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IGM Plays: ‘Curiosity – What’s Inside The Cube’

714 days 7 hours ago - "Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans first (and last) collaborative mobile project Curiosity landed on the App Store early this morning/last night, a whole... | Video | iPhone


‘Axle’ – A Traditional Platformer With A Circular Twist

715 days 19 hours ago - "For those looking for a traditional platformer that just does something different, you may be in for a treat. Axle is a game being developed by Fa... | News | Android


Steve Jackson’s ‘Sorcery!’ Coming To iOS

717 days 14 hours ago - "Next year is the 30th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy co-creator Steve Jackson’s epic four-book Sorcery! series. To celebrate, Jackson has teamed... | News | Mobile


‘Unmechanical’ Gets A January iOS Release Window

717 days 16 hours ago - "It’s been awhile since we last heard anything about the iOS release of Unmechanical, but developers Talawa Games has just given us the heads up th... | News | iPhone


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Simogo Releases Another Haunting ‘Year Walk’ Trailer

719 days 6 hours ago - "It’s been awhile since we last wrote on Simogo’s eery looking Year Walk, a big departure from their often colorful titles such as Bumpy Road and K... | Trailer | iPhone


App Store Update: Halloween Edition – ‘Spooky Treats’, ‘Forever Lost’, + More

719 days 12 hours ago - "With hundreds of new apps making their debut, being updated, or dropping in price on the App Store everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the l... | News | iPhone


Game Developers Act Now, Windows Phone 8 SDK Released, Developer Registration $8 For Eight Days

719 days 16 hours ago - "If you were on the fence when it came to purchasing a Windows Phone 8 device, Microsoft is looking to show you that they are doing everything they... | News | Mobile


‘Space Disorder’ Review – A Colourful But Flawed Adventure | The Indie Game Magazine

719 days 17 hours ago - "I’ll get straight to the point. There’s a few too many things holding Space Disorder back from being a high quality release. But I’m not here to o... | Review | iPhone


‘Buddha Finger’ Review: 80s Kung-Fu Action | The Indie Game Magazine

719 days 22 hours ago - "You may have seen our IGM Plays episode of Lady Shotgun Games’ first iOS title, Buddha Finger, last week where I teased the beginning of the game.... | Review | iPad


App Store Update: October 30 – ‘Chasing Moonlight’, ‘Ghost Patrol’, ‘Monsters vs. Pirates’, + More

720 days 2 hours ago - "With hundreds of new apps making their debut, being updated, or dropping in price on the App Store everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the l... | News | iPhone


'Infinite' Review - An Atmospheric Title That Is Addictingly Fun | The Indie Game Magazine

721 days 17 hours ago - "Nexus Game Studios, the minds behind Gravonaut, have just recently released their latest game on iOS titled Infinite. We’ve covered every step of... | Review | iPad


Preview: ‘Journey To Hell’ Looks Hella Impressive | The Indie Game Magazine

724 days 8 hours ago - "If you’ve heard of the game Project: Holy Shield, then you may be familiar with Journey To Hell. That’s because the game was announced earlier thi... | Preview | iPad


‘BreakQuest: Extra Evolution’ Review – Innovating A Genre | The Indie Game Magazine

726 days 19 hours ago - "Developer Beatshapers, the minds behind games such as Canabalt, BreakQuest, and StarDrone, have released their newest title, BreakQuest: Extra Evo... | Review | PSP


iOS Game Developers Breath a Sigh of Relief With iPad Mini Announcement

727 days 16 hours ago - "Earlier this morning Apple had their (out of the norm) press conference where they announced a new Macbook, Mac Mini, iMac, and most importantly t... | News | Mobile


IGM Plays: ‘Buddha Finger’

727 days 19 hours ago - "Lady Shotgun Games is gearing up for the launch of their first title, Buddha Finger, which lands on the App Store October 28th, and while I get my... | Video | iPhone


‘Spaceopoly’ – The MMO Space Simulator Lands On Kickstarter

729 days 19 hours ago - Spaceopoly, by Pocket Vault Studios, just recently landed on Kickstarter for iOS, and touts a pretty unique concept. Spaceopoly is a cross between... | News | iPhone


IGM Plays: ‘Devil’s Attorney’

729 days 19 hours ago - "It’s not often I do an episode of IGM Plays after I’ve already written a review for a game, but in the case of Devil’s Attorney, I had to show it... | Video | iPhone


‘Devil’s Attorney’ Review – Immorally Addicting | The Indie Game Magazine

730 days 5 hours ago - "I’ve never been one for court room TV shows like Law & Order or video games like Phoenix Wright. The premise just doesn’t really appeal to me. Whe... | Review | iPad


App Store Update: October 19 – ‘Loop Raccord’, ‘Hidden Runaway’, ‘Photogotchi’, + More

731 days 9 hours ago - "With hundreds of new apps making their debut, being updated, or dropping in price on the App Store everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the l... | News | iPhone


‘True Skate’ Review – The Best Mobile Skating Game To Date | The Indie Game Magazine

731 days 12 hours ago - "I love skateboarding. While I’m terrible at it, I can pretend to be good virtually. I’ve always had a soft spot for skateboarding games ever since... | Review | iPad


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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