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Black and White Bushido Review | CGM

38 days 14 hours ago - It can be fun to play, but I don't see any staying power. | Review | PC


Ride Review | CGM

38 days 14 hours ago - CGM Writes: Ride is a middle ground between arcade fun, and simulation-style detail. | Review | PC


Quake Live Moving Exclusively To Steam

38 days 17 hours ago - Quake Live, the online fast-paced first-person Shooter from id Software will be dropping their own launcher in favor of a Steam one. Launched in 2... | News | PC


Bethesda Store To Sell limited-edition Fallout Gear This Week Only

39 days 3 hours ago - Do you enjoy Fallout, and exclusive gear? Well it seems Bethesda has you covered. Starting tomorrow the Bethesda Store will be offering a limited-... | News | PC


Win the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset!!

Now - Join us on FIlmwatch to find out how you could win the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset on Blu-ray. | Promoted post

NCSoft fights Off Takeover

39 days 4 hours ago - CGM Writes: Publisher Nexon has sold off it’s 15.08% of NCSoft for $533 Million. This move ends a four year attempt on the part of Nexon to take ov... | News | PC


New Trailer For Pokkén Tournament Drops

39 days 5 hours ago - Do you love Pokkén, and how about arcade fighting games? Well now you have a way to bring these two passtimes together in a insane fighting game Po... | Trailer | Arcade


Stanley Parable Dev Teases New Game

39 days 6 hours ago - William Pugh, co-creator of The Stanley Parable, has put out a teaser for his new game. Little is known about the game but you can read the teaser... | News | PC


Last Chance to Buy Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition

39 days 7 hours ago - It seems there are a few more Pip-Boy Editions of Fallout 4 still to be had. I am sure these will not last long, so if you are interested in this c... | News | PC


Valve Gifts Hardware Buyers On Mac Every Valve Game Ever

40 days 23 hours ago - CGM Writes: So it seems as if the Seam Link and Steam Controller are not working at present. If you where a buyer who experienced this issue, it wo... | News | PC


Pixels & Ink #175 – Crimson Peaks and Crystal Lakes

41 days 14 hours ago - In episode 175 Cody laments the Retro VGS cancellation, Phil is excited about the Friday the 13th game and Jordan doesn’t think Pac Man 2: The New... | Podcast | PC


Are Nintendo’s New NX Specs Enough to Lure Developers?

42 days 6 hours ago - Jordan Writes: The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nintendo has started sending out development kits for its newest system currently titled t... | Opinion piece | Industry


StarBreeze Brings Horror to a New Dimension

42 days 8 hours ago - CGM Writes: Have you ever wanted to step into a horror film, having the sense of comfort stripped away from you as you try and survive in the world... | Preview | PC


TotalBiscut Diagnosed With Inoperable Cancer

43 days 2 hours ago - In a recent tweet by the Youtube game critic, Totalbiscuit has announced he has been diagnosed with liver cancer. | News | Culture


Aberford is a zombie apocalypse game with something to say.

43 days 2 hours ago - CGM Writes: It isn’t the type of survival game with which we’re familiar, dominated by survivors scavenging for supplies while keeping hordes of th... | Interview | PC


Dragon Quest Heroes Review | CGMagazine

43 days 3 hours ago - CGM Writes: I never really got into the Dragon Warrior series. I missed my chance to try it on the NES, being very late to get into the RPG genre (... | Review | PS4


Transformers: Devastation Review | CGMagazine

43 days 13 hours ago - Adam Writes: Transformers: Devastation fails to fire on all cylinders, as the game is too short, and boasts a small choice of characters to play as. | Review | PS4


A Fistful of Gun Review | CGMagazine

43 days 13 hours ago - CGM Writes: Though A Fistful of Gun has potential, the empty multiplayer servers and repetitive campaign puts a bullet in any momentum it has going. | Review | PC


Beyond Sol Review | CGMagazine

43 days 13 hours ago - CGM Writes: Beyond Sol is one of those rare games that smooshes genres together that don’t usually get along, with an end result that is incredibly... | Review | PC


Jotun Review | CGMagazine

43 days 14 hours ago - CGM Writes: It’s a wonderful, dazzling little world Thunder Lotus created, and you just might learn something while you’re playing. | Review | PC


Prison Architect Review | CGMagazine

43 days 16 hours ago - CGM Writes: The game doesn’t judge you for the type of warden you choose to be. | Review | PC


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