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Sonic The Hedgehog Goes Open World In Unreal Engine 4

14 days 17 hours ago - John of DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's "CryZENx" has shared a new video, showing Sonic The Hedgehog in Unreal Engine 4's tech demo, A Boy & His Kite." | Video | PC


Resident Evil 2 Reborn - Unreal Engine 4 Environment Tech Trailer

34 days 17 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "InvaderGamesItaly has released a new tech trailer for its fan-made recreation of Resident Evil 2 in Unreal Engine 4." | Video | PC


Batman: Arkham Knight - SweetFX Mods Bring Ambient Occlusion To The PC Version

34 days 23 hours ago - John of DSOGaming writes: "And this was bound to happen. Despite the fact that Rockstead and Iron Galaxy have not released any patch to address the... | News | PC


Report: Batman: Arkham Knight Uses DirectX 10 When NVIDIA Gameworks Effect Are Activated

35 days 16 hours ago - John of DSOGaming writes: "The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is simply a big clusterF. And from the looks of it, the game reverts back to DX1... | News | PC


A Closer Look at Cuphead

Now - Its aesthetic and theme is inspired by classic 1930s-era animation from Fleischer Studios, classic Disney and notably, Ub Iwerks (Mickey Mouse) and... | Promoted post

Batman: Arkham Knight - PC Version Lacks Graphical Features (AO, Bokeh DOF & Rain Textures

36 days 1 hour ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Things are definitely not looking good for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. A couple of hours ago, John inform... | News | PC


Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Technical Mess On The PC, High versus Low Comparison Screenshots

36 days 18 hours ago - John of DSOGaming writes: "Batman: Arkham Knight has just been released and it appears that Rocksteady went full “Ubisoft.” Batman: Arkham Knight s... | News | PC


AMD Catalyst 15.6 Beta Driver Released, Optimized For Batman: Arkham Knight

37 days 2 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "A couple of hours ago, John informed you about NVIDIA’s driver for Batman: Arkham Knight. Well, NVIDIA was not the onl... | News | PC


Announcing Project CARS 2

37 days 13 hours ago - Slightly Mad Studios has just announced the sequel to its latest racing game, Project CARS 2. | News | PC


These ENBSeries Screenshots For GTA V Surpass Rockstar's Bullshots In Every Way

39 days 17 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "With the release of the ENBSeries beta mod for GTA V, some ENBSeries’ members have been trying to create interesting a... | Screenshot | PC


DOOM Looks Better Without Its Ridiculously Overused Yellow Filter

39 days 23 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, John shared a comparison between an image from the new Doom game and a photoshopped one that added more col... | Screenshot | PC


Unreal Engine 4 – New Fan Tech Demo Shows Photorealistic Indoor Environment, Available For Download

41 days 3 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Remember the amazing Unreal Paris Appartment tech demo that was created by cgcloud/Blessod? Well, get ready for a trea... | News | PC


Xenia – Most Promising Xbox 360 Emulator – New Video Shows In-Game Footage From “The Conveni 200X”

205 days 15 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Ben Vanik has shared a video, showing off the most promising X360 emulator running a commercial game." | Video | PC


Black Desert Online - New Trailer Shows 115 Places In 24 Minutes

445 days 23 hours ago - Pearl Abyss has released a new trailer for its upcoming MMORPG, Black Desert Online, showing 115 places in 24 minutes. | Trailer | PC


Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Gets Mind-Blowing Trailer, Airs On May 23rd

445 days 23 hours ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "Machinima has released a new trailer for the upcoming live action Street Fighter mini-series, Street Fighter: Assassin... | Video | PC


Dying Light's Producer: "I laugh at those who kept predicting PC gaming to be dead by now"

447 days ago - Thomas of DSOGaming writes: "When asked about the PC gaming scene, Dying Light's producer said that he just laughs at those who 'for many years kep... | News | PC


Never Alone - Beautiful Puzzle Platformer - Gets Additional Details Revealed

447 days ago - Upper One Games today unveiled additional details about its upcoming debut title, Never Alone. Never Alone is expected to launch in the fall of thi... | News | PC


Hyper Dragonball Z Keeps Getting Better & Better - New Gameplay Video Unleashed

447 days 2 hours ago - John of DSOGaming writes: "The dev team behind the mind-blowing Mugen DBZ game, Hyper Dragonball Z, has released a new video that is packed with a... | Video | PC


The Future Of Unreal Tournament Revealed - New Unreal Tournament Announced & It's Official

447 days 13 hours ago - During its UDK livestream, Epic Games has just confirmed that it is developing a new Unreal Tournament game for Windows, Linux and Mac. | News | PC


Risen 3: Titan Lords Gets A Brand New CGI Trailer

447 days 22 hours ago - Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes today revealed an action-paced CGI-Trailer to set the tone for theor upcoming RPG, Risen 3: Titan Lords. | Trailer | PC


Reset’s Gameplay Tutorial Gives Us A Taste Of The Game’s Mesmerizing Visuals

622 days 15 hours ago - Alongside the launch of Reset’s IndieGoGo campaign, Theory Interactive has released a gameplay video for its upcoming puzzler that shows off the ga... | Video | PC


Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post
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