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Does inFamous: Second Son Really Need Massive Marketing?

29 days 17 hours ago - VGN author writes: So where’s all the inFamous: Second Son marketing? I know I can’t be alone when I say that the PS4’S big March game has been qui... | Opinion piece | PS4


inFamous: Second Son hits Ebay Early

34 days 11 hours ago - No surprise at all, inFamous: Second Son is currently available for purchase via Ebay and they are selling out pretty damn quick. The seller claims... | Rumor | PS4


The Microsoft Marketing Genius That Sold You on a $120 Game

35 days 16 hours ago - VGN Author writes: March will be a huge month for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Titanfall has turned into a huge deal thanks to the marketing genius of Mic... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Wii U’s 1080p 60fps Goodness in a Small Box

37 days 16 hours ago - VGN Author writes: I’m pretty amazed by the Wii U. I have to admit this console is not what expected. Coming from a PS3, Xbox, PC, I decided to get... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

The Awesome Wii U Feature That You May not Know About

40 days 19 hours ago - VGN Author writes: I recently took advantage of one of the most under-appreciated features on the Wii U. The Wii U die-hard community will tell you... | Article | Wii U


This Super Mario 3D World PS4 Bundle Mock is Amazing

70 days 8 hours ago - TQ author writes: While Nintendo has plans to make their exclusive characters available to third party developers, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo wi... | Image | PS4


What To Expect From The Big Gaming Conferences in 2014

72 days 17 hours ago - TQ author writes: 2014 will be a big year for gaming. With the next generation XBOX One and PS4 newly on the market, new releases are going to be f... | Opinion piece | PS4


Giant Bomb: Super Mario 3D World Review

146 days 23 hours ago - Nintendo has knocked it out of the park once again, making its latest platformer a must play. | Review | Wii U


The Wii U Marketing Team Steps it Up For the Holidays

148 days 9 hours ago - Nintendo’s marketing team is getting it together this holiday season. A number of Tv spots have been circulating a few networks and educating the g... | Video | Wii U


Nintendo’s Reggie May Have Hinted New Star Fox Game

170 days 2 hours ago - Earlier today while answering twitter questions, President of Nintendo of NA Reggie Fils-Aime posted a picture of Fox McCloud. The tweet was a poke... | Rumor | Wii U


Nintendo Download of the Week: Use The Force

179 days 22 hours ago - TQ author writes: This weeks offerings are all over the map, in a good way though. What I mean by that is there is a little something for everyone.... | Article | Wii U


Nintendo dominates at NYCC

184 days 2 hours ago - Without a next gen showing from either Microsoft or Sony, Nintendo is given virtually free range over the convention floor. Firmly planted in the c... | News | Wii U


Indie Game Showcase: Power Up

188 days 7 hours ago - TQ author writes: Today we are going to take a look at Power Up, a very enjoyable side scroller shooter title form Psychotic PSoftware. Despite bei... | Article | Xbox 360


Microsoft Reassures Your Games, Your Time, Your Call With Xbox One

192 days 17 hours ago - Microsoft is on a non-stop advertising rampage. Their latest ad highlights their cool DRM-free features. ”If you like to play your way, this one’s... | Image | Xbox One


Unlock or Delete: Foul Play (XBLA)

206 days 22 hours ago - TQ author writes: I also got a chance to check out Foul Play today, and to be honest with you, I had an enjoyable experience. The game itself is ar... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Unlock or Delete: Marlow Briggs and The Mask of Death (XBLA)

207 days 13 hours ago - TQ author writes; Just got a chance to try out Marlow Briggs and The Mask of Death today, and to tell you the truth, I was pleasantly surprised how... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


First GTA Game in 1996 Vs. GTA V 2013

208 days 13 hours ago - It’s unbelievable that it has been nearly 17 years since the first ever Grand Theft Auto Game launched. The open world series has definitely evolve... | Article | Xbox 360


Nintendo Download of the Week: What A Wonderful Day

216 days 8 hours ago - TQ author writes: It’s that time once again for us to find out what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads. After taking a look at what’s on offe... | Article | Wii U


Unlock or Delete: Diablo III Demo (Xbox 360)

216 days 16 hours ago - TQ author writes: Got a chance to check the Diablo III today, and despite my gripes with these types of games, my experience here was actually some... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Nintendo Has Perfected The HD Remake

220 days 18 hours ago - The PlayStation 3 currently has some of the best video game HD remakes available. Sony clearly started a trend by giving some of the best PS2 games... | Article | Wii U


ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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