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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review | Combo Caster

111 days 14 hours ago - This is a sequel to Donkey Kong Country: Returns, one of the best games of Wii and 3DS. But this is not just a game for fans of the previous game,... | Review | Wii U


Daylight Review | Combo Caster

114 days 10 hours ago - A good scary game has to be balanced, something that can only be achieved by manual construction and never through an algorithm. The fact that the... | Review | PC


3 Stars of Destiny Review | Combo Caster

116 days 13 hours ago - The battles on 3 Stars of Destiny are random and can establish their frequency. Choose the lowest difficulty does not help much, since only helps i... | Review | PC


Hero Siege Review | Combo Caster

116 days 13 hours ago - Hero Siege has a lot of unique, but what are the games we have today? Going inspiration from Diablo Roguelike and gender, Hero Siege puts players a... | Review | PC


The Walking Dead Meets Spider-Man

Now - Come join us on Filmwatch this month as we give you a chance to win the Electro Collector's Edition of Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Limited Edition... | Promoted post

LEGO: The Hobbit Review | Combo Caster

121 days 6 hours ago - Who had doubts a LEGO game would be released based on The Hobbit? The LEGO games are now the true licensed games of the most popular films. No film... | Review | PS3


Mercenary Kings Review | Combo Caster

123 days 19 hours ago - Kings Mercenary is a 2D action game reminiscent of Metal Slug right from the first moment the play, however visually closely resembles other games... | Review | PC


Escape Goat 2 Review | Combo Caster

126 days 5 hours ago - It is a puzzle game with the simple goal of bringing a goat to the end of the level. The concept is simple but the levels are far from being so. Un... | Review | PC


Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love Review | Combo Caster

127 days 7 hours ago - An Arbitrary Love offers little more than its premise and some players may not be attracted to it. This is a cheap sim game, but not everyone will... | Review | PC


Titanfall Review | Combo Caster

130 days 4 hours ago - Titanfall is enough for many to buy a Xbox One, but besides being one of the most popular games in the catalog of the new console from Microsoft, i... | Review | PC


Dominique Pamplemousse Review | Combo Caster

132 days 19 hours ago - Dominique Pamplemousse is a point and click adventure quite short, it takes about 90 minutes to complete, with a very unique visual style. Virtuall... | Review | PC


Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U Review | Combo Caster

133 days 5 hours ago - Scribblenauts Unlimited is a game that doesn't challenge us in terms of difficulty, but without any doubt can challenge our imagination. This is in... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta Episode 1 Review | Combo Caster

134 days 2 hours ago - Imagine Uncharted, now cut all that this does well, reduce the budget 100 times and are more or less to do what's Unearthed. Why is a small studio... | Review | PC


Card City Nights Review | Combo Caster

134 days 3 hours ago - Card City Nights is a card game for one player that offers a lightweight experience in gender, ideal both for fans and for casual gamers. Lasts onl... | Review | PC

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Review | Combo Caster

134 days 3 hours ago - There are not many games on the first world war, in any genre are and believe that RPG will be even less. Cthulhu is also something I like to see i... | Review | PC


Blacksoul: Extended Edition Review | Combo Caster

134 days 11 hours ago - Blacksoul, whether extended or not a horrible game. Maybe when it was originally released it worked, but most players use Windows 7 or 8 and the ga... | Review | PC


South Park The Stick of Truth Review | Combo Caster

134 days 12 hours ago - It's an RPG that will please both fans of the genre, as fans of the series as the vast majority of players. The adventure takes 12 hours, which may... | Review | PS3


1954 Alcatraz Review | Combo Caster

144 days ago - 1954 Alcatraz is a new adventure of Daedalic Entertainment, a company that has been highlighted in this genus, having made little effort to try som... | Review | PC


One Finger Death Punch Review | Combo Caster

146 days 4 hours ago - This is a game with two keys, a very basic graphics and all assets of the game is the game itself or menus, everything exudes amateurism, but yet,... | Review | PC


Betrayer Review | Combo Caster

146 days 11 hours ago - Upon arriving in the colony find that all colonists disappeared and almost all want to kill us, including quite supernatural enemies. The story is... | Review | PC


Dusty Revenge Co-Op Edition Review | Combo Caster

146 days 15 hours ago - When comparing Dusty Revenge with the competition, it clearly takes advantage games like Shank or Dragon's Crown are clearly superior in almost all... | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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