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"Visit my blog for info on how to win a PS4 and other prizes!"

Japan Relief and N4G

1212 days 4 hours ago - Cat writes, "Hey, N4Gers! A rather serious post for you here, though one I think we can all tackle with vigor. The devastation in Japan is difficul... | News | Culture


N4G: Torchlight XBLA Code Contest

1213 days 5 hours ago - Cat writes: Did you read our interview with Runic Games and dream of the day that you could play Torchlight on your 360 - for free? Well let's make... | News | Xbox 360


Ear Force PX5 from Turtle Beach Hands-On (N4G)

1225 days 2 hours ago - Cat writes: It's the early hours of GDC, Friday morning, and while most conference attendees are staring glassy-eyed into the tops of their Starbuc... | Preview | Xbox 360


N4G El Shaddai Hands-On

1225 days 18 hours ago - Cat writes, "Shane Bettenhausen of UTV Ignition took precious GDC time to show me around El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, a game that stubbor... | Preview | Xbox 360


Filmwatch June Contests

Now - Join us as we give away a ton of cash this month! | Promoted post

Win a Copy of PixelJunk Shooter 2

1227 days 22 hours ago - Cat writes: Hey PixelJunkies! I have a code for PixelJunk Shooter 2 (the full game) that can be all yours - on one condition: You need to create an... | News | PS3


N4G March Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

1229 days 5 hours ago - Cat writes: Hello from GDC, N4Gers! I wanted to give you guys a heads up about the next round of monthly contests before March strikes - in case yo... | News | PC


N4G's Interview with Runic Games

1232 days 5 hours ago - N4G's Cat makes Runic Games' Erich Schaefer, Brock Jones, and Wonder Russell answer our questions about Torchlight for 360 (achievements!), Torchli... | Interview | PC


N4G's Slam Bolt Scrappers Interview with Eitan Glinert

1241 days 5 hours ago - N4G's Cat asks Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose Games' very own Fire Chief, a series of brain melting questions. Fueled by Cheerios and Everclear, Eitan su... | Interview | PS3


N4G February Contest Details: Win a PS3 or 360

1259 days 2 hours ago - The contests for February have a new one thrown in - Loyal Reader Lottery - which is why you're seeing this post before the first of the month. In... | News | Xbox 360


Russian Media Points to Moscow Airport Attack in U.S. Video Game

1263 days 5 hours ago - As Russia’s president, Dmitri Medvedev, criticized airport officials for allowing a suicide bomber to enter the Domdedovo airport in Moscow on Mond... | News | Culture


Slam Bolt Scrappers: Help Name Our Characters

1269 days ago - SBS: Now that our new site is up, we wanted to find an awesome way to get fans involved. With two unnamed characters left in SBS, we thought, “Sho... | News | PS3


PlayStation Store Update - January 18, 2011

1269 days 21 hours ago - US PSB: Toyota Prius has teamed up with LittleBigPlanet 2 to provide exclusive new content for the much anticipated LBP2, now available on Blu-ray.... | News | PSP


N4G DCUO Beta Giveaway, Hangover Edition

1284 days 3 hours ago - So, you're still bleary-eyed from that New Year's party, can't get up for work on time since Steve Jobs broke your iPhone, and DCUO releases this m... | News | PC


N4G January Contest Details

1285 days 2 hours ago - Happy New Year, everyone! Hopefully you all have recovered enough from the holidays to dive into January and the monthly contests! Every month is a... | News | Culture


N4G: Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Billy Joel 12 Pack

1303 days 4 hours ago - If you couldn't gather from the title, the awesome folks at Harmonix have given N4G some Billy Joel 12 Pack DLC codes. | News | Xbox 360


N4G December Contest Details

1318 days 5 hours ago - Welcome to December and the third month of a new contest format! Each month will be a little different, so be sure to check back in at the beginnin... | News | Culture


N4G: Win Xbox 360 DLC Codes: Bon Jovi 12 Pack

1340 days 1 hour ago - If you couldn't gather from the title, the awesome folks at Harmonix have given N4G some Bon Jovi 12 Pack DLC codes (Xbox 360)! | News | Xbox 360


N4G's Killzone 3 Interview with Steven ter Heide

1360 days 22 hours ago - N4G's Cathlin (a.k.a. Catastrophe) had a chance to talk with Steven about Killzone 3, if they're borrowing snow from Naughty Dog, and what it's lik... | Interview | PS3


N4G RockBand Games and Gear Contest

1367 days 4 hours ago - Want to add some RockBand to your Halloween party? Here's your chance! Harmonix has sent N4G five of their finest, yours for the winning! | News | Culture


Learning by Playing: Video Games in the Classroom

1368 days 8 hours ago - New York Times: "Doyle was, at 54, a veteran teacher and had logged 32 years in schools all over Manhattan, where he primarily taught art and compu... | Article | Culture


Watch Dogs Review

Now - Dave hacks the planet with his latest review. | Promoted post
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