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NHL 15 Review | Hardcore Gamer

8 days 15 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "Poor hockey. Last year, all of EA’s yearly sports titles were on current-gen systems except NHL 14. Not only was this further proo... | Review | PS4


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition Review | Hardcore Gamer

13 days 11 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "Despite its share of disappointing releases, the Xbox One’s exclusive launch lineup was solid. Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct... | Review | PC


Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Review | Hardcore Gamer

13 days 15 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "Nearly three years ago, Warriors Orochi 3 hit the Japanese shores to much anticipation. Mashing the two worlds of Samurai Warriors... | Review | PS3


Warframe Launches on Xbox One

16 days 5 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "Released on PC and PlayStation 4 last year, Warframe has taken the world by storm with its dynamic set of offerings. Well now Xbox... | Trailer | Xbox One


Destiny (PS4) Review

Now - Bungie’s next series is here, but how does it stack up? | Promoted post

First Trailer for Resident Evil HD Remaster Released

17 days ago - Hardcore Gamer: "At Sony's pre-TGS press conference today, Capcom showed off the first ever trailer for their HD Remaster of Resident Evil. This is... | Trailer | PC


Infamous: First Light Review | Hardcore Gamer

20 days 10 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "It has been half a year since Infamous: Second Son hit the PlayStation 4, offering breathtaking visuals and compelling super power... | Review | PS4


The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 5 - No Going Back Review | Hardcore Gamer

22 days 14 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "It has been one long, terrible road for little Clementine. Multiple horrific acts have taken place in front of the eleven-year old... | Review | PC


Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King Review | Hardcore Gamer

22 days 16 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "From Software is good on their word as the Japanese developer has released the second story-based downloadable content for Dark So... | Review | Xbox 360


Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review | Hardcore Gamer

29 days 9 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "The gaming headset space is crowded. We have SteelSeries, Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach, Razer, Tritton and many others fighting for... | Review | Tech


Risen 3: Titan Lords Review | Hardcore Gamer

36 days 19 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "If there’s one thing that we need more of, it’s pirate RPGs. The Risen series seems to fill that void by offering open world adven... | Review | PC


CD Projekt RED Talks Wild Hunt and Bringing First Witcher to Xbox One/PS4

41 days 11 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "Two weeks ago we attended Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA and were given the honor to be among a chosen few press members... | Interview | PC


Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King Review | Hardcore Gamer

57 days 20 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "It has been a somewhat rough couple of months for big budget games, with smaller independent titles make significant strides. That... | Review | PC


Warframe On PS4 Receives Update 13.7

72 days 5 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: "While the PS4 version is a little behind its PC big brother, that doesn’t mean we’re waiting forever to get the patches. Today, Wa... | News | PS4


Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 69: Bow Chicka Wow Wow

75 days 22 hours ago - HG: In this week's episode, Steve, Geoff, Lee, Jeremy and Lee talk Goat Simulator. Is the "_____ simulator" joke played out? Doesn't Deep Silver ha... | Podcast | PC


Watch the Atelier Rorona Plus Opening Intro

75 days 23 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: For those still on the fence or who need need a solid opening to sell them on JRPGs, Koei Tecmo has today released the game's full... | Video | PS3


Gone Home Physical Special Edition Available Now

76 days 14 hours ago - The Fullbright Company have now unleashed a boxed copy of the game onto the world. | News | PC


Tales of Hearts R Dated, Detailed for North America

76 days 18 hours ago - Bandai Namco has today revealed the release date of Tales of Hearts R. | News | PS Vita


Bandai Namco Releases First Trailer for 'Lost Land Adventure'

76 days 18 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: Namco Bandai has today released a four minute trailer for Lost Land Adventure. | Trailer | Arcade


New Lost Dimension Trailer Showcases More Character Abilities

76 days 18 hours ago - Following last week's trailer, a new Lost Dimension video was released today that showcases three more character's abilities. | Trailer | PS3


Retro Gold: Dropping Mad Bank On Old Games

76 days 19 hours ago - Hardcore Gamer: I'd like to talk about some of the most expensive video game purchases I've made over the years, and what motivated me to take the... | Opinion piece | Retro


Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (PC) Review

Now - Drew checks out the PC version of Capcom’s zombie slaughter simulator. | Promoted post
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