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Bloodmasque Review | GamerHub TV

502 days ago - In the year 1890, vampires are ravaging the streets of Paris. These hideous monsters are disguised under a human masque. Using their familiar appea... | Review | iPhone


WWE 2K14 Phenom Edition Announced

502 days 4 hours ago - The WWE game series is no stranger to special editions. Last year, WWE 2K13 featured a special Austin 3:16 Edition. The special edition featured ex... | News | Xbox 360


Do Not Fall | GamerHub TV Review

508 days 13 hours ago - Do Not Fall attempts to walk the fine line between games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults and it fails. | Review | PS3


Doodle Jump For Kinect | GamerHub TV Review

508 days 23 hours ago - The latest app to make the cross over is Doodle Jump for Kinect. Will this game have the same cross over appeal as other successful apps? | Review | Xbox 360


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Contra: Evolution | GamerHub TV Review

509 days 9 hours ago - Contra is being introduced to a whole new generation with Contra: Evolution available now on mobile platforms. Will this game truly show the evolut... | Review | iPhone


Ghost Train! | GamerHub TV Review

509 days 10 hours ago - This is one game that does not deserve an exclamation point, as it is a boring and mind draining experience. Find out why in our review. | Review | iPhone


Wheel of Fortune: Cubed | GamerHub TV Review

509 days 10 hours ago - Sony Pictures Television launches a reimagining of the classic game show. Wheel of Fortune: Cubed is a unique puzzle game that puts a new spin on t... | Review | iPhone


Tiny Thief | GamerHub TV Review

509 days 10 hours ago - Game publisher Rovio is known for the giant Angry Birds franchise. Angry Birds single handily changed the popularity of mobile games. The success o... | Review | iPhone


Colin McRae Rally | GamerHub TV Review

509 days 10 hours ago - 15 years later, the original Colin McRae Rally has been updated and re-released as a mobile game. Will this reimagining continue the success of the... | Review | iPhone


Deus Ex The Fall | GamerHub TV Review

513 days 9 hours ago - There are few franchises out there that are as revered and respected as the Deus Ex series. The game lay dormant for many years until the release o... | Review | iPhone


R.I.P.D. The Game | GamerHub TV Review

518 days 14 hours ago - The summer of movie tie-ins continues on GamerHub TV. Before you let out a frustrating grown caused by the disappointment of past movie tie-ins and... | Review | PC


Hands On With WWE 2K14 From 2K Sports | GamerHub TV Preview

520 days 15 hours ago - Select wrestling fans, who also moonlight as journalists, from around the world were selected by 2K Sports and invited to New York for a surprise r... | Preview | Wii


Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game | GamerHub TV Review

526 days 2 hours ago - We have all had that feeling. The feeling of leaving a movie theater completely energized from a summer blockbuster. While trying to plan the seque... | Review | iPhone


Pacific Rim: The Video Game | GamerHub TV Review

526 days 16 hours ago - In today’s profit based society, you can not have a summer blockbuster movie without having a game that ties into the experience. While video games... | Review | PC


Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage | GamerHub TV Review

527 days 19 hours ago - What do you do when you have conquered the mobile market and entered the consciousness of popular culture? Do you focus on more games featuring bir... | Review | iPhone


Puzzle Pirates | GamerHub TV Review

527 days 19 hours ago - With a game title like Puzzle Pirates, you would expect a game filled with fun and challenging puzzles with a unique pirate feel. While SEGA does n... | Review | PC


Where's My Mickey | GamerHub TV Review

527 days 20 hours ago - Along with the Endless Runner, the “where’s my water” genre is becoming more and more popular on mobile platforms. The genre may still be relativel... | Review | iPhone


Hoppetee | GamerHub TV Review

527 days 20 hours ago - The Endless Runner genre is quickly becoming one of the most popular mobile genres in the App Store. The genre has paid homage to Indiana Jones and... | Review | iPhone


The Walking Dead: 400 Days | GamerHub TV Review

535 days ago - The original five episodes of the Walking Dead Season One are mind blowing. The episodes are able to evoke the sprit of Robert Kirkman’s comic book... | Review | PC


Skyrim Legendary Edition | GamerHub TV Review

559 days ago - Skyrim was one of the highest rated games of 2011 and made many top ten and game of the year lists. The game has won numerous awards and is held in... | Review | PC


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