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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Preview: Redemption Song

200 days 21 hours ago - CVG: One can only imagine how deeply frustrating it is for Microsoft executives to know that the Xbox One is still a name associated with bad decis... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Bonus Round: Is Time Running Out For Xbox?

290 days 2 hours ago - GT: The Bonus Round panel talk about Xbox One’s slow start and if the company can stay alive in the next generation of gaming | Video | PS4


Xbox 180: Microsoft works to save face after Xbox One backlash

474 days 6 hours ago - Startribune: No doubt Microsoft could use a boost to its bottom line in the coming months. The company's stock fell this week after announcing it w... | News | Xbox One


Leaked Video Shows Ubisoft's Fighter Within On Kinect

491 days 12 hours ago - Sixthaxis: There appears to be some lag between player input and the actions on the screen. Whether this is down to the Kinect, or if it is to do w... | Video | Xbox One


Win a PS4!!

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Microsoft Stares Down Their Last Xbox One Hurdle, $499

498 days 7 hours ago - Forbes: Obviously this would be a big loss for Microsoft’s grand strategy. They’ve maintained for years now that if people only owned a Kinect, the... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Gaming: PS4 jumps into the early lead over Xbox One

510 days 10 hours ago - post-gazette: The Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? This is the question hovering over the video-game industry until the consoles hit shelves later th... | Opinion piece | PS4


PS4 Vs. Xbox One Poll: Nintendo No Match For Sony And Microsoft?

510 days 10 hours ago - kpopstarz: Only two percent of gamers prefer the Wii U over the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, a poll conducted by EGM Now reveals, leaving Ninten... | Article | PS4


Why Indie Games Are So Important to PS4 and Xbox One

514 days 9 hours ago - IGN: Whatever you want to say about Microsoft right now, you can’t say that it’s not listening. The Xbox One policies as they stand today are pract... | Opinion piece | PS4


PS4: Quantic Dream tempted by the weekly episodic

589 days 5 hours ago - looks into an interview with David Cage to uncover evidence that future content from developer, Quantic Dream, could be episodic. | News | PS4


Sony Working On "Free-To-Play Type Game" For PS4

593 days 11 hours ago - Dealspwn: The PlayStation 4 will bring about a variety of different publishing opportunities. Free-to-play is one such model that has been mentione... | News | PS4


DriveClub Will Occupy a Different Space on PS4 to Gran Turismo

593 days 12 hours ago - PushSquare: While the game appears to share a number of similarities with the Gran Turismo franchise, DriveClub developer Evolution Studios doesn’t... | News | PS3


Xbox 720: 10 Reasons It’ll Win Console War Over PS4

603 days 22 hours ago - Whatculture: With the news that Microsoft is going to unveil the Xbox 720 on May 21st, discussion over which company – Microsoft, Sony or even Nint... | Opinion piece | PS4


Former GameStop VP gets four years in prison for mail fraud

651 days 13 hours ago - polygon: Former GameStop VP Frank Christopher Olivera was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison by a U.S. District Judge last week after stealin... | News | Culture


1.92GB Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch live

652 days 9 hours ago - Eurogamer: A Schwarzenegger-sized Battlefield 3 multiplayer patch - 1.92GB - has appeared on Xbox Live. | News | PC


Square Enix 'struggling to achieve expected return on console investment'

687 days 12 hours ago - CVG: Square Enix has swung to a loss for the first nine months of the financial year as it struggles to make a return on its investment in the 'cha... | News | Industry


Apple will continue growing its home entertainment interests

698 days 23 hours ago - CVG: Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted at the company's plans to expand its home entertainment interests. | News | Tech


Windows 8 gaming – no faster than Windows 7

770 days 22 hours ago - KitGuru: It is too early to claim that Microsoft have released another ‘Windows Vista’, but the public response in the enthusiast sector is certain... | News | PC


The List - Review: Wii U - Playtest of new Nintendo gaming console

771 days 9 hours ago - The List: New touch screen gamepad console is sophisticated and fun but no game changer | Review | Wii U


CVG - Metal Gear Rising preview: Extended hands-on reveals killer MGS game

779 days 21 hours ago - CVG: Four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, the Patriots have been destroyed and the private military companies have collapsed into doz... | Preview | Xbox 360


Sony cuts Q2 2012 losses to $198 million, bumps revenue to $20.6 billion thanks to mobile

783 days 11 hours ago - Engadget: Sony is projecting a slight drop in revenue for its fiscal year ending in March 2013, from $85 to $83 billion compared to August's foreca... | News | PSP


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