level. The Washington-based developer has revealed a new g... | News | iPhone

Hothead Games Contaminate the App Store with ‘Cell Bound’

1702 days 18 hours ago - DIYGamer: "There’s just something about Cell Bound that really made me want to play it from the get-go. It’s probably the incredibly simple but rid... | News | iPhone


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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