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Fractured Soul | Tech-Gaming

1233 days 23 hours ago - At $11.99 USD, Fractured Soul is certainly one of the more pricey eShop offerings. However, considering the amount of content and refined playabili... | Review | 3DS


New Releases for the Week of June 24th - 30th, 2012

1323 days 13 hours ago - The Amazing Spider-Man, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Spec Ops: The Line,and Just Dance: Greatest Hits are just a few of this week's highlights. | News | Nintendo DS


New Releases for the Week of May 27th-June 2nd, 2012

1352 days 12 hours ago - From an add-on which unleashes all kinds of new beasts to challenge Abraham’s sacrificial son in The Binding of Isaac: The Wrath of the Lamb to Har... | News | Nintendo DS


Tech-Gaming | Trials Evolution Review

1388 days 13 hours ago - Although Trials HD veterans may still be suffering from shell-shock incurred by a nearly insurmountable difficulty level, this follow-up demonstra... | Review | Xbox 360


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Tech-Gaming | Ridge Racer Unbounded Review

1399 days 12 hours ago - Although a Ridge Racer entry in little more than title only, Unbounded is a persistently pleasing game which feels like an amalgam of this generati... | Review | Xbox 360


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Review | Tech-Gaming

1405 days 13 hours ago - It's the rare inferior showing for Tiger, set back by wonky Kinect controls and vexing DLC integration. | Review | Xbox 360


Tech-Gaming | Ninja Gaiden 3 Review

1409 days 23 hours ago - There’s an early scene in Ninja Gaiden 3 where the protagonist confronts a disarmed soldier, who is pleading for his life. For players accustomed t... | Review | Xbox 360


Tech-Gaming | Tales of Graces f Review

1417 days 10 hours ago - Tales of Graces f is the rare JRPG which dutifully obeys tradition while rarely allowing convention to constrain the title’s aspirations. Amid pers... | Review | PS3


Tech-Gaming | Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Dual Review

1423 days 1 hour ago - Once all of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2’s nuisances are compiled, players might dismiss the game as a lackluster effort. Yet, there’s an undeniable... | Review | PS3


Tech-Gaming | SSX Review

1428 days 4 hours ago - SSX represents an oft-entertaining return to form for EA Canada, returning much of the rousing stunting and hectic racing which catapulted the seri... | Review | Xbox 360


Tech-Gaming | Street Fighter X Tekken Review

1429 days 4 hours ago - Street Fighter X Tekken is a deep, solid brawler that I can imagine we’ll be seeing more of in the tournament circuit. In classic Capcom form, the... | Review | Xbox 360


New Releases for the Week of March 11th-March 17th, 2012

1429 days 9 hours ago - With a new release forecast which includes both an Ultimate Ninja Storm (of the Naruto variety) and a Downpour- this week’s titles foreshadow a few... | News | Nintendo DS


Tech-Gaming | BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Review

1447 days 1 hour ago - Although launch titles can lose their luster after a few week, there’s enough depth in Blaz to keep the ‘wheel of fate turning’ well past the next... | Review | PS Vita


The Tech-Gaming Podcast 10-2: Undone by Itagaki

1447 days 12 hours ago - Early signs point to a demure podcast, with discussions of Vita hardware and software, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sw... | Podcast | PSP


Tech-Gaming | Tales of the Abyss Review

1448 days 8 hours ago - For Nintendo 3DS owners pining for a ‘proper’ JRPG, Tales of the Abyss is your savior- delivering a gratifying adventure elevated by a remarkably e... | Review | 3DS


New Releases for the Week of February 19th-25th, 2012

1450 days 5 hours ago - With last week’s pre-release and first salvo of launch games making quite a splash, Sony is hoping to capture the spotlight for the second consecut... | News | Nintendo DS


Tech-Gaming | Tekken 3D Prime Edition Review

1450 days 9 hours ago - For series enthusiasts who can overlook the 3DS’s control methods, Tekken 3D Prime Edition will make a welcome addition to their library. Not only... | Review | 3DS


Tech-Gaming | Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword Review

1452 days 7 hours ago - The most puzzling part of Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword is why Nintendo hasn’t pushed the title more. With vibrant visuals, a satisfying score a... | Review | 3DS


Tech-Gaming | Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Review

1455 days 4 hours ago - Woefully, players may walk away from the title feeling that Nintendo and SEGA’s famous mascots have delivered a performance that scarcely deserves... | Review | 3DS


Tech-Gaming | Shank 2 Review

1456 days 9 hours ago - Considering that Shank 2 is launching at a price that’s $5 cheaper that its ancestor, fans of blood-drenched brawlers won’t want to miss this satis... | Review | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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