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Endless Legend’s Broken Lords Reveal Trailer Makes You Ponder – Is Survival the Same As Living?

604 days 5 hours ago - The heroes of the The Broken Lords, from Amplitude Studios and Iceberg Interactive’s newest game, Endless Legend, will make players wonder: is surv... | Trailer | PC


Space Engineers Update Brings Armageddon to Space

604 days 6 hours ago - The new Space Engineers update adds environmental hazards in the form of meteor storms, which allow players to have an even greater survival experi... | Trailer | PC


Does Harry Potter Need The Telltale Treatment?

604 days 15 hours ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "I think it’s easy to say that most gamers love the Telltale Games. With that in mind, I wondered what other fran... | Opinion piece | Culture


Grand Theft Auto Online Spring Updates

605 days 7 hours ago - Revealed today via the Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto Online will be receiving a handful of new updates to its multiplayer mayhem, which include... | News | Xbox 360


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Making a Case For Final Fantasy X-2: 1,000 Words And More For Why This Game Deserves More Love

613 days 6 hours ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "Ask anyone which of the Final Fantasy X games is superior to the other, and nine times out of ten X will be chos... | Opinion piece | PS2


Review: Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster – A Worthy Companion | DualShockers

614 days 5 hours ago - Much like the two major factions of Final Fantasy X-2‘s plot, X-2 as a game is divided into two major camps of fans: fans who absolutely love X-2,... | Review | PS3


Get Eco Friendly In Space Engineers With New Solar Panels Update

618 days 5 hours ago - Even in space it pays to be green. And now the newest update to Space Engineers gives players that eco-friendly power with the inclusion of Solar P... | Trailer | PC


Review: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – It’d Be A Sin To Ignore | DualShockers

621 days 7 hours ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "If you’re reading this review, then the chances are you’re someone who really, really loved Final Fantasy X when... | Review | PS3


Can These Three Dragon Ball Games Take The Franchise To A New Level?

625 days 1 hour ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "Recently I looked at a few reasons the Dragon Ball mega-franchise needed to get itself back on track by offering... | Opinion piece | Culture


Watch The Space Engineers Tutorial If You Want To Survive Survival Mode

625 days 3 hours ago - The much-requested Survival Mode feature has finally graced Space Engineers, along with a slew of modes for players to jump into and enjoy. But ins... | Video | PC


Watch Heroes Save The World in the 3 Minute Recap Video of the Infinite Crisis ESL Tournament, Here

632 days 4 hours ago - If you’ve been keeping up with Turbine Games’ Infinite Crisis, then you know there are a ton of characters that have made it into the game, which i... | Video | PC


"Hangout" With Ubisoft Massive Shows What It Takes To Be a Programmer

632 days 5 hours ago - Do you want to be a video game programmer? Recently the team from Ubisoft Massive — the developers behind the upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division —... | Video | Industry


Infinite Crisis Takes Us Behind The Voice of Mecha Superman

633 days 4 hours ago - Just last week we got a look at the introduction of three new characters to Turbine Games’ Infinite Crisis, one of which was the Mecha Earth’s Mech... | Video | PC


Namco Bandai Games and Nine Dots Studio Team Up To Make GoD Factory: Wingmen a Reality

633 days 5 hours ago - I’ve been following the progress of the squad-based, multiplayer online battle arena game GoD Factory: Wingmen for quite some time, from its first... | News | PC


Is It Time For The Dragon Ball Z Franchise To Do Something Completely New?

633 days 5 hours ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "The Dragon Ball franchise is in a weird state. As noted in my review on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, there’s s... | Opinion piece | Culture


Review: Master Reboot – Intriguing Concept, Flawed Execution | DualShockers

634 days 4 hours ago - Masoud of DualShockers writes: "There’s an occasional saying that is both equally cherished and equally derided in the world of gaming (dependin... | Review | PS3


Check Out The First 20 Minutes of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Here

634 days 8 hours ago - So you’re unsure whether Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is the game for you? Namco Bandai Games Europe — along with Tales of series fan Julien Fonta... | Trailer | PS3


Space Engineers Update Lets You Play Soccer In Space, Adds New Sounds, and More

634 days 8 hours ago - The latest update for Keen Software House and Marek Rosa’s Space Engineers brings another few features to the game, all of which you can view in th... | Trailer | PC


"Hangout" With Ubisoft Tomorrow and They'll Teach You What It Takes To Be a Producer

639 days 19 hours ago - Always wanted to know what it takes to be a video game producer? The team from Ubisoft Massive — the developers behind the upcoming Tom Clancy’s Th... | News | Industry


New Video Takes You Behind The Scenes of Sonic Boom

641 days 4 hours ago - Sonic fans may be a bit divided on the recently announced Sonic Boom: video games’ favorite hedgehog has hit many highs and lows over the years, an... | Video | Wii U


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