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Games Out in the UK this Week, Starring Payday 2

716 days 19 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Robbers, talking ducks, Pokemon and grand strategy all make an appearance in this packed release week. We countdown ever... | News | PC


Where's Best to Buy Saints Row IV?

734 days 2 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Saints Row IV only has two different editions available at launch, but that doesn't mean snapping up the open-world sequel f... | Opinion piece | PC


GamerZines | Payday 2 Hands-On Preview - 'Pappa Gotta Get Paid'

735 days 14 hours ago - GamerZines writes: It isn’t success which defines memorable moments in co-op experiences, it’s actually near failure. Think about it. That time... | Preview | PC


RIFT's Free-to-Play Success "Far Exceeded" Trion Worlds' Expectations

736 days 8 hours ago - GamerZines writes: The number of players which joined RIFT after the MMORPG went free-to-play earlier this month “far exceeded” Trion Worlds’ ex... | News | PC


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

GamerZines: F1 2013 Interview | 'Talking Torque' with Paul Jeal

742 days 4 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Massive 3500 word interview with F1 2013's game director Paul Jeal. Topics up for discussion range from the importance of his... | Interview | PC


ArenaNet Would "Love" to Add Faction and Nightfall Continents to Guild Wars 2

755 days 10 hours ago - GamerZines writes: The lead content designer of Guild Wars 2 Mike Zadorojny has told us that he wouldn’t “rule out” the cherished continents of... | News | PC


ArenaNet Targeting Free Fortnightly Updates for Guild Wars 2

764 days 19 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Today marks the launch of the ‘Sky Pirates of Tyria‘ update for Guild Wars 2, a bulky piece of content which adds new story e... | News | PC


Games Out in the UK this Week, Starring Company of Heroes 2

765 days 15 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Another summer week, another dead release windo…whoa hang on a minute. There’s actually lots of new games heading to retail... | News | PC


Good Old Game's Longest Day Sale is Bonkers - 100+ Games at 75% Off

768 days 7 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Traditionally Good Old Games have been known for offering classic games without any restrictive DRM, but today that changes.... | News | PC


ZeniMax: "The Elder Scrolls Online is More RPG than MMO"

769 days 13 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Ambition is a word that sums up ZeniMax Online Studios rather well. Not content with producing an experience which will inevi... | News | PC


Where's Best to Buy Company of Heroes 2?

770 days 10 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Seeing as there’s less than seven days until Relic Entertainment’s RTS sequel Company of Heroes 2 finally appears on PC, we... | Opinion piece | PC


ShootMania Storm Half Price Today via uPlay

777 days 10 hours ago - GamerZines writes: As part of Ubisoft’s ongoing E3 sale, Nadeo’s celebrated multiplayer-only release ShootMania: Storm is available for only £7.... | News | PC


Dead Rising 3 Still Has "Silly Stuff" Says Capcom

780 days 3 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Dead Rising 3 has been announced as an Xbox One exclusive during Microsoft’s big E3 press conference, but footage of the sequ... | News | Xbox One


Redesigned Xbox 360 Looks Exactly Like Xbox One

780 days 4 hours ago - GamerZines writes: One of the many, many, many new announcements at Microsoft’s E3 press conference was of a newly designed Xbox 360 which will... | News | Xbox 360


GamerZines | Guild Wars 2 - Dragon Bash Festival Preview

780 days 8 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Tomorrow the Dragon Bash festival comes to Guild Wars 2 for the very first time, and ArenaNet was kind enough to give us a sn... | Preview | PC


Games Out in the UK this Week, Starring Animal Crossing: New Leaf

780 days 10 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: At a time when 99.9% of all the gaming’s world attention focuses intently on the LA Convention Centre for the annual E3 conf... | News | PC


XBONED: The Troubling Truth Behind Xbox One Game Ownership

783 days 7 hours ago - GamerZines writes: After weeks of stalling and confusion, last night Microsoft finally unveiled their used game and digital rights management(DR... | Article | Xbox One


Where's Best to Buy The Last of Us?

784 days 9 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: Now that the review embargo has passed and the whole internet can officially tell everyone else that Naughty Dog's The Last... | Opinion piece | PS3


GamerZines | Pool Nation Review: 'Just Breaking Balls'

785 days 8 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Overall Pool Nation sells the fantasy of the age old cue and ball sport better than any other experience we’ve had the pleasu... | Review | Xbox 360


Games Out This Week, Starring Remember Me

787 days 9 hours ago - PreOrder-IQ writes: And so the slow summer crawl of new releases continues. Remember Me is literally the only genuine new release heading to the... | News | PC


Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post
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