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Crytek aiming for Crysis 3 to be 'the best-looking game ever made'

975 days 21 hours ago - Crytek aims to create “the best-looking game that’s ever been made” with Crysis 3, a goal the studio believes it’s “well on the way” to achieving. | News | PC


APB Reloaded Gets "Major Game Update"

979 days 12 hours ago - GamerZines writes: If you’re one of the players still embroiled in the battle between Criminals and Enforcers on the streets of San Paro you’ll... | News | PC


Warren Spector had three Deus Ex games 'planned out'

983 days ago - Warren Spector had planned a “three-game story arc” for Deus Ex before he’d even started working on the first one, he’s revealed. | News | PC


GAME's collapse 'hurt' Syndicate sales, says Starbreeze

984 days ago - Despite being one of the few EA titles to be stocked by GAME in recent months, Starbreeze has suggested that the retailer’s collapse contributed to... | News | Xbox 360


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Molyneux hopes to release first 22Cans game by the end of the year

989 days ago - Peter Molyneux hopes to release the first game developed by his recently-formed startup indie studio 22Cans by the end of the year. | News | PC


Major Sonic reboot coming in 2014?

993 days 20 hours ago - SEGA may be planning on launching a major overhaul of its Sonic The Hedgehog series in 2014. | Rumor | Xbox 360


'Games Belong to Fans As Well,' says Demonicon Dev

994 days 3 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Artistic integrity isn't applicable to game design due to the medium's interactive nature, at least that's what two developer... | News | PC


Play Star Wars: The Old Republic for Free this Easter

994 days 5 hours ago - GamerZines writes: EA and BioWare are aggressively searching for more potential players to sample the popular MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, w... | News | PC


Microsoft launches Xbox Live Easter Sale

995 days 1 hour ago - Microsoft has launched an Easter Sale on Xbox Live Marketplace, knocking 50% off an assortment of Arcade titles and DLC for Gears of War 3, Halo: R... | News | Xbox 360


Ridge Racer Unbounded: How to drift and five other top tips

998 days ago - Namco’s latest entry into its classic Ridge Racer franchise has divided opinion more than any other racer in recent years – and with good reason. A... | Article | PC


GamerZines | Playing With Payne: A Look at Multiplayer in Max Payne 3

1000 days 21 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Whenever a singleplayer only franchise gets a dollop of competitive multiplayer, gamers shout to the heavens demanding to kno... | Preview | PC


Rayman Origins Now on PC

1000 days 23 hours ago - GamerZines writes: After a lengthy porting process, Rayman Origins has finally been made available for PC via Steam and Ubisoft’s own digital st... | News | PC


LucasArts developing a next-gen FPS?

1003 days 14 hours ago - A job ad posted online yesterday has suggested that LucasArts could be developing a first-person shooter for next-generation consoles. | Rumor | Next-Gen


GamerZines | Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai Review

1003 days 22 hours ago - GamerZines writes: Despite being a standalone expansion to the already acclaimed Shogun 2, Fall of the Samurai is far from being another safe ch... | Review | PC


Xbox Live server outage hits Microsoft's network, affects 'all games'

1004 days 23 hours ago - An alleged server outage on Microsoft’s Xbox Live service is stopping players from connecting to the online network. | News | Xbox 360


Namco Bandai teasing secret title

1005 days ago - Namco Bandai is teasing a new title on its Japanese website. | News | PC


Rebellion: GAME's death creates a 'good opportunity' for independents

1007 days 7 hours ago - Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley has said that he believes GAME’s demise has created “a good opportunity for the true independent game shops to come... | News | Industry


Metacritic is 'potentially dangerous for the games industry', says Rebellion

1007 days 11 hours ago - Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley has voiced his concerns over the use of Metacritic as a yardstick for a game’s quality, saying that “there are a lot... | News | Culture


Mass Effect 3: Double XP Weekend Announced

1007 days 15 hours ago - GamerZines writes: EA and BioWare continue to push the online co-op mode in their trilogy-ending sequel. | News | PC


Ubisoft Montreal hiring for an 'unannounced IP'

1007 days 16 hours ago - Ubisoft Montreal is developing an “unannounced IP”, according to a tweet published the studio yesterday. | News | PC


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