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CGM Reviews: The Wolf Among Us-Episode 5: Cry Wolf

12 hours ago - With episode five, Cry Wolf, Telltale Games brings their first Vertigo adaptation to an end, and it’s quite likely from the reception of this first... | Review | PC


CGM Nosgoth Preview

1 day 9 hours ago - Returning to the Legacy of Kain universe and Deathmatch | Preview | PC


CGM Reviews: Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark

1 day 17 hours ago - Granted, the Transformers franchise hasn’t exactly been known for strong storytelling at any point in its existence, but that doesn’t mean that th... | Review | Xbox 360


CGM Reviews: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

1 day 22 hours ago - There’s comfort in familiarity. As much as some people, particularly a loud, internet minority, complain that they want novelty and are tired of th... | Review | PS3


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CGM's Sound Off: Dreamfall is back

2 days 16 hours ago - CGM Editor Wayne Santos is excited that Dreamfall is making a comeback after the series was left on a cliff hanger. | Video | PC


Top 20 Famous Celebrity Miis to Download for Tomodachi Life

5 days 16 hours ago - Tired of your friends? Longing for some more engaging company for your Tomodachi retreat, or just want to create a terrarium of famous faces? Don’t... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Bungie Developer: Building the Universe of Destiny

10 days ago - CGM's CEO, Brendan, interviews Bungie's Character and Cinematic tech lead, Tom Sanocki about their upcoming title, Destiny. | Interview | Xbox 360


CGM Reviews: Valiant Hearts: The Great War

10 days 13 hours ago - Adventure games come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some, like the upcoming Grim Fandango re-release, are classic point n’ click games. Ot... | Review | PC


CGM Previews: Project Morpheus

12 days 22 hours ago - Most of the time it feels like jumping the gun if you decide to preview hardware, but in the case of virtual reality, exceptions have to be made. I... | Preview | PS4


CGM Previews: Battlefield: Hardline

13 days 11 hours ago - In an industry full of people trying to pull at your nostalgic heart strings, Electronics Arts is going very deep with their next attempt. They’re... | Preview | PC


Building the Perfect Skylander: An Interview with Animation Director Paul Yan

14 days 3 hours ago - The toy- to-life genre is a new one, but has kids in a frenzy. With more and more companies jumping into the mix, all eyes are now focused on Activ... | Interview | Wii


CGM Plays: Yakuza 3

16 days ago - The CGM Players take you through fictional Tokyo where you… well, just watch. | Video | PS3


CGM Previews: Dying Light

16 days 3 hours ago - Brendan, CGM CEO, gets some hands on time with Dying Light at E3 2014. | Preview | PC


Top 5 Strangest Active Kickstarter Games

16 days 5 hours ago - How’d you like to pick which projects and events occur before they make it off the launch pad? I think that’s a dandy idea. It’s one of the perks o... | Opinion piece | Culture


CGM Reviews: A Story About My Uncle

16 days 6 hours ago - At its best moments, A Story About My Uncle evokes the same feelings as those of classic children’s literature. It takes place in a bold, ethereal... | Review | PC


CGM Previews: Fable Legends

16 days 17 hours ago - Fables has had an uneven legacy at best. Under Peter Molyneux’s tender but hyperbolic wing, it was originally going to be the Xbox RPG that ended a... | Preview | Xbox One


CGM Previews: Lords of the Fallen

17 days 16 hours ago - Bandai Namco was cagey enough to publish From Software’s Dark Souls series when Sony dropped the ball on the original Demon’s Souls, mistakenly bel... | Preview | PS4


CGM Previews: The Evil Within

17 days 18 hours ago - There was a constant feeling of tension as I started though the demo on the show floor at E3 2014. The Evil Within places you in a world where noth... | Preview | PC


CGM Previews: The Order: 1886

19 days 14 hours ago - All other things put aside for consideration, the one thing no one can deny is the sheer technical prowess on display for The Order’s graphics. Thi... | Preview | PS4


E3 2014 Was More Relief Than Surprise

20 days 15 hours ago - 2014 is something of an unusual year as far as E3 goes. We’ve had a lot of game delay announcements and even the games that weren’t delayed were st... | Opinion piece | Culture


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