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Vietnam '65 Review | Quarter to Three

18 hours ago - "So this game seems fascinating. Completely ahistorical in every way, yet an interesting gaming problem to solve and arguably a practical solution... | Review | PC


Cities: Skylines Review | Quarter to Three

10 days 19 hours ago - "For the most part, Cities: Skyline is a familiar — almost too familiar — take on the citybuilder genre. It’s generically contemporary, without any... | Review | PC


A Druid's Duel Review | Quarter to Three

28 days 23 hours ago - "With only four playing pieces, how good can a game be? But developer Thoughtshelter, which is basically a fellow in Minneapolis named Kris Szafran... | Review | PC


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Review | Quarter to Three

35 days 19 hours ago - "Thankfully Majora’s Mask 3D has more going for it than simple strangeness, delivering a poignant mix of big heroics and touching humanity on top o... | Review | 3DS


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

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Sunless Sea Review | Quarter to Three

36 days 1 hour ago - "But I ultimately approve of what Failbetter has done with the turgid pacing, negative space, and deliberate repetition. A sea should be prohibitiv... | Review | PC


Grey Goo Review | Quarter to Three

56 days 20 hours ago - "Grey Goo is something worse than bad; it is mundane. Not so much a throwback as a bland crust, the heel of a loaf of bread left on a cutting board... | Review | PC


Trials Fusion’s “you shall not pas!” moment, and other brick walls

71 days 17 hours ago - "Trials Fusion, like the Trials games before it, is 100% accessible up to a certain point. Using its extremely simple “vocabulary” of only four ver... | Opinion piece | PS4


Driveclub Review | Quarter to Three

162 days 1 hour ago - "So right now what you’ve got with Driveclub is a grand single-player game with a set of demanding challenges on lovely tracks using distinct cars... | Review | PS4


Alien: Isolation Review | Quarter to Three

162 days 1 hour ago - "Alien: Isolation deserves credit for trying something different, along the lines of Amnesia, a horror game where you weren’t even supposed to look... | Review | PS4


Destiny Review | Quarter to Three

176 days 17 hours ago - "So Bungie doesn’t get MMOs, which is a shame since they’ve tried to make one. But Bungie does get gunplay. And that’s what Destiny is at a moment-... | Review | PS4


Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms Review | Quarter to Three

177 days 7 hours ago - "Golden Realms is a best-case scenario for how to do DLC. It’s got the kind of stuff that you wouldn’t want to do without if you’re playing Age of... | Review | PC


Planetary Annihilation Review | Quarter to Three

195 days 21 hours ago - "The lack of variety is just another bad call in a series of bad calls. With only a single faction, with nothing resembling a tech tree or upgrades... | Review | PC


Counterspy Review | Quarter to Three

208 days 14 hours ago - "The draw of the Cold War setting, the visual aesthetic, and the soundtrack only last so long. And all too quickly, Counterspy gets left out in the... | Review | PS4


80 Days Review | Quarter to Three

208 days 14 hours ago - "But 80 Days is enough to raise again that hackneyed question: Are games art? Depending on when you ask, my response will be somewhere between “no”... | Review | iPhone


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review | Quarter to Three

219 days 5 hours ago - "In Euro Truck Simulator 2, a celebration of the utterly mundane, the ultimate resource is time. For now, I’m trying to get another route going wit... | Review | PC


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review | Quarter to Three

219 days 5 hours ago - "New rewards for killstreaks, gifts to send along to your friends list, a nasty nemesis that dogs you and your friends just to remind you all that,... | Review | PS4


SpinTires Review | Quarter to Three

246 days 15 hours ago - "It’s not survival horror with trucks. It’s survival horror for trucks. You as a driver, as a person, as a foot on a gas pedal and a pair of hands,... | Review | PC


Divinity: Original Sin Review | Quarter to Three

255 days 21 hours ago - "The most creative turn-based combat seen in an RPG, combined with a dash of humor, has resulted in a fine stew of gaming." | Review | PC


Wildstar Review | Quarter To Three

268 days 11 hours ago - "Wildstar, which has very little sense of identity, which has very little pull, which feels like a collection of features, which has a subscription... | Review | PC


Dead Rising 3

269 days 21 hours ago - "The final nail in this game’s coffin is that it’s an Xbox One exclusive. What a terrible way to kick a franchise to the curb. You need the Kinect... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


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