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"Covering the Canadian gaming scene"

IndieGameMagazine's Controversial Review Policy

678 days 8 hours ago - IndieGameMagazine has been receiving some backlash from developers and consumers. On November 25th, a community post on Destructoid by Twisted Jeni... | News | Industry


Hold Onto That Old Hardware

678 days 21 hours ago - For some new console owners, we are quickly approaching the threshold that many early adopters dread; the dry spell. Yes, there’s a handful of big... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


CGMagazine Reviews: Need for Speed Rivals: Back to Basics

679 days 3 hours ago - Sadly, after expending a lot of time and money EA still failed to recapture the thing that made Hot Pursuit so great; playing cops and robbers with... | Review | PS4


PlayStation 4 Review: Filled With Future Potential

679 days 10 hours ago - Right now the PS4 is looking good and wearing a suit, but the party it’s been invited to won’t start for another few months. | Review | PS4


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Mark Cerny Complimented Resogun's Development

680 days 17 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 launched almost two weeks ago, and amongst the turmoil, one dispute has taken over: "what games should I play?". Launch window ti... | Interview | PS4


CGM presents November / December issue the trailer

680 days 22 hours ago - Everyone is a bit tired from all this next-gen talk, right? We’re going to slow things down a bit with this. Instead of telling you what’s in th... | Trailer | PS4


CGMagazine Reviews: Super Mario 3D World

681 days 8 hours ago - There’s no denying that they find a new way to make the wheel seem exciting again even if the company wasn’t able to reinvent it. Super Mario 3D Wo... | Review | Wii U


ATLUS Moves Away From Vita

683 days 2 hours ago - Yep, Persona: Dancing All Night is the next big title for the Vita. You'd think after the success of Persona 4: Golden, it wouldn't have come to th... | Opinion piece | PS3


CGMagazine Podcast: Marvel/Netflix, PS4, Super Mario 3D World and More

684 days 7 hours ago - This week on the the CGM Podcast, we own PS4s! We talk about it! Also something about the merits of disco Marvel heroes in New York of the 70s and... | Podcast | Culture


CGMagazine Reviews: Killzone: Shadow Fall - Shining Where You'd Least Expect It

685 days 5 hours ago - The story is just another addition to a pile that’s gotten progressively messier with each outing. For those that are still trying to follow the tu... | Review | PS4


The High Cost of Free-to-Play: East vs. West

685 days 7 hours ago - Free-to-play games – or rather, games that have no initial purchase cost – aren’t new. But they’re becoming more prolific. Micro-transactions – pur... | Opinion piece | PC


Persona Teaser Site Reveals New Details

685 days 7 hours ago - the teaser site has also revealed something. When you click on the five cities, each one reveals a specific location in that city. Sapporo=Odori... | News | PS3


CGM Interview: Chris Avellone Talks Torment successor, Project Eternity, and Kickstarter

685 days 17 hours ago - CGM's Alex Leach got a chance to sit down with Chris Avellone at MIGS 2013 to talk about his work on Torment: Tides of Numenera and Project Eternit... | Interview | PC


Should We Care About Romance Games?

686 days 6 hours ago - Alex saw a rather interesting lecture on romance in games and the potential of romance-themed games at the Montreal International Game Summit, by S... | Opinion piece | Culture


Consoles And That New Car Smell

686 days 17 hours ago - This is a special week for those of us that count ourselves among the “hardcore.” It’s the first time in decades that new console release dates hav... | Opinion piece | PS4


Can Your Internet Keep Up With Next-Gen Consoles?

687 days 4 hours ago - So, we’ve got new consoles coming out. The next-generation is characterized by the rather grandiose claim that the new console hardware will be mor... | Opinion piece | PS4


Next-Gen Doesn't Meet Certain Basic Standards

687 days 4 hours ago - The PS4 and Xbox One are powerful machines, no doubt about it. But the lack of a few basic features in their repertoire is concerning, not to menti... | Opinion piece | PS4


Aksys Games Takes Real Risks

687 days 19 hours ago - Japanese visual novels aren't very well known here. Yet, Aksys Games makes quite the effort to localize titles like Hakuoki and Zero Escape for a W... | News | PS Vita


CGMinis – Zombie Wii

688 days 1 hour ago - Melanie says goodbye to the Wii as the era of the Wii U steps into year two. The only problem is the Wii is not killed off that easily. | Image | Wii


CGMagazine Reviews: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate HD

688 days 7 hours ago - If you’ve played the God of War: Origins collection on the PS3, then you know exactly what you’re getting into here. This is an HD version of a gam... | Review | Xbox 360


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post
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