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CGM Reviews: Hohokum

34 days 5 hours ago - There are indie games that are nostalgia trips to our retro-gaming roots; low budget labours of love that are made by people who miss a simpler kin... | Review | PS3


Can Kojima Save Silent Hill?

34 days 8 hours ago - The best advertising stunt for a game has occurred during GamesCom, and it comes from none other than the master of Internet Trolling, Hideo Kojima... | Opinion piece | Culture


PlayStation Now and the Return of Game Rentals

35 days 13 hours ago - PlayStation Now is far from perfect, but it is filling this very specific void in the games industry. Sony’s game streaming service—which is curren... | Opinion piece | PS4


CGM Reviews: Metrico

35 days 13 hours ago - Platformers are not as abundant as they once were, at least on the AAA side of things, but indie studios have been doing a fantastic job of bringin... | Review | PS Vita


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

CGM Reviews: Road Not Taken

35 days 13 hours ago - Spry Fox made an impression on mobile gamers with Triple Town, their incredibly clever take on the standard match-3 formula. The game combined matc... | Review | PC


CGM Sound Off – Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

36 days 9 hours ago - CGM Editor Wayne thinks Square should let Sleeping Dogs lie.. unless it's $30. | Opinion piece | PC


Top 10 Best PC Games for Low Spec Systems

39 days 12 hours ago - So you’re looking for games to play on your old computer. Diverting hobby funds a more dangerous hobby like motorcycling? Looking for a new use for... | Opinion piece | PC


CGM Previews: Splatoon

39 days 16 hours ago - When playing, each player is grouped up in a team of four, and that team faces off against another team of four in a small battle arena. Once in th... | Preview | Wii U


Who Will Be The Second Place Console This Generation?

40 days 1 hour ago - Depending on who you ask, the current generation first got underway when the Wii U launched in November of 2012, or else the race finally started w... | Opinion piece | PS4


CGM Plays – The Last of Us Remastered

40 days 5 hours ago - CGM Plays The Last of Us Remastered. | Video | PS4


CGM Previews: Mario Maker

40 days 7 hours ago - There are many unsavory things that the games press have said about Nintendo in the last few years. The most common comments revolve around the the... | Preview | Wii U


CGM Sound Off – EA Access

41 days 21 hours ago - CGM Editor Wayne Santos Sounds Off on EA’s new service called EA Access. | Opinion piece | Culture


Rethinking Release Dates

42 days 18 hours ago - Like all forms of commercial media, games are given release dates that will help their publishers maximize profit. Those with a chance of making th... | Opinion piece | Culture


CGM Reviews: Gods Will Be Watching

43 days 7 hours ago - A bold warning greets you on the first screen of Gods Will Be Watching. “Enjoy the challenge. You will fail a lot, but this is how we designed the... | Review | PC


How Long Can Call Of Duty Stay On Top?

43 days 7 hours ago - Summer vacation is half done, and all eyes are turning to November, when Call of Duty releases its latest iteration, Advanced Warfare. This year, a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Can Destiny Appeal To COD Players?

49 days 22 hours ago - They’re “mainstream” gamers that only buy and play two or three games a year, and those games usually have words like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Du... | Opinion piece | Culture


Sound Off – Couch CO-OP

49 days 22 hours ago - This week CGM editor Wayne sounds off about couch co-op and the lack of hardcore multi-player gaming on one machine. | Opinion piece | Culture


CGM Interviews – Brentalfloss

50 days 10 hours ago - Brent “Brentalfloss” Black was at ConBravo 2014 performing for the fans of nerd music. He was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to... | Interview | Culture


CGM Reviews: Abyss Odyssey

53 days 6 hours ago - Abyss Odyssey disappoints – but not because it’s a bad game. No, Abyss Odyssey disappoints because every element looks astounding on paper. And the... | Review | PC


CGM Reviews: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee-New N’ Tasty

54 days 6 hours ago - Some games are just going to remain weird no matter how old they get. Abe’s Oddysee, released in 1997, is one of those games. The eccentric develop... | Review | PS3


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post
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