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Review: Fantasia: Music Evolved - Video Game Writers

478 days 13 hours ago - VGW takes a look at Fantasia: Music Evolved to see just how expressive music can be. Fantasia: Music Evolved prides itself as being one of the m... | Review | Xbox 360


Review: The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 - Episode 1 - Video Game Writers

768 days 11 hours ago - Has Telltale matched the success of the first game, or have they floundered under the bar set by the original. VGW's Craig takes a look. | Review | PC


Exploring The Music Of Rocksmith 2014

852 days ago - Music makes a rhythm game, so how how does Rocksmith 2014's set list compare? VGW staff writer Craig takes a look. | Article | PC


Monochroma: A bright light in an otherwise dark society (VGW)

905 days 21 hours ago - Hoping to crowdsource additional funding for their first game, VGW interviews Nowhere Studios on their new game, the team and their thoughts on the... | Interview | PC


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