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Characters That Don't Need An HD Remake

1360 days 3 hours ago - Not all games or characters need an HD remake. These five should stay the way they are now and leave the lands of high definition be. They work bes... | Opinion piece | PC


The Unsung Heroes of Gaming

1360 days 3 hours ago - We get so caught up in completing the story and killing the final boss that we forget the people who really deserve some applause: the merchants! H... | Opinion piece | PC


Guilty Pleasure Games

1360 days 3 hours ago - Remember when playing these games were considered alright or normal? Now we hide them away from our friends. These are's Travis Frees... | Opinion piece | PC


Every Time Someone Mentions It, Someone Will Reinstall It

1360 days 3 hours ago - Get those install discs ready. There are very few games that illicit a prompt response from us gamers, let alone a response of reinstalling it imme... | Opinion piece | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Gaming's Smartest Characters

1361 days 4 hours ago - Know-it-alls. Wizards. Jerks. Egotists. We all hate dealing with them but in games we have no choice. At least some of the smart ones didn't come o... | Opinion piece | PC


BioWare and The Old Republic Call on Allies to Save Its Troubles

1362 days ago - BioWare has announced update 1.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic. While bringing about a highly requested feature, the update is all about function... | News | PC


Fall Release Schedule Getting Clearer

1362 days 1 hour ago - Console players are looking at a jam packed Fall schedule now that things are getting cleared up and announced. There are still plenty of titles wa... | Article | PC


Minecraft 360 Survival Guide

1362 days 7 hours ago - Minecraft is out for 360 and for many it is their first time traveling into the unforgiving world. Even though the game comes with a wonderful tuto... | Article | Xbox 360


Secrets and Future of Diablo 3

1362 days 19 hours ago - The secret level for Diablo 3 is... actually pretty cool!'s Jay Coombes delves into Whimsyshire and the future of the game in terms o... | Opinion piece | PC


Seafight Review | Leviathyn

1363 days 6 hours ago - Looking for a sea-themed in-browser game? You're in luck.'s Paul Popiel, master of the obscure and undead, has found a worthwhile shi... | Review | PC


Guild Wars 2: Pre-Purchase vs. Pre-Order

1364 days 2 hours ago - Did you not get to play the first beta weekend of ArenaNet's upcoming MMO? Don't know which version to pre-order? Travis Freese of ex... | Article | PC


Copernicus MMO Gets One Thing Very Right

1364 days 3 hours ago - With the first look at Project Copernicus's world out, Ron Hoffecker of talks about why what we have seen is very important. Copernic... | Opinion piece | PC


Thirst of Night Review | Leviathyn

1364 days 5 hours ago - The humans are gone and Vampires rule the world. In this dark RTS you have to build up your own sect of vamps and control the world. Blood factorie... | Review | PC


Sega Classics Coming to XBLA & PSN

1364 days 11 hours ago - Sega is sending some obscure titles to both the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade starting on the 22nd of May. While PS3 players will be able to grab any ti... | News | Xbox 360


Prototype 2 Review | Leviathyn

1365 days 1 hour ago - With tons of blood and a plot for revenge, Prototype 2 looks to improve the original game while providing an addictive collecting aspect. Stephen D... | Review | Xbox 360


Starhawk Review | Leviathyn

1365 days 2 hours ago - Warhawk was a blast to play on the PS3. Starhawk looks to make it even better. Air and land combat return to Sony's platform with crazy new feature... | Review | PS3


NHL 13 Is About To Revolutionize Hockey Games

1365 days 9 hours ago - EA has just released a new press release giving out new information regarding NHL 13 and what we'll see this in this year's game. Also, a collector... | News | Xbox 360


The Problem with Reviews

1365 days 18 hours ago - Is Metacritic becoming a problem for the industry?'s Stephen Daly looks at how things like user scores on sites like this could hurt... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Games That Need Movies

1365 days 22 hours ago - Remember that Super Mario Bros. movie? Yeah, sorry for bringing that up. Remember that Halo movie that was being made? Yeah, we all wanted that. Tr... | Opinion piece | PC


Loot Fest Showdown: Diablo 3 vs. Path of Exile vs. Torchlight 2

1366 days 5 hours ago - Diablo 3 isn't the only dungeon crawler in 2012. Runic and Grinding Gear Games are bringing the heat to Blizzard with two exciting, upcoming releas... | Opinion piece | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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