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The Gaming Effect Podcast 5

1107 days ago - This week The Gaming Effect crew tackles PETA, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, the PS Vita, and more!!! Join Peter Thomas and Andrew Reid fo... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


The Gaming Effect Review: Super Mario 3D Land

1113 days 22 hours ago - An excerpt: "Super Mario 3D Land is the first game to truly show off the 3DS’s capabilities. Despite the semi-awkward and misinforming title, Supe... | Review | 3DS


The Gaming Effect Review- Skylander's: Spyro's Adventure

1140 days 16 hours ago - An excerpt: "Do not let the cute nature and the toys fool you! Skylanders is an innovative title boasting some strong RPG qualities that can only... | Review | PC


TGE Review- Deus Ex: Human Revolution

1180 days 11 hours ago - Staff Writer Andrew Reid reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution. An excerpt: This is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third game in the Deus Ex cyberpunk... | Review | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

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Quality or Quantity: Opposing Views of What to Look For in Games

1182 days 8 hours ago - Writer Blake Gross analyses the amount of quality versus the amount of quantity in making decisions in buying game through the idea of people buyin... | Opinion piece | Culture


TGE Editorial: Playstation Vita Continues to Impress

1192 days 15 hours ago - Staff writer Peter Thomas analyzes the current state of the Vita and makes predictions about how it will do in the long run, as well as show how th... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


TGE Review- Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters

1205 days 14 hours ago - An excerpt: Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters, from the opening cutscene that narrates a piece of folklore about a witch that curses those foolish... | Review | PC


Nintendo: Are They Fallen Stars?

1206 days ago - A The Gaming Effect writer explores the current state of Nintendo and how they are going to advance in the industry. Many believe Nintendo is curr... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


To Close For Comfort: How iPod “Clones” Affect Game Development

1229 days 21 hours ago - Writer Joe Farrell examines the affect of indie game cloning in the iOS market and discusses the implications this kind of thing can have on the in... | Opinion piece | PC


Sony vs. Nintendo: How PR can Mean Everything to Consumers

1231 days 14 hours ago - Peter Thomas analyzes the effects of the PR make-up over the PSN hacking and outage in comparison to Nintendo's response to 3DS owners once they an... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Gaming Effect Staff Editorial: The Dust Has Settled- Who Won E3?

1295 days 15 hours ago - The Gaming Effect Team each weights in on their own opinions on who won this years E3 conference. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Gaming Effect E3 Live Stream and Commentary

1297 days 23 hours ago - The Gaming Effect brings a live stream of all the conferences in addition to a commentary for each conference. Hear where we think the industry is... | Video | PSP


The Gaming Effect: Why I Think Microsoft is Joining the 3D Party

1309 days 6 hours ago - An editorial piece on an authors belief of why Microsoft is destined to join this 3D craze and his belief into why it is a bad idea. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Gaming Effect Review: Beyond Good and Evil HD

1311 days 13 hours ago - An excerpt: "Beyond Good and Evil HD stands up as a decent game and is worth the low price you will pay on XBLA. As a cult classic however, it stru... | Review | Xbox 360


The Gaming Effect- A Look Into: Terraria

1315 days 13 hours ago - A look into recently available indie game Terraria explaining why it has a lot more depth than just a Minecraft clone. The article also examines a... | Opinion piece | PC


Storytelling in Video Games: Where Games have Failed and Succeeded

1328 days 18 hours ago - A look into storytelling through video games taking an intricate look at the styles of Bioshock and Portal and representations of how to be effecti... | Article | Industry


The Gaming Effect Review: Spiral Knights

1329 days 23 hours ago - An excerpt: "All in all, the game was exceptionally fun that always had new twists and game elements that made it fresh and different. There are no... | Review | PC


Got a question for Romino Games?

1379 days 6 hours ago - Got a question you want to ask Romino Games? Need something answering about Swords and Soldiers or any other Romino Project well your in luck! | Article | Industry


Editorial: Why I Want To/Do Make Games

1380 days 1 hour ago - A look into a college student studying to be a game developer and where he thinks the industry should go outlining his passion for the video game i... | Opinion piece | Industry


Okamiden Street Date Broken

1383 days 5 hours ago - Okamiden Street Date Broken early by Gamestop's across the US. | News | Nintendo DS


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