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Intel Ivy Bridge Haswell Die Configuration Revealed - GT3 GPU Featured

312 days 2 hours ago - Well we always knew that Haswell was modular this just proves how much it is. With on Chip GPUs ranging from GT3 to GT1 an 4 Cores, The Intel Ivy B... | News | PC


Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Will be Heavily Gaming Optimized - Ready for Reveal at IDF 2013

313 days 22 hours ago - Intel current generation of Atom Processors Bay Trail-T will be Heavily Gaming Optimized. Plans suggest a 450% improvement over previous generation... | News | PC


Cherry Trail, Willow Trail (Intel Atom SoC) Revealed – Feature Broadwell GPU Architecture

324 days 15 hours ago - Intel Atom SoC Cherry Trail will feature a Broadwell GPU Architecture making it one of the more powerful mobile SoCs around. The Cherry Trail SOC g... | News | PC


MSI AG2712A Unleashed - The All In One Extreme Gaming PC

325 days 14 hours ago - MSI AG2712A is part of the G Series by MSI and will feature top tier components, Making it one of the only few practical All in One Powerful Gaming... | News | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Massive Final Fantasy XIV Screenshot Leak - Lalafell And More Detailed

334 days 21 hours ago - The mother load of all screenshots has been leaked and it shows and details of Lalafell in all its glory. WCCFTech has analysed them all. From the... | News | PC


Dota 2 Ti3 Ends with a Bang - Notable Moments, Results and Overview

336 days 2 hours ago - The last portion of Dota 2 Ti3 (The International 3) Championship Ends with Alliance taking home 1.4 Million Dollars in cash, and Navi coming secon... | News | PC


Inno3D's Releases Liquidcooled GTX 780 For Extreme Gamers- Faster than GTX Titan

336 days 15 hours ago - Inno3D Announced Two New GTX 780s in its iChill series: Accelero Hybrid and HerculeZ 3000 x3 Ultra. Both are overclocked and faster then GTX Titan.... | News | PC


ASUS Ultra wide Panormaic HD Extreme Gaming Monitor Revealed - Features 21:9 Aspect Ratio

337 days 23 hours ago - For some people Multi Monitor setup is a turn-off because of the Bezel, ASUS aims to solve just that, with their Huge Ultrawide Panoramic HD series... | News | PC


AMD confirms Kaveri APU (Steamroller) Will Ship in 2013 but Will be Available from 2014

339 days 4 hours ago - In one of the more confusing statements released by AMD, it has replied to rumors on the internet that AMD was not following the Roadmap given and... | News | PC


Avexir Gold Series - The Only Hand Tested Gamer's Ram With 0% Failure Rate

340 days ago - Avexir is a relatively unheard of company but it has recently entered the spotlight earning itself amazing trust in a very short while. With Hand T... | News | PC


MSI GS70 World's Thinnest Gaming Laptop Unveiled - Trumps Razer Blade

341 days 3 hours ago - The MSI GS70 Gaming laptop was recently unveiled quickly trumping Razer Blade as king of the Ultra-thin form factor market. | News | PC


ReRam Arrives, Blows Away Current Tech - What it could mean for Gamers and Professionals

342 days 17 hours ago - Crossbar a fledgling company has developed a working module of ReRam - a NON Volatile very powerful piece of memory that can double as Random Acces... | News | PC


Xbox One Augmented Reality Glasses Patent Detailed Overview

343 days 23 hours ago - Apparently Xbox One is getting an Augmented Reality Glass codenamed Fortaleza Glass, and further information regarding the Patent has surfaced. Thi... | News | Xbox One


Asus RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC Unveiled - Mostly Disappoints

345 days 17 hours ago - ASUS Republic of Gamers Unveils the Transforming RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC. However the truly jaw dropping transforming gimmick aside, the Asus Tytan... | Review | PC


Nvidia CloudLight Unveiled - What it means for Gamers and Professionals ?

346 days 20 hours ago - Nvidia has recently unveiled its Cloud Based Lightning venture named CloudLight. While it is similar in a way to Gaikai and Onlive, just what exact... | News | PC


AMD G Series GX-210JA SoC APU Revealed

347 days 11 hours ago - APUs are a cheap choice for gamers with restricted budgets, providing a CPU and a GPU in one chip. But the Fanless AMD SoC takes it one step furthe... | News | PC


ASUS RoG Maximus VI Formula Gaming Mobo Released.

349 days ago - Maximus VI Formula from ASUS RoG , one of the most awaited of motherboards has finally been released. Packed with elite features, this is a must have. | News | PC

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