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Russian Media Points to Moscow Airport Attack in U.S. Video Game

1432 days 6 hours ago - As Russia’s president, Dmitri Medvedev, criticized airport officials for allowing a suicide bomber to enter the Domdedovo airport in Moscow on Mond... | News | Culture


Slam Bolt Scrappers: Help Name Our Characters

1438 days 1 hour ago - SBS: Now that our new site is up, we wanted to find an awesome way to get fans involved. With two unnamed characters left in SBS, we thought, “Sho... | News | PS3


PlayStation Store Update - January 18, 2011

1438 days 22 hours ago - US PSB: Toyota Prius has teamed up with LittleBigPlanet 2 to provide exclusive new content for the much anticipated LBP2, now available on Blu-ray.... | News | PSP


N4G DCUO Beta Giveaway, Hangover Edition

1453 days 5 hours ago - So, you're still bleary-eyed from that New Year's party, can't get up for work on time since Steve Jobs broke your iPhone, and DCUO releases this m... | News | PC


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N4G January Contest Details

1454 days 3 hours ago - Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully you all have recovered enough from the holidays to dive into January and the monthly contests! Every month is a... | News | Culture


N4G: Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Billy Joel 12 Pack

1472 days 5 hours ago - If you couldn't gather from the title, the awesome folks at Harmonix have given N4G some Billy Joel 12 Pack DLC codes. | News | Xbox 360


N4G December Contest Details

1487 days 6 hours ago - Welcome to December and the third month of a new contest format! Each month will be a little different, so be sure to check back in at the beginnin... | News | Culture


N4G: Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Bon Jovi 12 Pack

1509 days 2 hours ago - If you couldn't gather from the title, the awesome folks at Harmonix have given N4G some Bon Jovi 12 Pack DLC codes (Xbox 360)! | News | Xbox 360


N4G's Killzone 3 Interview with Steven ter Heide

1530 days ago - N4G's Cathlin (a.k.a. Catastrophe) had a chance to talk with Steven about Killzone 3, if they're borrowing snow from Naughty Dog, and what it's lik... | Interview | PS3


N4G RockBand Games and Gear Contest

1536 days 5 hours ago - Want to add some RockBand to your Halloween party? Here's your chance! Harmonix has sent N4G five of their finest, yours for the winning! | News | Culture


Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom

1537 days 9 hours ago - New York Times: "Doyle was, at 54, a veteran teacher and had logged 32 years in schools all over Manhattan, where he primarily taught art and compu... | Article | Culture

N4G October Contest Details

1548 days 4 hours ago - Hey, guys! This month kicks off a new era of monthly contests on N4G! Each month will be a little different, so be sure to check back in at the beg... | News | Culture


Geek and Gamer Girls Sing Out

1555 days ago - Eric Goldman of IGN writes, "In the new parody video "Geek and Gamer Girls," four gals proclaim their love of all things geek; from Final Fantasy t... | Article | Culture


Itagaki's Thought: Devil's Third

1556 days 17 hours ago - Tomonobu Itagaki reports on Devil's Third, offering his own update on his blog: "Today I would like to write about our current situation. I would l... | News | Xbox 360


N4G's PAX Swag Giveaway Winners

1562 days 6 hours ago - N4G: We have the winners! For those that are curious, the winners were chosen at random from the eligible entries, to be eligible they had to: Be a... | News | Culture


Torchlight II - ZTGD Preview

1563 days 3 hours ago - Cat writes, "Developed by some of the same folks that worked on a little game called Diablo, you're going to see a few of the same pleasing similar... | Preview | PC


Brink - ZTGD Preview

1563 days 5 hours ago - Cat writes, "Going into the BRINK demo at PAX I can’t say I entertained more than an idle curiosity in the game. I didn’t even know much about it,... | Preview | PC


Opinion: How Faith Is Treated In Red Dead Redemption

1563 days 22 hours ago - Richard Clark analyzes religion, spirituality, and morality in Red Dead Redemption for Gamasutra, examining how Rockstar's latest opus addresses th... | Opinion piece | PC


N4G's PAX Swag Giveaway

1566 days 1 hour ago - You know that show What Not to Wear? Yeah, they'd probably tell you to throw away your gaming t-shirts and invest in a button-down and some slacks,... | News | Culture


Metroid: Other M - ZTGD Review

1566 days 3 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes, "It truly has been a long ride. The Metroid series is definitely one of Nintendo's most prominent series among the core gamin... | Review | Wii


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