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"Covering the Canadian gaming scene"

CGMag Reviews: Aliens: Colonial Marines

593 days 6 hours ago - Few films have burned themselves into the delicate, collective pop culture consciousness of the 80s generation the way Aliens did. A blend of teasi... | Review | Xbox 360


CGM: Flash Focus on Dead Space 3

593 days 12 hours ago - To kick off Flash Focus CGMers sit down to play the newly released Dead Space 3. Watch to find out why CGM describes the game as a slow-paced “atmo... | Video | Xbox 360


The Year Of Change

595 days 9 hours ago - It’s a bit depressing to me to think of JRPGs and platformers as “off the beaten path” but in a world where the FPS reigns supreme, that’s become t... | Opinion piece | Industry


Dammit Harmonix, Take My Money

595 days 15 hours ago - Rock Band is one of the only games CGM can get their wives to play with me with almost zero coaxing. Unfortunately CGM has been running into the sa... | Opinion piece | Industry


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CGM Reviews: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

596 days 7 hours ago - Not too long ago, Sanzaru Games treated the gaming world to a pleasant surprise with the HD collection of the past Sly Cooper games. Once another m... | Review | PS3


CGM Reviews: Dead Space 3

596 days 9 hours ago - Horror in videogames has been a hard thing to do well. Once accomplished, however, it can yield fantastic results. Dead Space was a game that manag... | Review | Xbox 360


CGPodcast February 08, 2013

598 days 19 hours ago - This week on the C&G Podcast the Crew are Joined by Mike and he bring his take on some of the latest comics that just came out. They also look at I... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Devil May Cry Revitalizes a Tired Series

600 days 5 hours ago - After Firaxis Games released XCOM: Enemy Unknown last fall it became a lot easier to get excited about reboots of long-established videogame series. | Opinion piece | PC


Strike Suit Zero Review | C&G Magazine

601 days 22 hours ago - Check out C&G Magazine's Review on Strike Suit Zero. Strike Suit Zero is an action shooter game for the PC. | Review | PC


Sony should (but won’t) make the PS4 backwards compatible

602 days 5 hours ago - An editorial about the lack of backwards compatibility transitioning to the next generation compared to the transition for the current one. | Opinion piece | PS3


Skulls of the Shogun Review | C&G Magazine

602 days 8 hours ago - Check out C&G's video game review of Skulls of the Shogun. Skulls of the Shogun is a turn based strategy game arcade game available for the Xbox... | Review | PC


CGM Reviews: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

603 days 7 hours ago - When we first arrived at this current console generation way back in 2006, expectations from JRPG fans were high. There’d been a flood of quality g... | Review | PS3


CGM speaks with Maxime Beland, Creative Director of Splinter Cell: Blacklist

607 days 19 hours ago - With the announcement of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Ubisoft puts Sam back in the spec ops suit, and CGM played the game and talked with Maxime Belan... | Video | Xbox 360


There’s Still Room For Charm In Games

609 days 8 hours ago - Ni no Kuni, like its creators at Studio Ghibli, is not afraid to provide more innocent, perhaps hokey, charm or delight. It is willing to revisit c... | Opinion piece | Culture


Back To The eShop

614 days 9 hours ago - Before you know it, that big stack of unplayed wonders turns into a plastic bag bound for the used videogame store. Worst of all, that time comes i... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Too Much Credit

614 days 16 hours ago - When reviewing a game it's always best practice finish it. During its heyday Atari had the odd policy of forbidding game designers from taking cred... | Opinion piece | Culture


CGM Reviews - The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC

614 days 22 hours ago - The allure of Skyrim has always been the ability to "speak" to dragons, and the Dragonborn DLC enhances and expands upon this concept in several va... | Review | Xbox 360


Chris Taylor comments on Wildman and the Kickstarter

615 days 3 hours ago - Since Chris Taylor's video update last Friday leaving the fate of Wildman to its fans, the game has since received massive backing and media covera... | Interview | PC


Welcome To The Transitional Generation

615 days 5 hours ago - An editorial about how the next generation of consoles may be less ambitious in terms of change, which may actually benefit games development. | Opinion piece | Culture


CGM Reviews: A Walk in the Dark

615 days 9 hours ago - The name A Walk in the Dark seems to have been a cruel prank on the part of Portuguese developer Flying Turtle Software. Yes, for the first dozen o... | Review | PC


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